Dark Lyrics


1. Rotten Seed

From vaginal sores seep fetid secretions
Entering the urethra of my engorged cock
Vile juices spread throughout erectile tissue
Veins bulge from flaking foreskin

Embolisms deaden tissue clotted arteries rupture
Lack of blood cause involuntary muscle spasms
Twitching limbs incapacitate
Introduction of foreign enzymes cause implosion
Leukocytes weaken uterine lamprey to feed

Corpuscles are drained for their nutrients
Viral enzymes break down insides
Transforming live tissue into desiccated chunks
Carnivorous eel draws dehydrated matter through genitals

Swollen member spurts bloated bits of viscera
Testicles shrivel until they are non-existent
Penis provides leech with sustenance
Host is stripped of organs

2. Intrauterine Cannibalism

Fertilization of malformed ovaries
Miracle or modern medicine
Deformed fetal development
Coupled with drug addiction
Propitiate nature's law of selection

Embryos incubate in this diseased womb
Fertility drugs mutate the stronger of the two
Fraternal twins vie for more nutrients

Grotesque umbilical cord emerges
Ridged needles puncture the soft epidermis
Meticulous and precise, this living extension
pumps stimulus into the unwilling recipient
Drainage of vital fluids

Accelerated growth patterns facilitate the hunger
Complete absorption, causes sibling to crumble inward
Shriveled body floats lifeless
Awaiting to be born dead

3. Intestinal Sodomy

Ancient organisms lying dormant in nature
Undisturbed, awaiting release
Destruction of tropical forests awaken the virus
Primitive life seeks out a host

Defies the air as it travels
Pollutant is breathed through unclean oxygen
Viral strain begins it's decadence
Unwilling victim harbors this lethal agent

It cripples you, frozen in a state of shock
Hunched over, the pain it stains your face
Your cellular structure is being liquefied
Digestive track spills from the rectum

Come to grips with reality Intestinal sodomy, fucked from the inside out
Your ass is torn, black anal sludge flows from the spent orifice
Disembodied, all your stomach contents are emptied

4. Internal Corruption

Incoherent and desolate
Thoughts suppressed by fluctuating dementia
Sunken features display a face in torment
Feeble legs support this skeletal frame

Skin wrapped tight, clinging to crumbling bone
Ashamed of your being, reside in seclusion

Abrasions bloat seeping water
Cancrum tear lips
Outbreak of psoriasis sheds disease
Scaly patches of skin undulate with the stress of corruption

Malnourished, emaciated mess
Bound to miracle drugs that attempt to stabilize
terminal condition

Bowel movements well up
Discharging pasty, blood soaked feces
Regurgitate thick, brown clumps of bile
Waste away, your body shuts down

5. Profitable Extinction

Backwards thinking, prevalent throughout the ages
Harvesting the waters in the name of slaughter
Gutting the sea of all its creatures
We declare our dominance over the inhabitants

Evolved to survived, lurks evil that instills primal fear in man
An eating machine, with eyes so black, pain is unseen
Human fatalities pollute the water with their blood
We convict this predator for acting on instinct

Insatiable lust for death, the thirst could never be satisfied
The hands of mankind are rotting with perversion
Justified killing, destroying all that we fear

Butchered in the name of industry
Selfishly used to promote longevity
Dissection eternally, free from malignancy
Exploiting insides, to further humanity
The ultimate hypocrisy

6. Ignorance Is Bliss

Feeding into the immense monotony of ridiculous utterings
Twisted appraisal of murders glorified by the media
Sickly invigorated by the misfortunes of others
We gaze, transfixed to the blood and gore

Welcome to the spectacle of the demented
Deformed and disease stricken, cast them aside
Decrepit and arthritic are enveloped in depravity
Unaccepted in the vast circle of stupidity

Turning our heads, ignoring their pleas
The world goes round

[Chorus ]
Equality is categorized by pigment discoloration
Formulated beliefs handed down through generations
Thus, a thought deficient creation is unleashed
Comprising solely of hate without reason
Ignorance is bliss

Creatures are systematically wiped clean from the earth
Cultivate the infertile soil with their bodies
Destroying all without concern or consequence
This husk of flesh kills inadvertently

Beasts of burden plunge to their death
A celebration of torture in the name of the lord
So called intelligence displayed in brutality
Sinking deeper into extinction,
dead world

[Repeat chorus]

