Dark Lyrics


1. Friend

You were born, You will die
Always with me by your side
You pretend you're someone else
Blaming others for your mess
You got mastered in conceal
Being assassin, that's your deal
But I'm with you, I'm the reason
So hear me out!

Don't ignore me, deny me
or try to betray our name
You won't kill me or hide me
I'm always there, I'm just for you

Frankly speaking - we are one,
One for all and all for one
So don't doubt me, 'cause you know me
I'm the only closest crony
Only I know what you are
Only I know what you've done
There is no treason, I'm the reason
So remember!

Don't ignore me or deny me
or try to betray our name
You won't kill me or hide me
I'm always there, I'm just for you

There was a time when you were lost
I was the one who gave you hope
Your desire is my lust
and your burden is our life

2. Russian Roulette

We finally meet again
Let's play the game
I have a lot to waste
So we better raise the stake

You know all the rules
You know the drill
You just can't walk away
Unless I drop dead

This is the game of our lives
So let's find out who lives, who dies

Russian roulette is the name
Of this exciting game
There is a chance to survive
But as well you may die

Spin cylinder, spin it well
Adrenaline fills the veins
Place the barrel to your head
I can see your shaking hand

This is the game
Where someone dies
Other gets lucky
And wins his life

Pull the trigger and wait a sec
This may be your very last breath
This is a moment of truth
Is it the end for you?
This is where the story ends
Brain on the wall, what a disgrace
I'm still alive, what a luck?
But my friend lost his life

3. You, Departed

We had been together for a long time
and I didn't see it coming
Like a bright blast from the sky
You were taken away

You were so innocent
pure good in a hundred percent
So adorable, open-minded
And now you are laying dead

All I can recall from that night
Beside the sparkles in your eyes
Is a sound of the firing gun
That's how the nightmare began

You collapsed into my arms
Shaking, thrilling, closing your eyes
I kept you till you were cold
I saw you leaving this world

I miss you – you'd been all to me
I miss you – your touch and way of speak
I miss you – your eyes, hair and skin
Why and who – took you from me?

Innocent one has fallen down
But mark my words you little pawn
What goes around comes around
You are the target in my hunt

4. I Can't Believe

I know the life could be really hard to live
In the way you've always wanted it to be
There is no glamor, fame only ice and flame
Rude awakening at the dusk
I told you not to let it get you
You told me: I won't forget you
I didn't know what was going on
Even now it's still unknown

I know the love could be based on lie and sin
Breaking all rules that's what it is
Sometimes it also fades leaving empty space
Don't trick yourself: it's what it is

I can't believe, I can't accept
I can' t believe that you are dead

I got a call from friend I remember shaking hands
A drop of cold sweat on my back
He told me you were gone they found you laying dead
I was in shock and still I am

My dearest friend of all I will regret your fall
Why didn't you let us know?
You were not alone in this conflicted world
But you chose to let it go...

5. Lock'n'load

The time has come for us
To say our last goodbye's
And now it's finally the time
To leave it all behind

New era has begun
We've double checked our guns
And now it's right time for you
To make our dreams come true

We Own the night
As daylight dies
We Own the night!
Flash, strobe and smoke
That's our scenery's theme
Our intro is getting through
Let's get it started

We play our tune
People go crazy in pits
We've just started our show
Let there be rock and roll

6. Pathogen

You think I'm twisted minded?
My life's screwed up from the top?
You're just afraid to confront me
But I tell you: let it be!

Maybe I'm darkly dreaming
Forgetting who I am
Trying to cope with this world
But will I?

I'm here to feel that I'm alive
I'm here to feed my inner hunger

For some I'm just an assassin
Searching for victim to be
Hidden and leaning from darkness
I'm ready to hit!

In shadow I'm behind you
With a blade in my hand
I'm getting closer and closer
It's now!

7. False Flag

A made up army a made up act
That's how they roll and others fall
It's like a masquerade - they all wear masks
The play's just started it's almost done

Some say it's real others: it's fake
A clever setup without a trace
That's what we hear That's what we see
That's what they think people need

This is false flag
An act of anger, fully disguised
This is false flag
We've been deceived, some have been killed

No one cares to find out the truth
Since television brings it to you
So don't stop thinking don't let it go
You know they're hungry, they'll ask for more

The flag is waving up on the wind
It's up to you whom to salute
that's what they think
People always need

8. Questions

Why did you wear the mask?
Why did you tell me lies?
Why did you step in my life?
Why didn't I see you through?
Why did I get fooled by you?
Why did I trust the snake?

Where did you go?
Why did you go?
Why did you left me all alone?
What did I do?
What did I say?
Should I be the one to blame?

Why did you disappear?
Why did you fall in fear?
Didn't you know what was inside of me?
Didn't I warn you?
Didn't I try my best?
Didn't I know that it would end up this way?

Those questions...they come around...

All were written by Mike Kostrzyński
Music is also written by him.

Thanks to theannoyingdevil for sending these lyrics.

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