Dark Lyrics


1. Black Mesa

I've been awake for far too long
48 hours and still going strong
I can't find a place my limbs belong
I'm too scared to fall asleep
Too scared to rest my head

My dreams plague me
The nightmares never leave
In the night, I am the god of the world that lies before me

My own will isn't strong enough
To stop me from doing what cannot be done
I would tear the world apart
Just to watch your empire fall

You can’t run and you cannot hide
Its not a matter of death of life
We’re just fighting to stay alive
In this bitter world

2. R/evolution

I can't take another day of this
I can't take a single breath until
You're shown to be the coward you are

There is no truth to be found in your words

Let go of your worthless life
You're losing your grip
The whole world is watching
This is a call to all those watching
Stand up and be counted

This is a revolution, this is a war ground
We are the revolution, this is a battlefield

3. Vultures

Digusted by every family forced out of their homes
Appalled by the vampires sucking the blood from the land
Just victims of a crime committed on an industrial scale

I have seen the day fade to night
Vultures circle the earth

Burn down the forest
So they can't take it

This is your life, I don't want it
This is my world, you can't have it
I will not stand by and watch you suck the blood from the earth

I have seen the falling sky
I have seen the oceans rise
I have watched day fade to night
Vultures circles the earth

You are the vulture that encircles the earth
Pick out the eyes of every man that you serve
And when the predators have had their feed
You line your pockets with a wealth in greed

You scavenge every piece of human flesh
Taking everything until theres nothing left
I have seen the day fade into night
Vultures still circle the earth

4. Nemesis

theres a storm coming
no one is safe
can the winds of change
reverse the sands of time?

I can't see the light
Darkness is all consuming
Only the past remains
Until the sun ascends

In the storm, can’t see the light
Can’t see the trees for the forest

This is my world
You just live in it
Get on your knees and pray

This is a dead end path
We're going nowhere
Every chance left in the past
No hope, no happy endings
I died a thousand times
Just to watch you fall

The gates of hell can’t hold me

5. Prison Walls

Death is my friend, I welcome him
And Death welcomes me

Life is only a phase
I've made my peace, have you made yours yet?

I can see the cracks in your prison walls
I can see every single fucking break

Fucking fear us

Fight, fight, fight for your life
You won’t get this chance twice
Fight, fight, fight for your life
Turn back the coming tide
Fight, fight, fight for you life
This is everything you've fought for

6. Goldstein

This is a war of attrition
You're fucking scum
And I'm on the front fucking line.
I am the monster you dream about
I am the reason for your nightmares

You are a stain on the earth
I am the butchers son, you're a fucking pig
I'll watch you bleed

Sit the fuck down, I know who you are

You'll be the first to burn when your god comes calling
Your despotic reign will be the end of me

You dug your own fucking grave
Now go and lie in it
Rot in the earthern bed that you made for yourself
Your existence means nothing to me
No-one is coming back for you

7. Isolate

We are the broken men
The last ones standing.
We are the darkness
We are the crushed.
The world is crashing to the ground.

We are the broken man,
The last ones standing.
We are the darkness,
We are the same,
The world is crashing to the ground.
We'll tear it apart from the inside out,
Believe in yourself
Trust no one
Never back down.
Mankind is on it's knees but this is no fucking prayer
Mankind is on it's knees, we're the cross to bear.

Tear it apart,
Tear it apart from the inside.
Tear it apart,
Tear it apart from the inside out.

In this half light
The ashes of the end seem so far away
But I keep pulling, I did my time.
I did my time to the blackest skies
And I can't turn back now.

I'll find the strength to fight again, in my heart.
If we can't fight this, what hope is there left?
We have nothing left to lose.
Mankind is on it's knees, this is no prayer.
No fucking prayer

Richard Duffin ‒ Drums
Matthew Jones ‒ Vocals
Joe Blackburn ‒ Bass
Lee Cook ‒ Guitars
David Trees ‒ Guitars

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