Dark Lyrics


1. Surface

Leaves are falling, smoke follow there
Paint with rain, and lonely view
So the leaves fall, so does his soul
Without these shores, the ocean waits

Carved scars screams, this is where he drowns
In his thoughts, and his nightmares
Passed the haunting names, fears without words
All words he spoke, spoke them fast

Reflections are here, by endless forms
All his thoughts, within are quiet
And still are chanting, their dark songs
Floating away, yet still stay here

Keeping eyes, open while all others sleep
A tired man, search as the struggle goes on
Scars in ghosts, that dwell within too deep
Flashing light, like the beacon of death

Ghosts observing, lure him to pain unseen
Names of our fears, written in heart
And scarred for life

Inside these lives, no guilt too small
Underneath the ground, no hole too deep to fall

2. Unveiled

Ravishing lights
They fall through a windowpane
Are they in their bleak illusion
Trapped inside the labyrinth

Of life, of death
Beyond and between
Like moths driven for the flame
In search for tranquility

...At least...
...Be it known…

The harvest of lifeforms
Million years now gone
Unveiling the truth
No more they shall be reborn

Gently pressed down
To the infinite cloak
Unveiling the truth
That the vermin was the sun

And while universe expands
And cycles repeat
Like moths driven for the flame
In chase for tranquility

Ravishing lights won't reach this waste
Still trapped in this maze
There's no light of day
These lives we lead
So dreadful to see

Before the blazing sun is broken
And the vermin's are erased

3. Scotoma

Outside the snow is falling
Like a dance of ghost
Pale city lights hit the concrete
Like prayers in their ruins

Empty temples of hollow speech
Years serving the pain
Only walls observe the floating dust
Left to roam alone

Forsaken by the eyes
Of a cloud hidden moon
Behind the walls built so tall
Live to die for another sunrise

Of dreams, of realities
As one, and departed
Trapped in, collective masks
Of mankind's deathbed

Forsaken by the eyes
Of a cloud hidden moon
Behind the walls built so tall
Live to die for another sunrise

4. Borders Of Then And Now

The old clock ticks on
A second, a minute and the hour
And yet again
One year into the unknown

Then and now
Are they all wasted away?
Stare these strangers eyes
Observing the deep dark
Slowly falling clouds

A beating pulse, so calm, dew and rays
On this morning rise, gravity press me down
The gleam of days, years passed behind
The shade so strange, reality of my time

Turn to oblivion
So dim is the shine of all hope as my guide
In these crossroads
Aware of our fall below in our sleep

In our hearts
And all the lines are done with our blood
To the walls within
Not knowing where this road leads
Not knowing where it ends...

When it seems, like this is the fall
Like these are only new coming storms
I stare these strangers eyes
Face to face with the unknown

And borders of then and now
I have no doubt when it's dark inside
It is all the years passed by
Behind the reality of time

Cannot change one's history
Knowing what was supposed to be
Pushing me, pulling me

Want to speak yet there's no sound
Try to see through walls around
Borders of then and now

5. The Hope In Severance

Before these lives are done
The time we took the earthly shapes
In the oil lamps flickering flames
Should we return to see our birth

The walk across the spirals of the earth
To illuminate many faces
And these phantom thoughts
While we learnt to speak and not to…

Here is only few reasons
Endless stories and endless bridges burnt
Leads to...
Lonely rooms and more lonelier minds
In a distant mist of it all
...fall ...fall ...fall

Again we meet our fate, dressed in disguise
Standing grey at the gate, and lure us with lies
Behind this dark art, paint with colour of black
Borders of the lost, and the ones who can't come back

Dark canvas, faded paintings

Words without answers
Absence and remembrance
Hollow and futile
The hope in severance

And then the questions
To bind them all in
Unhuman interventions
Death welcome in

With pure radiant light of death
I take these demons to the grave
To the darkness where we all belong
Need no guide as we go along

...we all reek of fear…
...we all reek of death…

We are no more
One of us
You are no more
One of us
From you
From us

Among the shadows
Of this dead world
Rushing in with fear
To cast a cry out far
Only sleeping statues
Receive the questions
Nothing we can choose
And all we shall lose

We are no more
One of us
You are no more
One of us

6. Just A Name

I feel pride overtaking me
And the fool I am
My ignorance is feeding me
And deny helping hand

The beauty won't be the same
After this reaches out
This demon whispers a name
That I can live without

It was me

All the lies I have told
I believed them all
With closed eyes I will grow old
And complete my wall

Within these walls my mind is clear
Don't need a helping hand
And to no one I will reveal
Still a fool I am

Just a name
I want to forget
Just a name
I can live without

7. At The End Of The Black River

Here at the end of the black river
Mutual with despair are the movements
Now fallen o' lion of stars
Now silence dwell with waters

When it once bathed with the light
And still we don't see how the curtains are grim
Still we cannot see how the veil is thin
Here at the river and within

Face to face with fear of life
Face to face with death and time

Those years behind the shade
Pure and simple in absence of pain
Now without all the promises
Beneath this moon to wash away

Face to face with fear of life
Face to face with death and time

The dark turns darker, as one touch the river
The current is stronger, as life starts to wither

Afraid to fall free from the earthly pain
As the river whispers a name

And the waters, were clean at moonlight
When there was no, times will change
Leaving us to reach, the distant memories
Instead of this, this dark, this rust

8. What If It Hurts

You may not see through this old skin
Scars don't tell of the pain within
I know if won't act, it will just be worse
So tell me what if it hurts

I know where to hide my guilt and shame
And ignore the eyes that tell of pain
I stand back and wait when it burst
Yet look away 'cause what if it hurts

Show you my scars to see where you touched
For the cut runs too deep
If all my pain and guilt reverts
Still afraid what if it hurts

Thanks to pekka.parantainen for sending these lyrics.

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