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1. Enigma

2. Maelstrom

Hidden in the shadows, the only motive is greed at the expense of millions born into slavery. Centralized monetary authority leaves no option but to invest in eternal war enslaves the lives of the young to curb the population - The acts of a desperate rule grasping at straws. Your rule is over. Your lies have been exposed. I will hunt you down. I will not rest until you lie in pieces across the floor. Submit to their will or die by contagion - Unleashing terror on their own to subvert the course of thought. Fuck their bullshit. Fuck their hollow promises and fuck their politics. The world is consumed by shadows. And the terrors that lay within are unspeakable. The faceless control the world through manipulation of the burning hole in your mind. The sky is burning, the sun is dying. What hope do we have left? Lay the dead to rest. The fallen will never rise again - its just another shadow in the mist. Another dying flame in a world of ice. Its only a matter of time until the light goes out.

3. An Act Of Sedition

A broken shell of what once was. Enslaved by those who hate freedom of thought. Synthetic lives lead by those made hollow by propaganda - Concious thought only made possible to retain some aspect of humanities burden. Chipped and tagged like animals to track every movement followed by the empowered to ascertain any infringements of enforced doctrine. This is the rise of the human degeneration to slaves. Desecrating the rights of the majority to uphold the wealth of the minority is the age old tactic of establishments through the bloody history of our futile attempts to break free from the endless cycle of master/slave relationships. They are livestock. Harvested for money. Seditive thoughts lead to patriotic submission to the powers that be. Take one for the fucking team. Undying loyalty to the hand that feeds is expected. Only the strong survive we will surpass this day - Hatred spawned from the greed that we're subjected to by the regime of existance by manufacture. We will rise again. Freedom is a fucking lie.

4. Masochrist

Vicious fundamental beliefs lead to independent thought - Where did the message of hope get fucking lost? Faith is a fucking lie. Left to face salvation at the hands of a god we never believed in. How can we ever find the courage to break free from the cycle of regurgitated bullshit? We are all fucked. Enlightened man makes the decision for his peers. And to contest is what we call sacriledge. This is not the path to salvation. This is not a cure for redemption - We are all born to serve in our own private and personal hell. There is no escape. Giving up their life to serve a false cause. Can't they see they're living a lie? Nothing is real. Everything is a pretense - We'll soon lie beneath the ground. Total world domination is the end goal - We're all fucked. The powers that reign in our intellectual sensitivities are the same that control our influx of our life supply. The only truth is there is no truth. We are all force fed digested remnants of lies.

5. I: Zealot

Where am I and what is my purpose? I feel nothing. But nothing is only the lack of sensation. Enshrouded in darkness. The nothingness surrounds me - The only thing that is real is me. The walls are closing in. I am suffocating. I don't know if my eyes are open. I don't know if im awake or dreaming. Lights flash before me. And pain takes me. Fuck you. I can't breathe. What have I done? Struggling against my bonds. I feel the lacerations tear my skin away - But I keep pulling. Now i've broken free. And i'm standing on my own two feet - Revenge will be mine. I am the law. And i will bring justice to my captors. The wound in my soul will never be healed. I can only stand and watch as I raze the place to the ground. You will never torture me again. I will not be left to rot. I will not be left in the dark.

6. II: Excommunicate

You will not control me. I will not be controlled by you.

7. III: Collusion

[feat. Jason Evans]

I want to see the look on your face as i take your life away. My tormented soul is quiet as I feel the flow of your life spray over my hands. I see your coward face and my rage can't take the strain. Just shut the fuck up. And stand up. Stand up now! You'll see my vengeance. Red mist descends. I can't wait to kill you. You're rotting. In the eyes of god. Through your corpse on the floor I shall find my solace. My lust for vengeance precedes all. Precedes me. I'll follow you past your fucking grave. Who the fuck are you to tell me what to do - I will bring you down. The depths of my anger at my unjust captivity are only matched by the nature of your demise. I will not be compromised. The stench of your rotting corpse leaves nothing to the imagination - Every seeping wound. Every rotting organ leaves me entralled - if there was a god - I am satan. Why can we give so much to a lie that does not return? I gave up everything. And I was betrayed. Now we lie broken men. And we die alone.

8. The Sectarian State

Theres blood in the water. And sharks will come. Like every powerful entity. You try to hide the sins of your past. I will expose them. I will expose you. Your lies and deceit won't fool me - You can run. But you can't hide from me - I will hunt you down. Your bullshit percieved differences between those you oppose make me sick - We are all one. Yet you persecute those for the colour of their beliefs. The secretion of your verbal feces creates insanity from the masses that follow your lead - The mass delusion of your false hysteria created to serve dystopian ends - We cannot break free. I could spend the rest of eternity savouring the last few moments - I could spend a thousand years watching your empire crumble. This is not a crusade. But I have come to take what is mine. Fuck you and your bigoted prejudice.

9. Archae

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