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1. Annihilator

You're so quick to run and hide, where is your spine?
A delicate misunderstanding has left your culture erased.
All done to only get a few steps ahead,
but soon you'll realize you're still at the starting line.
Why cant you see that the repetition and prediction of our demise is etched deep within the stone?
Go see for yourself.
It doesn't take a microscope to see we've ruined things for ourselves.
All for this filthy race.

Open your mouth, free your mind.
And leave it behind.

I have come bearing the cancer of the future.
Make way for the answer of the opportunist.
Riddle me cleanse me with the inevitable end to come.
Purify the unworthy scum purge them from the sight of the sun.


I'm the furthest thing from sane
The bodies will piled sky high their blood is in the rain
So now where do we go from here

Things wont ever get better with closed minds
What is there to fear?
What is there to fear?

2. Life Of Fear

We were the flies trapped in your web,
and the pawns of your game.
We've grown with no repercussions,
and we shift at the tides of man.

This never ending cycle of regression,
we forever sit a the mercy of our makers hands.
Broken you will fall.
You'll never be given a chance.
Can you tell me the last time that you felt that you were in control?
The drugs and manipulation have torn us apart,
this one spectacle of happiness has become a nightmare of my own.

Is this the judgment for what I've done?
I cannot do this on my own.

At times i feel that its best to run,
but I've come to atone and make do with what you've done.
So many chances have been given to you,
Sometimes home is where the fighting is.

Stay out of my face.
You mean nothing to me.
Take what you have and call it your fate.

I will not conform with what you have done to me.
I have crushed and destroyed all you have thrown at me.

Don't come back,
there's nothing here for you.
You've broken up this home we lived a life in fear.
Don't come back.

3. Cerebral Cortex

You're handed a choice but as prediction, you will fall again.

We are the unspoken element the keepers of time and space.
The very fabric of your mind and hope of faith.
When confronted with the end, will you stand still?
The time is now, throw heart aside its time to take control.
Start by weeding out the fake.

Destroy the ones who plan to leach and betray.
Destroy the ones who plan to leach and betray.

It's a damn shame that people need to go to this extent,
Only to gain an inch in this life long reality check.

Open your eyes and see what you've been missing out on,
They have been force feeding all their lies.
When you decide to come and take my side,
I'll be waiting for you.

I've come from nothing,
Rebuilt to something.
Yet you try to come and smother me out.
This was my chance to sadly inform you.
But the thought must have slipped as my thumbs pushed through your eyes.
I know the end.

Dear God I've tried.
I've tried everything i thought i could.
And it feels its just never enough,
I'm just trying to make you proud.

4. Bone Kingdom

Can you see me now?
Lunacy has shown its face.
At the impacts touch i will swarm and engulf.

Spoken in serpents tongue ear drums will be turned to dust.
The fourth horseman shouts his reign then life will begin again.
Skin will rot, eyes will boil, certainly no plague of man.
Soon the dead will walk the earth giving all what you deserve.

As i flaunt my infinite power obey your king the chosen one.

All will fall before me.

Now that i control all that i see everything that pushes breathe belongs to me.
A collective pile of bones you all have no worth.

A deception of a fallen god my presence will swallow your earth.
So its killed or be killed every man just for themselves.

Contemplating genocide we are the ones who choose who live and who will die.
We must exterminate till there nothing left.

Just because you cannot see doesn’t mean you shouldn’t believe.
Never bite the hand that feeds never turn your back on me.
Prepare for my awakening.
We will never rest.

5. I Before You

Reaching for a dead mans hand.

Lose your faith in all that you know,
A chorus of the damned will scream of my name.
A melody of misery an anthem of dismay,
Prepare for complete control prepare for war.

Pushing through the crowd
Have you lost touch with your family?
It seems as if though they have turned their backs the second they got the chance to flee.

The masses drop like new born flesh,
Knees embracing mother earth.
Becoming one with defeat,
The air is thick with the fallen.
This day is truly complete.

Oh this wondrous conquest, only leads me to wanting more.

My heart no longer beats its just consumed with apathy
People have no use for me you're only here because i need some source of release.

There will be no cease,
Only a biter end.
Forget your family,
Forget your friends.

You will all witness, all that I've become.
Theory through intimidation is the only way to get things done.
Decrease the rising infestation,
Burn the oxygen right from there undeserving lungs.

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