Dark Lyrics


1. Memorial Arrangements

As we place this wretched waste of a man into his final rotting place.
We pray for his soul to be stripped and tormented
of all that is proper, to burn his sins,
In the witness of the Father, the Son and the Holy
Ghost, his soul will fall below the valley of death.
Left to rot forever, to never be free, never return.

2. Premature Burial

Scratching at the box, hand stretches from the earth.
Deceased before I am dead, denounced since birth.
Alone in this dark void, left to deal with my fear.
No way to escape the embrace of the dead.

Body numb does not respond, my mind sees all.
Coroner tags me for burial, ignoring life's call.

My body left to rot yet the blood still flows.
Lowered down into my plot, the soil is now my home.
Release of my soul is impossible to me.
When I still possess it how can it be free?

Not dead yet, why am I ignored?
Mourning for the dead.
Not dead yet, while I still live.
Premature burial, premature burial.

Pronounced dead, I still see I lie motionless.
A mind that's still alert while function cease.
Awake, I still am forever trapped.
The light of day it now will never be seen.

The crawling of the insects, is all that I now feel.
Alive upon my flesh, my death is not real.

Not dead yet, premature burial,
Mourning for the dead, premature burial,
Expiration met, premature burial,
I still live, premature burial,
Kill me, premature burial.

3. Remnants Of Withered Decay

Remnants strewn upon the ground,
drag the carcass withered and brown,
sockets crushed powder remaining
on the black puss, undead are preying.
Pulling at the fragments of existence,
suicide for those who cannot relatiate,
coagulated limbs tiredly twist and
tear at the purpose to mutilate.

Straggling across the charred earthen floor.
All are dead few remain, where is the Lord?
Sky is swollen, crimson display.
Tattered fringe of sanity quickly decays.

Your brain now filled with chemical pollution.
Black lungs cilia limp chlorific solution.
All life is scarred, lethal compulsion.
Victim of addictive source sedative induction.

Scattered remains, existence shattered, chaos ordained. Democracy battered.
Scattered remains, existence shattered, chaos ordained. Democracy battered.

Remnants of withered decay.

Helpless victims extended in the killing crime.
Flesh penetrated, abnormal cells intertwined.
Your life spent, death extended easily.
Homicide accepted pleasingly.

Body deteriorates, rapid decline.
Health is malignant, weakening of the spine.
Skeletal frame erodes in design.
Embroiled in habitat, trapped and confined.

Catastrophic remnants torn down through the ages.
Blood flows free over the faces.
Existence lies tortured morbidly staring.
At what once was theirs that now lies wasted.

Scattered remains, conformity uncontrolled.
Discipline dismantled, serenity shows mold.
Stream of unconsciousness slowly grips your brain.
Mental contortion abscess of pain.

Last light of day smothered now snuffed.
Release of hate conquers what is left of,
Humanity falters, elimination. Widespread fear, demolition.
Cease of breeding, nullification. Dark disciples termination.
Scattered remains, barren defecation.
Ground lies bloodstained, killing ratification.


4. Multiple Stab Wounds

Honed adge of deceasement, carving the sign of evil bliss.
Body left perforated, innocent victim of a twisted sickness.
Face slashed beyond recognition, broken pieces fall form the skull.

Intestinally punctured, bleeding internally.
Bursting shocks of pain, exceed.
Subsequent mutilation, violence infests in a man.
Leaves him burning with anger, outburst from hell.
Suffer with every dying twitch, gored remains of the human shell.
No one left to hear your cries, burcher's soul fails to be satisfied.

Psychotic, deranged, abominated.
Multiple stab wounds, malefic incarnated.
Termination's tool bites unwilling flesh.
Infinite blood can never, can never quench.

Painful suffering attacks the mortal sie of real life.
Conscience hears only words advising it to strike.
Alliance with the blade, obsession bores into the mind.
Trail of violence without end, string of corpses left behind.
To avoid the capture of your many mentors.
Forever slicing life to sustain your own.

Burning sensation inflicted.
Leaving the body lacerated and bruised.
Emotions transpired as rage, leaving multiple stab wounds.
Overcome by the malevolence, deprived of an end without pain.
Corpse lies in an alley with inflictions, to rest you pray.

Psychotic, deranged, abominated.
Multiple stab wounds, malefic incarnated.
Termination's tool bites unwilling flesh.
Infinite blood can never, can never quench.

