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1. Intro: The Pathology Begins...

2. Prostatic Affection Censequent To Blenorrhagical Urethritis

It`s rarely consequent to the simple urethritis,rectum affection or other infectious dideases.The prostatic urethral blenorrhagia is characterzied by evolution by acute crisis,seperated by chronic moments. The fomation of abscess which opens at the bladder or at the rectum may occur in some cases.The treatment consists in the compression of prostata,rectal tract and if necessary,incision of the abscess for internal washing.

3. Congenital Tumour Constituted By Embryonic Tissues And Foetal Residues

Tumor that show presence of rudimentary fragments of serval tissues.It consists of remnant embryonic tissue that has developed into aberrant organs.The most frequent tumors are dermoid cyst of the ovary and of the testicles well as coccygeal fistula.A microscopic biopsy is required in other to establish precise diagnosis.The sort of treatment will depend upon the charakteristics shown on the anatomo- pathological exam.Surgical removal of the tumor may be necessary.

4. Emphysema Cadaverosum (Fermented Cadaveric Dissolution)

That`s a phenomenom which occurs along the cadaveric decomposition. It_s an abnormal dilatation of the stomach walls caused by bacteriums, which invade its mucous causing abundant formation of gases.

5. Suppurated Inflamatory Intumescentia Of The Ophtalmic Conjunctive

A salient flange on the cornea is fomed,inhabiting the inferior part of the circular cavity consituted by the intumescentia.A purulent secretion appears and make the eyelids tube connected.In general, this is caused by microbes. If it`s neglected,it may become chronic.The treatment must have the guidance of an ophtalmologist since the conjunctivitis appears.This one should write a detailed prognosis, so that the inflammation will not progress to a serious stage.

6. C.H.S. Chronic Hyperglicemy Syndrome (Diabetes Melittus)

It`s characterized by the presence of a great quanity of glucose on blood ,causing excessive elimination of it through the urine.It happens mostly because of disturbance of the saccharide`s metabolism which makes the diabetic organism be unable to use these substances.It`s because of the pancreas, which doesn`t produce enough insulin.If the hyperglicemy gets extended, it will occur discompensation of the pancreas, which is reversible at the very beggining, but if the extension of the phenomenom is enough, it becomes definitve.

7. Vulva Fermentation (Regurgitate)

8. Degenerative Affection Of The Semitendious Muscular Tract

The muscular tissue can be subject to serval infections.Such lesion is generally caused by sudden extension of contracted muscle. The rapture causes sudden, painful contractions, followed by intensive blood overflow.Once the intumescentia is gone, a depression is noticeble, specially when the muscle is contracted. Only by a means of a detailed suture, such muscle will shapened as before.

9. Surgical Suppression Of The Extremities By Abnormalities On The Basic Mechanisms Of Sanguine Coagulation

It happens in the way of serval affections and after abnormal production of harmful ferments by the basic mechanisms of coagulation, which dissolute the fibrin and make the clot disappear, becoming liquid again. Painful hemorrhages occur in some cases.They are consequent to an operation of childbirth of miscarriage.A small quanity of donated blood can make urgent restitution of the abscent coagulating agent.

10. Inflamatory Fermentation Of The Gastric Tissue

It`s found in two chronic and active forms:The first one in simple cases, one feels only charakteristics symptoms of indigestion.In serious cases, it`s registered excessive fermentation and a feeling of extreme ardency.Great alteration in the clinical condition occurs through hemorrhage or perfuration.The second one comes out through infection and its symtoms are the stomach obstruction and gastric slowness.This one will need a detailed surgery, so that no rapture of the gastric ligaments may occur.

11. Pneumo-Ingurgitation Consequent To The Embolism Of A Peripherial Branch Of The Pulmonary Arteries

This is a complication which comes after some surgical interventions.The pulmonary artery irrigated by the obstructed aterial branch becomes liable to necrosis and hemorrhages.The blood gets into the pulmonary alveolus causing serious disturbances to the affected patient.Its precise location will depend of the ingurgigated area.If the breathing ways aren`t sterile there will be infection on the necrosed tissue of the lung. The ingurgitation of the lungs happens mostly in patients who are in the hospital.The origin of the embolism may be a neglected phlebitis, other embolisms may appear , causting serious troubles. Surgical processes constitute the only effective treatment.

