Dark Lyrics


1. I See, The Sea!

“I know…”

Oh… I see, the sea!
Winds that carry what is left of me.
And deliver but a handful of dust.
To the Island of Helios. To the Land that once was.

The sky darkens or so it seems.
What was reality is now but a dream.
Times that felt aeons were moments that passed.
Who says eternity would last only Once?

I summon thee, Telchines,
Spirits of the sea. To let my spirit free.
Accept these gifts as a token of respect.
To exalt my being and let my spirit be…

One with its master, in line with the Sun.
Roam through the ancient skies but also on land.
The power of the ages, a brief moment in time.
This is eternity, it is mine.

Thanatae, lead the way. May the rites of passage take my soul away.

Mortal, I do not fear death.
It is of no concern to me.
For when I exist, death is not
and when death is present I do not exist.
If anything, death should fear me.
I know that my time has come to be free.
Now, that I see, the sea!

2. Gods Of War - At War

With the sound of the war-horn,
The break of dawn.
Armies of Hellenes attack unseen,
Empowered by the Gods.
Godlike victory awaits,
Within myriads I feel (that),
Even Gods of War are At War.

ΑΛΑΛΑ – You the voice from within my heart.
ΜΑΧΑΙ – I shall share with thee my iakkhe.

Men sacrifice your lives and souls at war.
Become one with me and the Gods of War.

I can see the light,
I hear the thunder in the sky.
This temple is my altar,
And my body is a mean to ascend.
To the celestial Kingdom of the Gods,
Where my journey will end.
Where my journey led me to believe,
That I will become One with Them.

Gods of War – At War

I have no fear, the end is near.
Oh Priestess, the oracle is clear.

The Kingdom of the Gods I enter,
With my sword in the hand on the left.
My face obscured by the blackness of the Night,
My sight and visions are clear.
I extend my hand to the Greatness of the
Gods and become One with Them.
Singing paeans and hymns…

Gods of War – At War

3. Man Of 300 Voices

Now that the war-dance is over,
lead us into war, Leonidas
and guide us to our fall.

I shall fall into the Kingdom of Hades
And ensure I take with me,
Worthless lives of those,
Who stand in between…
The past, the present and the future,
What once was and what shall be.

Let them crawl,
Through the narrow passage,
And suffer a slow death.
One by one every man shall fall,
Send their Kingdom back where it belongs.

300 stay behind and fight
“300 times their size”.
Their fall was what none others saw,
They only heard their calls.
Leonidas represents a horrid situation.
Voices screaming war within declaration
“Declaration of War”!

The Sun aligns with the Moon.
Gaia drowns in darkness.
Zeus wrath in form of thunder,
By his father`s laughter.
Life will be no more,
Only cold and silence.
Day shall turn to night,
From the arrows in the sky.
From the arrows in the sky,
Day shall turn to night.

Swords, blood, death and war,
One by One, 300 shall fall.
The songs that I attack (with),
Will be the songs that take my soul…
To the Kingdom of the Gods.

4. Hellenes Do Not Fight Like Heroes, Heroes Fight Like Hellenes

In a time when heroes,
Would not use words, but force…

An imminent barbaric invasion
Can be altered.
City-States unite, Hellenes join the fight,
To secure existence and prevail,
Over foreign elements.
I shall travel to the farthest of temples,
To seek advice and win this battle
With the blessing of the Gods.

With my trusted sword in hand,
And thy almighty of blessings,
Guide us oh, Priestess into what shall be,
The penultimate Hellenic dream.
A land to withstand history,
And the course of time in order to become…

Athens is on fire!

I have seen a thousand ships,
On one of them was me.
I fought on the side of the Hellenes,
300 men following.
Life is a distant memory,
I welcome it without fear
But in the end of my days I shall take with me,
The barbaric lives of all of thee!

Hail! To the Ones that shall never obey.
Hail! To the Ones that shall never betray.
Unsung heroes you forever remain,
In my mind in the blood of my veins.

And in that very moment in time,
They all came as One.
History will repeat itself,
One day that day will come.

Athens is on fire!
Use of ships will bring us power.
Athens is on fire!

Hellenes do not fight like heroes,
Heroes fight like Hellenes.
If fear of death is for cowards,
Why is this life not what it seems?

5. From Son To Father

“You were a comrade to my mother, a father to his son.
And from son to father, you were the only one.”

I have no more tears to cry and my eyes,
Dry like the morning sky.
I am sorry mother, for your loss.
Brother, for I was not there,
To hear your calls.
Father, the pain was much to bear,
But this time in the next life I swear...

You were a comrade to my mother.
You were a father to his son.
And from son to father.
Oh, you were the only one.

How ''foolish'' can one be…

Life evolves in mysterious ways,
From our bloom and our fate,
Through eternity we fade away.
As mysteries unfold it seems to me,
Like a destiny, unforgiving, unfulfilling,
Yet so serene.

…to ''betray'' his own family?