A soul infested with nihilist beliefs leaves it burning abhorred.
Evil intentions covered with disgust, possession undertakes its bloody chore.

Final strike of the mayhemic knife, as he lay gasping.
To become one with the ground.
The last to look upon his eyes is the next to adorn the assasin's crown.

5. Impaled Existence

Passing of black, looms over the entity,
Ill omen surrounding all positive thought.
The words of pain trickling off his tongue,
To hear him say this world is done.

Condemnation for the doomsayer,
The raking of hell's garden cultivates no prayer.
He laughs at the unholy blessing of terror,
Fermented in your mind.

Craving an end to existence,
Fleeing life's pleas of surviving,
The winds taste of death,
Set souls free.

Clouds impregnated, with the lust of despair.
Demons congregate, on the eve of strike.
Heaven is dormant, deaf to all cries.
Desperate fools will never find Christ.

Hateful spite lunges from the throat.
Spat upon helpless beings of peace.
Looming in the corridors that lie between time.
This world's broken neck grasped in his hands.

Dark secrets unlocked by a verbal key.
Promises once mocked are fulfilled fatalities precede.

Screams distorted with blood.
Reverberate through vacated lives.
Punished for ignorance.
Extinction is your sentence.

6. Thou Shall Kill!

Killing spree unleashed, threshold of pain broken free.
Ignorance of life, to reach with insanity bred to strike.
Once sacrilege, to take the life of another.
Now common practice, to kill all others.
Sadistic ways, portrayal of death done.
Hands grasp at wounds, ongoing penetration.

Deception, plays the role in this game.
Domination, powertrip fools fall to blame.

Washing your hands in stale pools of blood.
Killing confrontation, unceasing battle wages on.
No self control, murder brings no guilt.
Priorities carried out, no one left to stand.

Revelation, more and more confirmed as time passes by.
Left to burn, carnage fills this endless void.
Rotted minds, the stinking filth of violence floods the air.
Homicidal thoughts flow freely through the head.

Your mind alone, to deal with sin, to now commit,
The need to kill.

Thou shall kill.
Values of God remembered no more.
Tablets, shattered, defaced, obsolete.
Thou shall kill.
Values of God thrown to the ground.
Tablets, shattered, defaced, no more.

Frozen terror locked on a face gone pale.
Taking deliverance, irrational fate.

Abandoned for, the path taken, easier route.
To kill a man, simple gesture, in a world gone mad.
Flowing red, taints all souls the coloor of death.
Innocence, a word only whispered under breath.

Thou shall kill.
Values of God remembered no more.
Tablets, shattered, defaced, obsolete.
Thou shall kill.
Values of God thrown to the ground.
Tablets, shattered, defaced, no more.

Your mind alone, to deal with sin, to now commit,
Aimlessly kill.
Voices are heard, whispered in pain, mentally sent,
Releasing its command.
Thou shall kill.

7. Sacrificial Annihination

Bone marrow twisted, white sockets shattered,
Black flesh blistered, hungry maggots grow fatter.
Tendons snap, cartilage corroding.
Contorted muscles flap, clotted blood flowing.
Circumstances beyond that of your feeble minds.
Helpless victims scream in fear, for they know of their finds.

Carcasses lie piled, some gaping, some rotted.
Yellow pus dripping, putrid and hottened.
Bluing flesh quivers, loosened and bloated.
Final stage of death, rigor mortis unfolded.
Faces of white staring right through you.
This hellish sight knows you're its own fool.
Your hell.

Odor of carrion is thick in the air.
Puddles of mucous, flesh starts to tear.
Innolation intruding on your body and souls.
Immoral adoration, extinction takes its toll.
Viewing this onslaught before me.
Its beauty is soo fucking rare.
Take one look and you will see.
Devastation wrought with precision and care.

From his fist, swift death is dealt.
Your head up your ass, much pain is felt.
Body all twitching, brain nerves dead,
In a flick of his eyes, your maker's met.
Sacrificial, sacrificial, sacrificial, annihilation (X3)
Sacrificial annihilation.

Panic has stricken, stiff bodies abound.
Your need to escape, but the means are not found.
Tiny little flesh creatures flee for their lives.
From the plasm he returns, now it's time to die.
Sacrificial, sacrificial, sacrificial, annihilation (X3)
Sacrificial annihilation.

Mutilation, asphyxiation, dying by my grasp.
Futile moves made by you to stop me in my tracks.
Don't you know now as your limbs grow cold.
I am your destruction.
Sacrificial annihilation.

