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1. Self Portrait


2. Attachment The Weakness

Guilt scorches and chews on the bitter end. Renewed but are we there yet? Realizing the consequence is half the battle, but deciding to handle it is nothing at all. The action for which we attribute our attention to the broken ones is never necessary but always enraging.
We will accuse ourselves of nothing unless backed into an unforgiving corner. If we could watch ourselves exist hatred is all we would feel.

3. When's The Next Halley’s Comet?

I saw respect lost. I watched days bleed into nights. I found no interest in the black eyes of the stars that surrounded me. “You don’t believe in anything”. Why bother with the places we crawl in life? It’s a wonder beginning’s can be called new. I’ve fucking seen it
before. Scratch marks leading to the door. As the illusion of safety disappears, we are born. Forgetful but to the grudge we grasp. Ill advised and intellectually unflattered. If you count each raindrop, you will chalk it up to a waste of time. Mirroring the hours spent
creating a fairytale that always seems to end too soon.

4. Hellen Keller Could See Right Through You

If Assumptions were facts, we wouldn’t need answers. Although you claim you heard my response your reaction suggests conclusions were self delivered. Fucking listen. This is less than glamorous; this is an opportunity to feel the absolute power of selfish desire. From
this point on it’s us against the world and we are not outnumbered. Ignorance is bliss, if you can forget this but I doubt you will. I will drive it to your fucking core if need be and I won’t ask you to forgive me. Mark my words: Hope will be your downfall.

5. The Broken Bridge And The Dream

What the fuck am I losing my head? I don’t understand the flaws of a closed and a racing mind. It just seems too difficult to comprehend the aggressive behavior of my subconscious in its current position. I can’t help but ask just to clarify: what’s the point of living
if you don’t feel alive? A myth, a legend, a marvelous feat to become and acknowledge that you are complete, almost unheard of due to its complication this makes it a mere fabrication. These images in time will fade away won’t they? How long until I can sleep through
the night without expecting you to be by my side? How disappointing the places, the things we will never see. This is why I will remove this broken bridge from beneath my feet.

6. You're A Problem Solver Without The Solver

I can’t say I’m afraid because I feel nothing when I look at it. But I am a floating carcass in the waters of expectations. Falling short of the shore. Look at the way the teeth show. Watch the way reality goes. I am not going to make you proud and I won’t apologize for
that. I will not follow in the footsteps you’ve never walked, but wished for me to see. You will not claim me when I finally reach land I am convinced they’ll bury me in the sand.

7. Cesar Palache

One couldn’t imagine a use of words as a solid description. But why waste another ounce of energy, while attempting to disguise the taste of pure blood in the mouth of the unwarned. They taste it too. But not nearly as profound. Naturally the blurring of the vision
quickly follows the initial sight. Tension in the jaws of life to the destroyer but of death to the receiver. Soon it will end gloriously. The beauty unmatched and the colors inspiring. Leaves will fall. Grudges will burn.

8. Shut Your Slut Mouth And Mind Your Own Business

I’ve been here before I’ve seen these bloody walls. I own the hands that covered them in crimson. Life spilled forcefully. The impact of this moment will stay with both of us forever. You wouldn’t recognize me now. I have no remorse. I seek no answer. What was once a
weakness has become a reason to look the deadliest truth in the face with doubt. This will end well because I’m writing it but in reality wishes are for the weak. If anything ended anywhere else but death it was a road. Dirty and dark. I’m not sure we should be here.

9. The Persistence Of Memory

Emotional emptiness turns insides black. As memories fade slower than blind men understand. The ears of the deaf are lined on brick walls raised inches above the ground. Every grain of glass circled by a flame of misfortune. A reason to worry introduced within a feeling
of care. Failure to attach to those around is the death of a rose. The path pushed towards is one worn by few. Four footprints to begin. Midway reduced to two. Realization of what was once ours is a nightmare in itself. Flawless but concealed behind the mask is everyone

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