Dark Lyrics


1. Try Our Atkins Friendly Jizz Load

She better not spit it out, you better not spit it out!

2. Mannequin At The Campsite

People always leave trash at campsites, my job was to cleanup after they leave
One day someone left a mannequin in some bushes
When I got closer though... I saw it was... a rotting corpse!
Mannequin at the Campsite

3. 58 Cumstains

13 went across her face
18 sprayed upon her hair
6 pooled in her belly button
21 slipped down the crack of her ass

4. Enslaved In The Rape Chamber

Enslaved in the Rape Chamber

5. Adoration Of The Feces

I like the liquidy squirts, I like the liquidy squirts
I like the yellow curls; I like the sickly green
Adoration of the Feces

6. Dead In A Drainage Ditch

Dead in a drainage ditch, that dirty filthy little bitch
You'll find her dead in a drainage ditch

7. Cemetery Bukkake


8. Fuck Snake Warriors

Fucksnake Warriors

9. Ghost Torturing Dance Party

C'mon, everybody dance! Dance all night, it's a party! Big party time, everybody happy!
When desecrating a corpse is never enough, you must torture its ghost
Dance the night away, good time for all to be had!
Ghost Torturing Dance Party, Ghost Torturing Dance Party!

10. Too Young, Too Hot

Trying on some lingerie lets wait outside, we know what she wants!
Prescription for a gangbang, I am your sex doctor

11. Boys Forced Into Prostitution

In Eastern Europe an epidemic spreads, fathers selling sons so their table has some bread
Does daddy watch? Or does he want a buck? Selling kids like meat for a quick fuck!
Boys Forced into Prostitution

12. Negrosexual

Would you like it better if it was big and black? Would it feel better if it was big and black?

13. The Father Was A Fondler

There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is illuminating a small playground
Every morning Father McKracken gives himself a pep talk
A way to motivate himself to get through another day without boyflesh
The secret to his success, is preparation.
Being ready when the urge strikes, he keeps a jelly filled stress ball within reach
When he feels the need to fondle... something

14. Dope Slut

Crack, cocaine, marijuana... ecstasy!
Oxy contin, opium, 'ludes... dust!

15. Slaughterhouse Pornography

Laurie Post, slashed still screaming, fuck fantasy superstars!
Ripped, raped, pornographic meat, tits blood guts gore
Slaughterhouse pornography!

16. Young, Stupid, And Ready

I first spotted you on the ride home, the youth size shorts barely contained your soft ass
Every time at 5:30 you walk an almost barren road, an easy fix in my grasp
Young, Stupid and Ready!
What will it take to lure you? Money, drugs or candy?
Anything you want young one, whatever strikes your fancy!

17. Illegal Teens Do Anything For Money

Blowjobs, sodomy, handjobs, gangbangs
Animal fucking, shit eating, piss drinking, ass licking
Cream pies... CREAM PIES!

18. Smut Castle

Smut castle... underage castle! Snuff castle... my home!

19. Not A Matter Of If, But When

Kosher bitch at the store, moving like a whore
Not a matter of if, but when
I follow close behind; you unlock your door
Not a matter of if, but when

20. Automatic Cocksucker

Cry and plead all night, begging for your life
My automatic cocksucker, automatic fucker

21. Gorestar

Gorestar... gorestar, dead fucking pornstar
2 grand, a hot new director
The starlets dream, his final cut

22. Object

[by Jon Canady]

You are an object, an object for my pleasure
I can fuck you, I can beat you, I can do as I please... because you are less than human
You are a thing... a thing with tits, a thing with a mouth, a thing with an ass, a thing with a cunt
I will use you; I will use you and throw you away
You exist only for my use, then you cease to be useful
You are disposable just like the rest of your gender

23. Chicks Fucking Landlords For Rent

Chicks fucking landlords for rent
You are such a hot little slut the first of each month for you its automatic
You always walk in spread-legged when you get closer to his door, that smirk on your face
Then your grasping his cock, you are the landlords little whore... you are the landlords little whore
Spreading your legs and grasping his cock, you are the little whore

24. Once You Touch My Doorknob, You Are Mine

Come to my doorway, your little whoreway, once you touch my doorknob you are mine!

25. Ass Gin And Cunt Juice

Try my special spirits, ass gin and cunt juice
How about a fishy drink? Ughhhhhhhhhh!

26. There Is No Way To Protect Your Family

You finally moved to the suburbs, away from crime and filth
You got a house alarm and you feel much safer with no guilt
Every morning you drive Jimmy and Jane to school
You watch them walk inside, pick them up right on time, and everything seems fine
There is no way to protect your family
One day Jimmy was never there; they never even found him!
They did find Jane though, in 34 different pieces, spread across the county
There is no way to protect your family!

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