Way up high in the glorious sky,
I spot with the corner of my eyes,
A majestic eagle fly.
And when my time comes,
To close my eyes,
Father, I shall come to thee…
Welcome me, with your broken wings.

''Τι να 'χει άραγε, απόψε ο ουρανός;
Γιατί τα αστέρια κρύψανε το φως;
Γιατί τα νυχτοπούλια δε λαλούνε;
Και τα σκύλια; Γιατί δεν αλυχτούνε;

Μας το 'φερε το μήνυμα η καμπάνα.
Σπάραζει, σα χαροκαμένη μάνα
Ο χτύπος της τρυπάει τον αγέρα
Κι' όλων η σκέψη πήγε στον πατέρα

Το περιμέναμε,
Μα τώρα που 'ρθε...
Παράξενα μας φαίνεται
Κι ' ολούθε...
Κάτι συμβαίνει, κάτι γίνεται
Ο καθένας απο μας
με κάτι καταγίνεται

Κι εγώ δειλός να μένω πισω
Να μην τολμώ να σ' αποχαιρετίσω...
Να τυραγνιέμαι να ξεχάσω
Αυτά που έχασα
μα και τούτα που θα χάσω
Τα τόσα που για μενα έχουν γίνει
Τότε που ζούσες
μα και τώρα που 'χεις φύγει.

Κι ως τη ψυχή σου παραδώσεις
Μην το ξεχάσεις χαιρετίσματα να δώσεις
Σ' ολους αυτούς που θα ανταμώσεις

Καλό ταξίδι γέρο μας, αγαπημένε
Καλό ταξίδι γέρο μας βασανισμένε...''

On your last day you wished me well,
And from son to his father oh,
I bid thee farewell.
And like son to his father oh,
I bid thee farewell.

''Καλό ταξίδι γέρο μας βασανισμένε...''

6. Rhodian Pride, Lindian Might

In the far reaches of the sea,  
lies the Land of the Sun,
Abide (by) its secrecy.  
Rhodian Pride, Lindian Might.
Might from hundreds of years,
Carried through the seven seas.
Might from a hundred years,
Carried through to the Seven Seas. 
To the barbarian tribes,
By the Rhodians from the Hellenes.  
Rhodian Pride, Lindian Might.

All my life, I have been sailing,
Through the seven seas,  
Trying to discover,
Eager to find the Utopian Me.  
And when the ''ship'' completes full circle,  
Docking will be at the harbour of the Colossus,  
Where the journey begins.
Awaiting for the day,
When everything will be the same again.  
Nothing has changed,
Our Gods - Their temples.  

One day, that day will come.  

To become what Once was.  
I have been longing for that moment in eternity.
One of those days, that day will come.

7. Alexandros - Ode A

I extend my hand into the crowd,
Only to hear my name out loud.

Αλέξανδρε, your name strikes fear into hearts of men.
If that is true, where are your Cities now?
Armies used to kneel with their shields on the ground.

Αλέξανδρε, you go through wars and your army is there.
If that is true, how do they fail you how?
Moments One`s in need are when One ends to be alone.

Follow me, and I shall pledge to thee,
To fulfil your desires.
Even if it sounds like madness,
And my body and spirit go through the edge of darkness.
Life has no relation;
It is death that will bring us back,
To the One that brought us into creation.

It is life that I seek.
My kingdom I would give in return,
For a hundred years of life,
In the Land of the living.
The dead have nothing to say to us.
It is our own Narcissism
That makes us think they even care.


I see the abyss, take me...

8. Alexandros - Ode B

I see, the sea!
The fire and the wind,
The earth and the sky.
Brothers I am not afraid to die!

Αλέξανδρε, your name strikes fear into hearts of men.
If that is true, where are your Cities now?
Armies used to kneel with their shields on the ground.

On his thirty third year,
The Macedonian God left his last breath,
Like all the greatest in My heart.

Ash to ashes dust to dust,
The moment you are in need
Is when you tend to be alone.

Πατέρα, απο τη στιγμή που έφυγες,
Ακόμα τυραννιέμαι να ξεχάσω...
Να ξεχάσω αυτά που έχασα,
Μα και τούτα που θα χάσω.
Και όταν έρθει η ώρα,
να κλείσω τα μάτια μου,
πάρε με κοντά σου
Και σαν τον αετό αγκάλιασέ με,
Με τα σπασμένα τα φτερά σου.

Και με τα λόγια μου αυτά,
Εαν και αργοπορημένα,
Θα ήθελα να σου ευχηθώ καλό ταξίδι.

Καλό ταξίδι γέρο μου βασανισμένε...

Καλό τάξιδι γέρο μου αγαπημένε...

“I know…"

Alexandros: Vocals, Guitars, Guitars (acoustic), Bass, Keyboards, Mouth Harp
T. J. F. Vallely: Drums, Timpani, Bodhrán, Tambourine, Gongs, Medieval Drums, Frame Drums, Clash Cymbals

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