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album: "The Madness Tongue Devouring Juices Of Livid Hope" (2010)

1. The Madness Tongue Devouring Juices Of Livid Hope

1. The Madness Tongue Devouring Juices Of Livid Hope

to win means to lose
to pour through fingers
ashes of yesterday,
with dead hope in hands
to dance to the rhythm
of raped tommorow's yelling,
with knife blade to cut
umbilical cord,
to cut feeding breast
and arteries of faith,
to care the weeds
within fed with grief,
bitterness and anger,
to drink the venom
and to spit one
onto every flower
of human though
into musty vagina of hope
and into the eyes of others

lets reach the bottom! so as to bite teeth into mud,
feel the fragrance of the dead and shivering of despondency
so as to fill eyes with darkness, with nonsense to harm a thought
and to rape the pulse with poison

lets listen intently to the discordance of every breath
and the monotonous lament of heaven
lulling to sleep clotting lead in lungs
and tons of sand I have swallowed

I rot with the gag soaked in the blood of my gums
with livid grease instead of the bloodstream
abyss within my head, words that take dreams away,
dreams that poison the dawn
my lungs burned with soot which I breathe for so many years
in the livid world of smoke, snow, and the forests of chimneys

and with me the end of the world rots
which within me has to sleep
the end of the world laced by the cut throats
of people I cannot omit
and that I cannot bestow a crime upon

the apocalypse depicted by spittle, blood and dried sperm,
the sweat of clenched fists and smashed teeth spat onto the sun
to humiliate the day

I praise the beast again
as the stigma of death in every footprint I make
I believe in the Shadow and the only rule of this world:
nothingness cannot be robbed and disfigured by fear

rotten blind shells plunder my brain
alms of consciousness beg for oblivion
stolen memories force to look for previous hours,
broken mirrors and empty bottles
to unwillingly recreate threads of life...
I am the shadow, a collage, words without taste and expression
forged by anger, spawned and aborted from the womb of the abyss
which are dressed in sense in the one and only ultimate context:
the monochromatic infinity of nothingness beyond me

let all holy corpses on the trees wither
let all holy wombs rot and let bearded sages die
in suffering spasms of leprosy
and let priests hang by their own intestines
and let lovers of poverty drown in tears of symphaty
which seas of I greed along with forests of bayonets
and deserts made of ash,
black clouds and insatiable plagues,
hecatombs that shall depopulate black-black streets
and my mind
fed through years with flames

let all others die...

my guardian angel and leper themis
dwarves called letters of the law and ailing virtues of morality
beautiful in heartlessness pure science
and stronger than symbols physical laws
let the silence in the sand decay, and wind, and sound as well
goddesses on the firmament and distant worlds
entire life no matter if inside or outside of anything has been woven
the nothingness known to the others may this very sand bite
and every atom falling into the pupil of a man's eye
world imagined and imagination itself
ideas, ideals, ideologies
breath of life and exhalation of death

and let this whore Hope cry with her womb
'cause her juices within throat of another slut have vanished
in their passionate embrace
the flames of tomorrow arise...

Sars ‒ Bass
Priest ‒ Drums
Voldtekt ‒ Guitars
Nihil ‒ Guitars, Effects
Namtar ‒ Vocals

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