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1. Ante Persistance

L'espace vide laisse place au néant le plus infertile.
Il ne reste rien de nos espoirs de salut.
Ce grondement est celui du rien:
bruit sourd d'une stérilité définitive...
A la limite du pire, d'un bonheur intolérable...
Eros s'éloigne et pourtant je sens encore sa présence.
The breath of life seems so far away no more illusion,
I have to see the face of emptyness,
the colour of chaos Passionless visions of pure destruction

Believe in me

This plague, loveless, complete nihilism closes the gate of time

believe in me

End of time
End of light
Pleasure and suffering become putrefied dreams
I feel no more the caress of life

Le silence perdure dans son emprise égoiste et pourtant je crois dicerner un faible soupir

My eyes need a new substance
My ears reject their lethargy
Blood have to run again
Blood have to run again

I'm nothing but I feel the spirit of the being
I'm nothing but hope embraces my bones

The caress of the light, the end of the night
I'm waiting for the dawn Believe in me

His hands are trembling, his will is pure weakness Fire has to be set

believe in me

May they stay in their abyss waiting for their existence
Pathetic souls and regrets
I laught as they fall I don't believe in him And I just believe in me
Ante persistence, something is near
Despite its absence
It's allready there
ante persistence, something is near

2. Ante Persistance II

3. Frygt Og Baeven

Time has come, my son
To open your eyes
To watch your last dawn
To leave your peacefull dreams behind

The deepest silence, as only guide
We have to walk toward the wall
Of your destiny

The stone of your last breath
Try not to understand
The very essence of my will
You'll never hear the voice I hear
You'll never feel the purity of my sphere

Ton monde n'est plus le miens. Empoisonné par une intempestive lucidité,
je ne ressens plus que crainte et tremblements

I only see pure innocence
I am alone, linked to the words of god

Take my life, don't weep a tear
I am yours and my soul will remain in your heart

The clearness of the sun is paler than the moon
I have to shed the blood of my son
The clearness of the sun is paler than the moon
The flame in my eyes slowly fades away

The darkness in my heart is colder than the night
I have to hold my knife
The darkness in my heart is colder than the night
I have to take his life

Lonelyness in my life is stronger than the steel
I have to obey cause
I belong to him Lonelyness in my life is stronger than the steel
I am the only one, hearing his voice

Bend your head, don't say a word
Forgive me son, my faith cant' be broken

I bend my head, I don't say a word
I forgive you father
Your faith causes my end

Fear, grief, shame
I deny the words of god

Fear grief, death
You won't kill me, father

Ah ! The steel in my heart
Ô ! My blood is running

Time has come father
To close your eyes
To watch your last dusk
To leave your pitifull dreams behind

I am not your son
I tasted the serpent's kiss
I laught at your corpse
I'll spit at your feet

My eyes, wide open,
Behold this vain sacrifice
I reject your repugnant love
Love perverted by Him

4. Bringer Of Redemption

From dawn to morn she rides
Goalless in the nightsky
Poor shadow holding a scythe
Ripping heads endlessly
Remembering not the beginning of it
She rides on and on..

Time itself needed to forget
The blood that was spilled
Time itself needed to forget
The tears that were lost

I take the forlorn path
Death follows on my shade
I Find the sole place
Night surrounds me now

And I hear her coming
She follows behind
And hungers for my soul and she thirsts for my blood

And there falling and swirling to the pulse of the night
Here in the darkest of night far from god and men's sight
I fell to her strike to rejoin those who depart
By their own hands
To escape from the heavenly torpor And the reign of the slain innocents

Keep me aware
Keep me alive
Burning flames
Pain reveals the flesh
Enlightens my soul

And from now on
I roam on her trail
As idle as ice
As silent as the wind
Even hell is now forbiodden to me
Its gates were locked by my death

Come and ride with us in the night
She longs for you
Now you're the devil's own
Even hell is now forbiodden to us
Its gates were locked down by our mistress

5. I Cum Jesus Tears

So loud are his screams -memory must die
So heavy are his glances -memory must die

The serpent laught as they kissed
Her poisonous breath dirted your mind
Her frozen fragrance perverted your nature
The beast smiled, human cried
Your sin is not my sin

Love has the taste of bitterness, the beginning of the fall
Hate is the wake of consciousness, a feeling of evi

l "Please, forgive me"
Now it's too late, we can't erase our past
Now it's too late, our rest has come to end

Time has come, break the chains
Your sin in not my sin
" I " Supremacy

My soul is full, full of hate
I overcome ancestral remorse
The beast smiled, human cried
Your sin is not my sin

The climax of my hate is a sea of orgasm
Rapture makes me see bleeding angels
Eternity runs out of my body
Hate embraces me, hate ablazes me

I cum jesus' tears, your sin is my vice
My semence reflects divine solitude
I shed the sperm of eternal deliverance

Je crache sur ce symbole de décadance
Le râle de ma jouissance s'allie au cri primitif de l'enfant qui ouvre les yeux vers une nouvelle lumiere, la plus pure des lumieres.... L'innocence

Time has come
Break those chains
I cum Jesus' tears
Your sin is my vice
Time has come
Break those chains
I supremacy

6. Beyond The Knowledge Divine

7. The Blood Of The Prophecy

Far before time
Started to doom us all
Water could melt steel.
From a sun the darkness.

Oh... Gods of death and hate
Oh.. Inner sight of a great evil

I, from the breed of the Wolf, shall throne supreme

The kindred of the howling
Demon shape of the eldest essence
Once asleep, now grasping the ground
The past is made of flesh and blood

" Far beyond the stars lays a throne
Where I know you are resting father
A place for all the brave dead in battle
And that from there you are watching the struggle

Over and over the battles starts
Never ending never resting
To win one day now is an inner loss
Allow me to die, let my flesh fall down

Cut the strings that keep me standing
Let my soul be freed from glory

An inner doom brings a savior to all
And the gods are laughing now.

Why should I understand ?
Do the gods need us to play again ?
They make me pay for my doubts and strikes at them
They need us for their show "

" From far beyond the stars I stand
And watch upon you with pride and pain
I too can now see death, blood, and misery
The gods need you more than they understand themselves
Infinity has its own limits within it
The gods almighty will is man's own one
There is no truth, no salvation
And this is why you can strike at the sun. "

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