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1. Inhuman Grotesqueries

Engineered donors
Deface bodily forms with excess muscle incursion
Sleeping creatures, incubate the lost and forgotten
Regenerative appendage growth stations
Anonymous derelicts encroached upon

Animal testing phase provides valuable data
Containment breach, acceptable losses
Sacrificing for the greater good of man
Transgenic upsets social hierarchy

Lost, the destitute, unseen acquired
Homeless, abandoned dregs requires
Methodical in the selection process
Sparing no expense for fresh subjects

Abduct the nameless
Vesicate, reactions to sedations
Propagate reproduce multiple living prosthesis
Manipulate on a genetic level
Exhibiting state of sovereignty

Replicating vital parts becomes habitual
Regenerative appendage growth systems
Facility functions with full production line
Self contained human form
Bio-mech synthoids, natural disorder

2. Neglected Rejection

Impoverished inner workings
Solitary, dejected hollow shell
Ridiculed by your peers
Frustrations consuming all waking moments
Delusions and anxiety riddle the mind

Turning on yourself slicing vulnerable tissue
Compulsive neurosis dominating you

Emotionally starved, obsessions contrived
Fabricating a whole new world
Imprisoned within, hallucinations solidify
Empty feeling of dread
Innate psychosis swells past threshold levels
Consummate your deficient self

Downward spiral engulfed by this deity
Gauging at your soul, obtuse revelations
Droning through life over medicated
Solicit insights to your psyche
Pharmaceutical junkie, sullen persuasion

Picked apart then left to fend for yourself
Esoteric fiends swarm to observe progress
Gnostic practitioners attempt to reconstruct

Emotionally starved, obsessions contrived
Fabricating a whole new world
Imprisoned within, hallucinations solidify
Consummate your deficient self
Innate psychosis swells past threshold levels
Empty feeling of dread

Galvanize your willingness for normalcy
Enthusiastic in supplying dependency

Intertwined you will forever be
A depository for instability

3. Indigenous Pathogen

Parasite bacteria, inhibits the host
Disease production necessity

Feed of nutrient surroundings,
complete consumption
Cannibalize the insides, reproduction
of the viral cells
Cultivate the life form, pathogenic
Inborn stimulus resistance

Calculated assault from the genus species
Immunity crumbles, resulting infestation
Thriving malignant archetype exudes

Successful habitation, mutant realization

Organism achieves unnatural progression
Volatile creature, assimilation
Cultivate the living cells
Feed of nutrient surroundings,
complete consumption
Cannibalize the insides, disease migration

4. Skeletal Integrity

Radiation pollutes, a hidden guise
Activation of dormant pestilence
Undetectable force that ravages
Complicates abilities for defense

Neglected, left unchecked rots from the source
Weakness crumbles within
Complication of risk factors determine the outcome
Patient outcry for swift action is met with skepticism
Viable donor needed for immediate transplant

Searching for the perfect candidate to ultimately neutralize the disease
Information is never forthcoming especially in the wake of disaster
Numbing all your feeling

Hording factions are engaged in this battle to crush the antagonist
Renewing the chances of survival with the breakthroughs of science
That promise to rid us of disease
Placing our trust
Hopeful we fight until our last breath

5. Predicted Malformations

Imperfect human specimen
Altered, wounded shell
Flesh distortions scar
Estranged, disproportioned

Construct compromised, battered body suffers
Appendages buckle from the strain
Consumed by this reality
Surgical practices attempt reconstruction
Failure to restore humanoid features
Facial manipulations establish monstrosity

Physical defects, alien symbiote
Fractured psyche, longing for uncreation
Cursed victim of violent circumstance
Featureless mutilated abomination
Defective human form, skin melds together

Blemished flesh loosened from bone
Sagging folds, no composure
Blistering pigment, lost sensation

Reclusive figure looms, shunned by the outside
Forsaken, renounce inhumanity

Cursed victim of violent circumstance
Vanquished exterior, distortions scar
Judgment made, who's inhuman

6. Protagonist Complacence

Stimulated labyrinths of intricacy
Irrational cognitive thought
Evoking sensitivity devoid of intellect
Mentally unsound socialite

Rearrange to fit in, blending flesh for status
Exterior changes dictated by the media
Ripping human form, anesthetize the senses
Butchery for the sake of esthetics
Inherent behavior programmed to elicit the weak
Contagious thoughts culminate and you are lost

Augmentation to regain esteem
Restructure cranial dynamics
Scraping, tearing, fulfilling
Gauging, stitching, renewing
Shedding, losing, satisfying
Emerging non human synthetic form
Rearrange to fit in, blending flesh for status
Evoking sensitivity devoid of intellect
Emotional destitute, soulless in stature
Mentally unsound socialite, vacancy inside
Addicted to the sensation of reconstruction
Guilty of over indulgence