8. Decadence Within

Cruor falls upon a disobedient time.
Holocaust claims the weak and feeble lives.
Sickness wells, bursting within.
No escape from the bludgeon, except to give in.

Deep depression enters your mind.
Premeditated oppression conquers all thought.
Striving with little reason to be.
A wretched subject of this cryptocracy.

The wreath which is weaving, woven full of lies.
Bore out of teachery, it snuffs out your cries.
Spawn on this Earth, to bring out suffering.
Avaricious hunger fulfills its voracious legacy.

A say we don't have, where it's written we shall.
Your life stripped away, destined to fall.

Wanting to die for your faith.
Everything you are is laid to waste.
Blood falls free from your open wounds.
Sets souls free to complete doom.
Dying and killing for your crimes.
Forever your eyes are smitten blind.

Economical structure falls from our grasp.
Just the beginning to the core that's now cracked.
Fractures inflict the corporate level.
Wickedness infest life's everyday drivel, drivel.

Cities lie fallen, broken with disgust.
Citizens mangled with deceit and mistrust.
Crimson tide swells, flowing through the streets.
Decadence, the swift end that you will meet.

Eyes blackened blind to these lustful crimes.
Decency falters and is all left behind.
Nothing left for your, except fear for the world.
Evil abounds as the darkness unfurls.
Can't see no reason for what really matters.
Nothing on this planet can outlast it.
Cold outstretched hands reach for the sky.
Decadence surrounds all that will die.

Decadence, despair falls on your faith.
Why doesn't God hear your prayers?

Decadence remains the only thing for you.
Self pity and denial, play you for its fool.
Evil takes your life, beckon to its call.
Evil claims your souls, laughing at its fall.
Laughing as you fall.

9. Injected Sufferage

Feel the dirty needle penetrate your healthy flesh.
Transfusion of your fluids brings on deficient death.
Useless is your attempt to avoid the casual lay.
There goes your skin out from under your teeth,
Welcome to the world of Aids.
Injected sufferage.

Lay around, wait to die, can't take the pain, want to die.
Euthanasia, your final plea, don't want to live, don't want to be.

A victim of this damned life.
No fucking will to fight.
Just got to get out of,
Your violent plight.

Injected sufferage, injected, sufferage.

Hooked up to life's machines, looks of despair as the doctor gleams.
Cannot move, immobilized, see the life slip from their eyes.
Skin so white, pale and loose, try to fight, it's of little use.
To face death and it won't be fast.
To an agonizing end your body's cast.

Injected through the anal, arm, or blood.
Unprotected cells deteriorate, life is done.
Agonizing the way you lead the rest of your wretched life.
Sufferage bound in your own insane hell.

Don't want to die, should have stayed clean.
Now you're going to suffer until the end of your being.

10. Malevolent Creation

Awaken in sweat, my skin chilled and cold.
May have seen my own death, but can't see what I know.
Attemp to piece it together, illusions of the mind.
Dark starts to alter formations of my find.
Fulmination termination of your life to be.
Malignant euseration that the body cannot flee.
Lachessis upon you signing your epitaph.
Extinction of humanity is far too much to grasp.

Malevolent hatred of life, seeing death fall from the sky.
Resisting the view from my eyes,
Receiving pleasure from watching you die.

Martyrdomic terror flash through yellowed eyes,
Purgatoric laughter fills your hallowed cries.
We are all participants of this malevolent creation.

Streaks of red flying through your tortured mind.
Crowds of undead trying to see unheard crimes.
Blasphemy achieving sadistic malicious intent.
Society is hanging on to greed and selfish threads.
Insidious demon debilitating all souls.
Warmongers infiltrating, blood heavily flows.
Ravenous leaders try to determine our fate.
To these gluttonous regimes we must assassinate.

Malevolent hatred of life, seeing death fall from the sky.
Resisting the view from my eyes,
Receiving pleasure from watching you die.

Martyrdomic terror flash through yellowed eyes,
Purgatoric laughter fills your hallowed cries.
No one can destroy this malevolent creation.

Produced by Scott Burns & Malevolent Creation
Engineered and mixed by Scott Burns
Recorded and mixed at Morrisound Studios, Tampa, Florida.

Bret Hoffmann - vocals
Phil Fasciana - guitar
Jeff Juszkiewicz - guitar
Jason Blachowicz - bass
Mark Simpson - drums

All music composed by Phil Fasciana
All lyrics written by Bret Hoffmann

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