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1. Terror Crusade 2003

Every single human is my enemy on battlefield called my life
So breed, breed constantly - more people I'll have to kill!
Finally I understood what does it mean to live for someone without profits
Every single morning I wake up willingly to begin my crusade of hate

Terrorcrusade in my hateful mind,
Quintessence of hate towards human kind

I hate you so much I regret I can't hate you more
So lively inside, hatred keeps me alive
Hatred above all, my spirit manifesto

Now I'm staring at you from level you will never reach
Screaming how I love you and how I wish you're dead
The more you love me the stronger is my hate
The one which can't be stronger, then am I the most adorable???
I wish you were dead; I wish you were all fucking dead

Terrorcrusade in my hateful mind,
Quintessence of hate towards human kind
Black metal strike, crushing this worlds laws
Masshatred's rise with terror it has caused
You made me what I am so soon you shall pay

Czy slyszycie me psalmy nienawisci? nie zatrzymacie mnie!

Can you all give, as much I want to take
Can you withstand the rising of my hate?
This day is the day; beginning of our crusade
I hate you so much I regret I could hate you more

2. Aeon Ov Gehenna

The mundanus armageddon is about to be unleashed
By sign from above within mind of the jester pawn

Your world built with such passion shall collapse within blink of the eye
Your thirst filled by torrent of life shall again be broken out
Left with obsession of cyanide only not too weary to commit suicide

Screaming in anguish, mutilated by irony of this entertainment you named life
Again on your knees bowing before the supreme trickster named naivly god
Are you going to reach for sword and become fooler that you really are
Or in coldness of blade you'll hide yourself prooving that your life was so far?

Not so long ago you humiliated every god not so long ago you conquered all their thrones
You were more dignified then all elderly men of all gospels and apocryphal rites
Not so long ago you threathened the sun diverted darkness and light
Now deplorably screaming to stars now deplorably bleeding all scars
History made a circle
Yet, I shall stand

And cursed shall be thee - you made me what I am
And cursed shall be thy breath - so soon you shall pay

Is there any sense to withstand that painfully rise up to fall once again
Is there any sense to heal your wounds conceal scars which are about to bleed again

Now deplorably screaming to stars
Now deplorably bleeding all scars

3. God Of Latex Fire

Pathetic eyes still staring at me from icon I still admire

Reflecting my face, my cliche god, my throne of latex fire
My scornful realm of synthetic paradise

Always challenging demiurghs of worlds beyond my sight
Invincible triumphator of wars I have only dreamt of
Supreme heir of divinity repelled by heavens descent
Chosen race ancestor infertile and childless
I have dieD to redeem my race transgressing laws of my lawgiving

Pathetic eyes still stare and see beyond faces worshipping me
Expressing pain they decide to take demanding I wasn't made
Of dreams that keeps them alive of pills swollen every night
Of pure pleasure in plastic spasm of my wicked lust

You made me what I am so soon you shall pay

'hypocritical rhythm to we danse blindfolded acclaimed by jesters of affected devotion
Abhorring virtues raised by divine pawns, shattering weak wings of lightbearing descent
Scornful becomes sublime, commences the grotesque'

Too many why's

4. Ion Storm

[Dodheimsgard cover]

Am I not your super hero
Am I not your golden chain
War fixation, I won the game
Transmit this remedy
Transmit this gain

Prosperity - I'll came across you between the shades
With superior blessings
That apparently was holding the staff
Of which blindness could foresee

Trouble in the corridor
Drained through the system of foundations,
Dear in cruelty
Simulating the opponent
Well besmeared with toxic phlegm

Let me lick you, frustrated joy
A canyon of courage with soar feet
A paradise in motion,

Born without a scruple
Could I please be left alone now

In my hand I hold the science, of which
Nothing can ever penetrate
In my hand I hold the plague
Where silence will proceed
Wild bindings, an opportunity for great men,
And with or without them in honor, just for fun
I mingle with the fountains of all that I've seen

Substantial is the millenium
And proud is the frog that predicated his amusement
All for benefit of reluctant ideas
Like envy is the falsehood, while the morning after
Is all that is between us
As laughter is planted in mortal void
And unwilling wisdom is abroad

Wandering alone in this shapeless halls of nothing
And watch it increase as the shining becomes stronger
This stranger is a "place" for you to rest

5. Koron Piesn

Nieskonczenie idealny uk3ad jak niebo rozlany
Wichrem ?yj1cy, deszczem p3yn1cy
Mogi3a wspomnien ?a3oby krzykiem stoi

Tarcza ju? krucha I miecz wyszczerbiony
Skazana na zgube, lecz potega nie zgine3a!
Bo nie moze umrzec ten co sam smierc rozdaje
I nie zamilknie ten co cisza wlada
I nie moze przegrac ten co nie ma nic do stracenia
I nie wygna sie tego co wszedzie ma swoj dom

Uczyniliscie mnie kim jestem - teraz czas wam odplacic

Pochlonie was, jednym znakiem; z ran moich przestanie zycie plynac, swoj oddech wstrzyma na wieki
A dlonie scisnie w piesc nie dajac juz nic; rozwinie skrzydla I ciemnosc bedzie waszym chlebem
Wasza woda bloto, religia plesn, a modlitwa nie umrzec dzis

Wicher zawieje, da nowe ?ycie, ka?de legionem w walce o byt

Odwieczna si3a, by3a tu zawsze ona chowa3a, tworzyla, niszczy3a
Zdeptany sztandar podnieoa ku chwale!

Stajemy by pluc wam w twarz
Zgniesc wasze plemie

Pierwotna sila byla tu zawsze, bedzie tu zawsze
Ona niszczyla takich jak wy
Bedziemy tam
Pochlonie was, zmiazdzy was
Z ran przestanie zycie plynac swoj oddech wstrzyma na wieki

6. Outro/fbm

You made us what we are
So prepare your electric chairs
Forever black metal
Forever hatred towards mankind and life itself

Massemord (Poland) Is:
Nihil - guitar, synth, vocals
Voldtekt - Guitars
Sars - Bass
Darkside - drums

Thanks to XMAYHEMx93 for sending these lyrics.

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