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1. Attila

In a long gone century
the Huns rode across the land
Their terror was notorious
all over the world

Attila was their king
a fabulous destructor, my friend
When he went to war
things turned in to dirt

They only saw his shadow
they felt he was in their neighbourhood
Attila, creator of
blood, tears and pain

His wrath harmed them all
their heads had to roll
Blood and sweat fell down
like rain

Homicide Pangs of death in their eyes
Agony For well-considered death
Death-sweat For the undertakers men
Final rest Prepare for your last breath

2. Black Rose

It was dark and I was waiting
Some wolves were howling and it was full moon
Suddenly a total silence
I knew it had to happen soon

I was lonely out there
waiting for my messenger
He was about to bring me the Black Rose
I knew he would be coming soon
'cause thunderclouds were passing by
and flashing lights were blinding my eyes

There he stood in front of me
The men for whom I had been waiting long
In his left hand the Black Rose
The most powerful flower

Ancient words of evil times
spoken by the messenger
made this sacred flower shine bright
I could feel it's magic touch
It gave me strength, but far too much
and then I felt it couldn't be right

The Black Rose, the Black Rose, the Black Rose
is coming out to get you
The Black Rose, the Black Rose, the Black Rose
is coming out to get you

[SOLO 1]

[repeat CHORUS]

The messenger, he spoke out his curse
The demons power, i felt it strong
The Black Rose was credit to all this
in the hands of a devils son
A terrible disaster had just begun
The Black Roses revenge was cruel
A new age began with this flower
This rose was a destructive tool
The sun was covered by clouds
The moon now forever shines
An evil century made it's entry
We'd better dig our graves, to die

3. Faces Of Death

The terrible anguish, the ultimate fear
It's all here to drive you insane
You sit in the chair and wait 'till they're there
to push it, the button of pain

Feeling the tension in every way
Electrical sparks through you head
On one side the sadist deciding the moment
You think of your life and then change it,
your face into dead
Faces of death

The horrible terror, the dreadful fright
It's leading you through the night
You stand on the trap-door and wait 'till they pull
the handle, death on your side

Feeling the tension in every way
The rope, it is squeezing your neck
On one side the sadist deciding the moment
You think of your life and then change it,
your face into dead

Your mind was ruled by beasts who forced you
to end up the life of your friends
Your wife was true before she divorced you
You'll never make love again

One after one women got raped
They wanted the raper in jail
All of a sudden people got killed
The murderer, he left no trail
Dogs were involved to get this case solved
and end up this madhouse of death
Someone got caught, a link we thought
Feelings of hate in our heads

You were a fool, a useless tool
You were a user of dope

We finally found you, cops did surround you
Killing would be too fair
Now you can choose, you always will loose
It's the rope or else the chair


You think of your life and then change it,
your face into dead
Faces of death
Phases of death

4. Jack Boots And Leather Caps

Marching through the country
Leather shining bright
The battle units are ready
They're heading for the fight
People become as timid as a hare
when they see them marching by
This night there will be no mercy
Tonight you're gonna die

Jackboots and leather caps
You'll be trampled down by boots
Jackboots and leather caps
Stand up and salute

The soldiers are in a bad state of temper
You'd better go abroad
Or else they cut your throat or smash your skull
Watch out
To stay in this country is one big error
They'll show you by the sword
Tonight's the night of terror
This night you're gonna die

[repeat CHORUS]


[repeat CHORUS]

Stand up and salute

5. Power Of The Law

Crime and destruction where you lock
Lives of innocents is what they took
Messengers of death, they warn you of hell
If you fight back they lock you in a cell

Darkness is falling after sunrise
Black clouds of smoke fill the air
The old world it finally dies
You better watch out, beware


Power of the law
No justice in times of war
Power of the law
Fire power in this evil time
Peace is weakness to destroy
People earn money with murder and crime
This power can't be avoid
We were sent to saw starvation
They gave us weapons made to kill
They gave no further information
Death hides behind every hill

[SOLO 1]

[repeat CHORUS]

[SOLO 2]

[repeat CHORUS]

6. Evil Dead

The eyes, they can not fear me
The voice just passes me by
As far as I can see
The only thing I fear is the sigh

The sigh of endless weariness
It fills the room with air
A smell of rotten lungs
and badly groomed long hair

Together they form a vortex
turning loose the brains in my head
The sigh predicts the changing hour
the hour of the Evil Dead
I wish I'd never opened up the door
the door of fear
It's too late to flee now
The ripping claws are near

I try to hold my breath
but then the smell reaches my lungs
I feel disgusting fluid
Acid touches my tongue
I faint and fall to the ground
prepare myself for dying
The pressure on my body
forces me to act of lying

Why did you disturb us from our sleep
I didn't mean to wake you this way
Try to understand we lain here to creep
I know but I am born to obey
Why didn't you let our bodies sleep
Curious as I am I will stay
Why can't you let us lie in the deep
I tried but I am sent here to pay
Why did you disturb us from our sleep
I never meant to wake you today

Long ago I felt the urge of returning
Curiosity inside my heart was burning
I don't think my nerves can stand this again
The Evil Dead now it's a warning
No I don't think my body can stand this again
The Evil Dead surely it's a warning

And the legend stays........

7. Posers

Yes you think you can bang
You bang your head until pain
Who never beyond
They are the bangers in vain


We don't want you at your side, posers
You are wrong, claiming to be right, POSERS

Those who dive without trust
in compact crowds only they fall
Who never hit the ground
They are no divers at all

Now you think you can slam
and you can do the dance
We declare you hare
if you don't slam the fence

[repeat CHORUS]

Beat it out at their ass
The motherfucking shit
don't you ask us why
The fact is they don't fit

[repeat CHORUS]


Big headed dicks without guts
You are the ones we detest
no banging, no diving, no slamming, no mosh
pretending to know about thrash

[repeat CHORUS]

8. I Will Be Your Last

You've said it
right into my face
You've stated it
all too clear
Consider the consequences
as you're leaving me

You think that you can handle this world
and imagine you're everybody's girl
But have in mind my psycho-past
I was your first one and will be your last

You've said it
without any shame
You used me
day by day
Use your common sense now
and decide to stay

You think that you can change my world
Don't reject my warning girl
Think of what I did in the past
I was your first one and will be your last

Regret it
before I decide
Believe me
I never lie
Whatever you do, my honey
Don't let it get to a fight

I want you to be happy when I please
Be grateful, while you're still in one piece
Answer to my straight demands
I was your first one and will be your last

I'll tear your heart out, eat your liver
Dissect you piece by piece
I'll cut your flesh to TV-snacks
and serve it with the cheese

I'll tear your lungs out, one by one
and fill them with your guts
But first I'll make you suck your feet
and chew them with your cunt


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