Dark Lyrics


1. A-71

How low can you go?

2. Second Skin

I have come broken beyond repair
This skin is torn & is bearing flesh
Of everything that I used to be

Some say I'm a chameleon, some say I'm a thief
These words mean nothing
My throne is out of reach
Man & beast alike we all share the same fate

My arms are open, but this heart is crushed
I've let in the enemy & grown so fond of your touch
I will still remain for you to see these battle scars of everyday life
I have come to purge this world of your disease

I'll wait here for you, just for you to realize what you have done
Only for you to realize what you have done

Welcome to the dawning of the age of the elite
The weak are left alone to rot, forever strong we will be
Betrayal is the only thing that sits on my mind
I'm waiting for the day it comes to leave the world behind

Open your arms, welcome the end

My arms are open but this heart is crushed
I have let in the enemy & have grown so fond of your touch
I will still remain for you to see these battle scars of everyday life
Every word we speak is where we learn to fight

We will remain as one

3. Infection

Welcome, to the age of modern man
I pray for the worst so that we all may go home forever
Hold on, this gonna be a bumpy ride
Child there's no time to rest your head
There will be time to rest when you're dead

Mechanized death driven, peace keepers flood these streets
Bearing flame spewing weaponry
Homes smolder in ashes, the foundation of man is crumbling
Wounded crawl for salvation, missing limbs have gone astray

The dead lay flaking into open air, decomposing & festering in infection
They are airborne now [2x]

Where have we gone wrong, this is a story for the ages
My legs tremble at the thought of tomorrow, for we may not see the day

World leaders corrupt television, & our media
Many scan the radio waves helplessly, for a safe haven
But all there is are snow blind dying frequencies

There is no one to save us
Rebels spark Molotov's
Casting them into the open streets
Flooded with the darkest of opposition

Forward through the flames
Continuing the crusade of the free
A rise to power requires sacrifice
These hands were made to dismember & maim all who stand against me
Fighting through legions of the damned, all will die by my hands

Where have we gone wrong, this is a story for the ages

Fighting this endless war, the time has come to settle the score
Now join & endure, let's show them what we got

4. Where There's Ruin

Words could never describe
This feeling of worthlessness & failure, always in the back of my head

These eyes tell the tale of what it is to dream, a constant screaming
Echoing an unforgiving reminder or why you fear to try
With all things set aside please show me that there's so much more to life

I've witnessed monuments fall, I've seen fields of the dead
Whereas define retribution our fingers point to the end

In act of desperation, we believe in all we see
Lost prophets point the way crawling on hand & knee

Miles & miles i have come to far
Just turn my back & question who we really are
Miles & miles pushing onward through the dark
Tribulations & travesties will set the boys & men apart

I won't give in [4x]

For all the countless times I've prayed not to see your face
We've crossed paths yet again its time to put you in your place
I've shown you love when all have thrown you away
Take in your final breath behold this man made judgement day

I forget where your purpose lies, you've accomplished to fail miserably without putting in the time
Passing judgement on all I know, forgetting what is right & letting you go

5. The Alliance

There's been a constant battle that's been raging for centuries
I fear it will never end

Ork & man meet face to face
This a battle for the dominant race
Arrows arise in a mass & block out the sun
You are not friend, but foe, forever my nemesis

Soldiers hold fast to their mounts hands are clenched awaiting the fight
I am the leader, we are the army of the light
We have been sent from a higher power, prepare to face defeat

When will you realize that your God is no greater than I?
Lay down your arms, place your hands towards the sky
There comes a point in time when you must see the end
There comes a point in time where you must see your obsolete

The time has come to face the end

Swords are exchanged at the sound of a horn
The dead drift out to sea their blood remain ashore

We are the end

What do we keep fighting for I have never (never felt so cold)
Felt so cold inside it's days like this (I feel so far away)
I feel so far away & all that's left (is the thought of not)
Is the thought of never coming home
Never coming home again (never coming home)

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