7. Embryological Teratomas

Lingering placental mass
Cellular divisions, evolving markers
Tissue splicing, timorous formations
Remnants of life, sexual butchery
Visceral distinction
Levels of complexity nurturing the infancy
Discount mortal fibre
Desecration of human essence
Expanding pestilence, propitiate dysfunction
Infused cells, soft tissue constricts
Inflammation of the organs
Receptors sense pain, internal change
Toxic embryo refuse debilitates
Engine of procreation
Vestigial dwelling consecration
Offspring survives while entity succumbs to cavity extraction
Malignant infancy, injected rotten seed
Maternal link

8. Benign Reabsorption

Calcified, ectopic intertwined
Organ fusion tissue severity
Attaching umbilical drains healthy tissue
Viable nutrients barely sustains frailty
Interlacing vessels, surrounding complexity
Evolving outside the placental network
Rejection of foreign vagrant
Clinging internally, undeliverable
Isolated fetus surviving past the term
Waning food supply, slowly dehydrates
Arteries swell and bulge, status soon unfolds
Shriveled skin tinged gray
Violent spasms, outward decay
Crumble, flake, dried away
Encased fetus exists as stone
Severing connection abdominal nuisance
Shed the life, reabsorption
Breakdown harbored mass to fuel the other systems
Vanquished, dissipate, nothing but a memory
A mere trimester of discomfort
Calcified, ectopic intertwined
No emission of guilt, natural mishap

9. Organic Machinery

Regenerative powers exist innately in vertebrates
Proteins of complexity awaken mutation
Genetic machines function for regrowth

Signals are sent to reassemble damage
Reworking the technology for multiple part prosthesis
Biological tampering, bending the will of industry
Patent pending, mass production
Sterilized, favorable conditions

Deadlines of bodies father the treasure
Inanimate hollows usher in the new age
Slaves to capitalism, silent suffrage

Distribute the goods to the commonwealth
Benefactor in a corporate scheme to cheat death
Governmental campaigns not an obstacle
Unstoppable, this juggernaut dissects the nation into human material
Exploiting all society's dead
Constructing the evolution of a predestined end
Marketing ourselves for manipulation

Biological tampering, bending the will of industry
Deadlines of bodies father the treasure
Inanimate hollows usher in the new age

10. Genital Hemangioma

Blood vessels constitute benign density
Hematal cluster, harmless malgrowth
Disruption of seminal fluids
Birth defects causing infertility

Useless girth encompasses surrounding reproductive organ
Incrusted with a gory reminder of visceral distinction

Flaccid mass existence
A creation without form or function
Distortions of the flesh
Formations erase orientation

Sexual amputee, grotesque impotence
Separating procedure inconceivable
Medical prognosis, asexuality

Suffering through abnormal fluctuations
Birth defects causing infertility
Permanent life of malfunctioning without pleasure only pain

11. Xenotransplantation

A question of ethics, stemmed from transferral
Genome laced with retroviruses
Potential creation of infectious agent
Implications of a practical application
Contentious technology never falters commitment

Hyper acute rejection from transgenic
Humanization, lucrative venture
Dismissal of adverse effects, new organ coupling

Experiments continue to perfect animal to human
Financial gain with the decay accelerating factor, viable strategy
Engineered ideals, true science or true profit
Corporate gluttony, racing towards a means to an end

Master techniques for transplantation
Humanization, lucrative venture
A question of ethics, public outcry

Endogenous faculties reek havoc on recipient
Technology usage without formal testing
The human element is suppressed by vertebrate
Proteins block compliment activation
Immunosuppressive regimen needed for survival

Experiments continue to perfect animal to human
Financial gain with the decay accelerating factor, corporate gluttony
Underground research soon to surface
Anomaly of human variation

12. Pathological Imperative

Formulate enigmatic archetype
Contentious nature correlates with origin
Anomaly of human variation
Produced, packaged and sold
Skillful assembly, genetic motif
Hidden from public view, ulterior motive
Faulted hybrid, indefinite exile
Groomed for potential mutiny
Stifle the voice of conjecture
Plausible deniability
Confirm to deny, factual evidence
Encumber the truth
General public shielded from miscreancy
The powers that be eliminate without provocation
Escapees must not bear witness
Intrigued by the congregations
Science's bastard son
Evolving next generations
Freedom from exalted ones
Innocuous biped learns anew
Unilateral thinking, comprehension
Survival instinct, cellular miracle
Plausible deniability

Investment has to be protected no matter the cost or loss of life

13. Outro


Mike Heller ‒ Drums
Ron Kachnic ‒ Guitars
Danny Nelson ‒ Vocals
Lance Snyder ‒ Bass

Thanks to heathbw for sending these lyrics.

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