Ignorance is bliss

7. Your Life Is Shit

Clinical exploitation of nature
Derivatives of hybrid chemicals, used to induce fatigue
Hallucinogenic qualities causing mass anxiety
Inebriating the self to deal with depression
Altering perception, causing an inability to form decisions
Misuse of mind numbing elements
Disabled the equilibrium
Distorted thoughts, not your own
Brain clouded, with injected alternatives
Addictive qualities produce zombified clones
Crushing structures, severing family ties
With no one, loneliness sets in
Long term dependency, corrupt eternally
The organs that sustain life
Your tainted thins, as the virus destroys cells
Stricken with aliments you cannot survive
The infection oozes within
Skeletal structure protrudes through skin
Winkled and shriveled, your death begins
Belly bloats with the poison of swollen organs
The liver bursts, expelling disease throughout
Causing paralysis, frozen in a coma state
Eyes stare blankly, absent of life

8. Oral Excrement

Under saturated cells, excrete idiocy
Communicate through limited means
Restricted thought consumes your narrow mind
Relying only on visual stimulants
Meticulous glued to the simple things in life
Incomprehensible, walking contradiction
Constantly spewing predictable stupidity
Vocalize without having a clue
Never having a view of you own
Conformist in everything you do
Thinking you are someone of importance
But in fact just a blemish on the skin
Swollen red and full of shit
Insignificant among a race of fools

9. Waterlogged Corpse

Black, cold depths entomb
Eyes gaze with a lifeless stare
Saltwater and gases bloat this monstrosity
A hideous state of decomposition

Saturated flesh pitted and blue
Digits chewed to shreds
Skull housing microscopic organisms
Bacterium feast on dilapidated brain matter
Orifices filled with minute parasites
Pressure causes anus to burst forth entrails

Waterlogged corpse drifts with the tide
Fish nibble on this rotted husk
Washed upon a barren shore
Entangled in seaweed and algae

Bodily fluids released onto the sand
A free flowing stream of excrement

Sun beats down on this swollen sack
Causing skin to dry and crack
Crustaceans bore through
Feeding on rented meat
Insects inhabit the carrion shell

Planting their seed
Carcass will be utilized
As a host to newborn larvae

10. Cerebral Tissue Extraction

Provisions taken to preserve the dead
Obsolete practices lost with time
Mummification of the deceased

Hooks inserted through the nasal passage
Crushing spongy bone, entering cranial cavity
Orifice created to extract fragile brain matter
Removal of tissue causes skull to cave in

Cerebral fluid pours profusely from the nostrils

Slit open the abdominal region
Break through fibrous tissue
Eviscerate entrails

Cut off male genitalia
Firmly place up the rectum
Serving as an enema
Putrescent corpse used as a urinal
Emitting an offensive odor
Piles of feces fill the dehydrated body

11. Fried Afterbirth

Fermenting foulness expels from the womb
Ruptured membranes disgorge
Piles of glazed placenta parts
Stink of human innards
Cellular waste, discarded filth

Seasoned the perfection
Feast on this twisted delicacy
Engorging on the nutrient rich fetal sac

Defile yourself with the consumption of fetus backwash
Eating not to survive
Only to fulfill a selfish need for flesh

Fried Afterbirth

Animalistic thirst for infant waste
Cooking the building blocks of life
Cutting into something that helped sustain a life
Part of your wife and child are on a plate

12. Post Fetal Depression

Suffocate our own offspring
A mirror image of ourselves
Precious life, taken for granted
Caved in skull


Bruised and bloody open wounds
Crushing brittle bones
Gnawing on softened skin
Blackened eyes, broken nose

Abandoned with a dented head
Air choked out with a plastic bag
Helpless infant frost-bitten
Unwanted innocent, left for dead

Strangled throat, punctured skin
Organs bleeding from within
Sick and dying malnutrition
Decrepit body, hunger affliction

Sodomized, penetration, orifice distortion
Violated with father's love

13. Bag

Plague with diarrheal secretions
Post-anal drip
Unable to stop the flow of fecal matter
Colostomy irrigation necessary
Colon brought to the surface of the skin
For intestinal drainage
Obsolete anus sewn closed
Remnants of my bowels flood into a bag
I have a new ass
Porthole constantly leaking
Cavity always stinking
I just long to be normal
Secrete from an open bunghole
Overflowing, liquefied feces
I can't keep it a secret, the evidence stains my clothes
Colostomy has a hole
I soiled myself

Danny Nelson ‒ Vocals
Roger J. Beaujard ‒ Drums
Ron Kachnic ‒ Guitars
Desmond Tolhurst ‒ Bass

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