12. Mephitic Emenation Of Malignant Omphalitis

Extensive inflammation of the umbilicus in mephitic suppurated state. The internal conjunctival tissue gets purtefied.There is formation of pround flesh at the terminal end of the umbilicus, making lines of pus on the umbilical cord. A great quanity of worms eat and regurgitate pieces of the umbilicus.Pustules and greenish secretions are flown among the worms, which produce foul smell The diagnosis is made, followed by immediate surgery.Such surgery consists of removing, by the means of an incision with the bistoury,the putrefactive umbilicus.

13. Abnormal Multiplication Of The Diaphragmatic Tissue Cells

The diaphramatic hernia is an intrathoracic subjekt.The hernia`s bag makes an interruption of the thorax through the diaphragm, which is crossed by lots of organs and blood vessels, which have many orifices. These orifices are the weak point of the hernia.The intestine,the stomach and the colon may inhabit the hernia.Some cases are diagnosed into the normality,and others cause dyspnea, digestive and thoracic problems.If it`s well treated doesn`t need intervention.If it`s neglected, a surgery becomes necessary to make the hernia`s withdrawal and close the diaphragm.

14. Spontaneous And Spasmodic Contraction Of the Muscle-Membranous Ligaments Of the Esophagus

It provokes arouses the occurence of strictly functional contaction followed by pain behind the breastbone and strong swalling difficulties.A esophaguscopy will state the abscene of organic hurt anti-spasmodic medicine will be needed to suppress contraction.Esophagism is charakterized by nervous tension execess, only clinically detailed prognosis will make the patient take the necessery precautions.In order to prevent it from becoming a serious trouble, implicating into surgery.

15. Affection Characterized By Inflammation Of The Bronquioles And Corresponding Pulmonary Lobules

Differes from plain pneumonia because of the location of lesions.Such lesions are envolved by foci that are spread and seperated by pulmonar tissues.These tissues gather in a multiple fashion,producing more extensive lesions.It rarely comes up as a primary affection and , in majority of the cases , it`s either a complicated stange of an-already-installed infection or it develops in an organism whose general state is very precarious.It strats, in most cases , from a simple catarrh of the respiratory passages, with high temperature, fits of cold and diffuse pains in the thorax.The cough, at the beginning dry envolving to productive, with abunddant, frothy and purulent expectoration,following respiratory insufficiency.It`s suggested that precautions should be taken when the early signs appear, so that the affection will not progress to a serious stage.

16. Infectious Pyelonephritis By Pathogenic Bacteriologic Proliferation On The Renal Parenchyma

It determinates an inflamatory reaction of the renal pelvis, the renal chalices and principally the interstital tissue of the kidney, with lesion on the tubular system and glomerular lesions.The processes are shown on acute or chronic ways.In the acute cases, the therapy is simple and effective,but when the disease becomes chronic ,it`s proteiform and simulator.The diagnosis is stated only in advanced stages of the lesions, such as chronic insuffienciy of the kidneys and maligant hypertension.In some cases the processes are diagnosed in the autopsy.The pyelonephritis constitute the most insidious of the renal affections.When it`s chronic it`s responsiple for the majority of the death cases by insuffienciy of the kidneys

17. Sub-Acute Inguinal Lymphogranulomatous Ganglionar Maceration

It`s characterized by manifestation of an inflamatory glanglionar reaction on the groin , caused by a virus which, develops in a sub-acute way with periadentis.Maceration of the tumescent ganglions will occur, followed by fistula, but total dissolution of the ganglion will not happen, so the fistula has no tendencies to disappear.It`s preceded by ulcer on the genital organs such as granulomatous cancer.It`s liable to complications,allowing stenotic recitits happens,and maybe a variety of elephantiasis on the vulva.The diagnosis is got after a specific intradermatic reaction.Aureomycin and a long treatment are necessary to eliminate the maceration.

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