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1. Dragons Of The Night


2. Viktoria

Facing defeat after defeat
Sacred hopes vanished in haze
But with your mother we stood as one
It didn't kill us it made us strong
We walked through hell, but we came back
An iron faith leading our heart
Nothing could destroy this will
And we fought 'til victory

Welcome Vikroria, you are my flesh, you are my blood
Welcome Viktoria, angel of light, you are my pride
Welcome Viktoria, you are my flesh, you are my blood
Welcome Viktoria, angel of light, you changed my life

The hallowed day of your birth
The fight seemed lightyears away
In the moment you saw the light
the darkened spell was slain
Now I feel like a wolf
I'm the guardian of the pack
No one shall do you harm
I'd kill the one who'd mistreat you

3. Legacy Of The Wild

Storming the gates to purgatory, we are riding the storm
Raise your fist in victory, we hail the blazon stone, we march on
A whole life branded by tunes of steel
It's in my heart and in my blood eternally

Hail to the free, hooray to the wild
Gave me force, faith and pride
Glorious and legendary tales
Branded the whole metal age

We are branded and exiled, prisoners of our time
The brotherhood's our guardian, we are rebels at heart - 'til we die
The big brother I never had at my side
Through the dark and in the light, guiding my life

Hail to the free...

Chains and leather, it's metal 'til death, they call us renegades
Dorkas can't tame libertalia, the heart of the wild and free

Hail to the free...

Forever in our hearts
Legacy of the wild
Forever in our hearts
Legacy of the wild

4. The Dark Crusade

Blackest heart, diabolic souls
Their tongues spit venom and evil
Insane fools spread the blood
of innocence - flowing gore

They want women to be their slaves
And religion to rule the law
A return to middle ages
Where democracy is unknown

The dark crusade - servants of hell
The dark crusade - heirs to the damned

The jihad - we'll fight it back
We're no slaves to religion
Worst liars - manipulation
In fact they spit on the Koran

They want a world where freedom dies
Where religion is policy
A return to darkest days
We left since centuries

5. Hail Victory

Listen brothers, the war is won
The oppression has been slayed down
We took the sword for a noble cause
Hail and glory to our fallen ones

We've seen their empire fall, we've seen the tyrants crawl
Our freedom was born through our blood, our faith was our force

Hold your banners high
Proud, towards the sky
We hail pagan glory
We hail victory

Greet the sunrise for it reveals
A new age where man is free
To trust and pray whom he wants
No iron fist to rule the law

There's no god below a cross sealed above wood and stone
He's everywhere and in each believer's heart, no murder tears faith apart

6. Warrior Priest

Out of the dark, origins not well known
Sacred heart, for the cross we honour
Mighty and great warriors, ready to spill the blood
For the heretic ones have to die, a new age is now to rise

Through the holy fire
By the holy steel
Through the holy trial
The age of the warrior priest

Then we returned into myths of time
Thousand secrets - forever left behind
Our legend still lives on, mixing true and false
About our lives, our gold, our realm and how we died

7. The Wolf Division

We are rooted in the underground - to metal we're bound
We've sworn the oath and honour it's way, the cult of steel we hail
Gift from the gods, precious and pure, a force to guide our rules
We are the masters, we are the slaves following our aim

Slaves of steel
Slaves to metal
Slaves of steel
The wolf division

No mainstream crap but true and raw - the way how should sound metal
The underground breed of legions preaching the iron
We are together, all as one, to defend our gold
No one will ever make us change - fight for the metal reign

8. Heathen Horde

The coastal raid on holy island
A new age baptized in blood
The monastery of lindisfarne is in flames
Death came from far, far north
Heathen hearts, viking hordes
Bloodbath in the temple of god, they crushed the cross

Heathen horde
Pagan fire on holy ground

The slaughter of Northumbria
Foretold the viking age
Conquerors with heathen beliefs and faith
Pagan hearts praise values and honour
Spit on the cross and holy evil
The legacy in the hearts of the free today

9. Words Of The Witch

Too weak to fight against god's servants
Women that wants to live, or witches of Salem?
They are innocent
The burning stakes of holy lies

You, you can't decide
You have no right
To torture, and kill in the god's name
Do it, and you will never hide
The truth will find you, you will be cursed

Words of the witch, like the storm
Listen to them! They will curse you
Words of the witch, like the flame
Will burn your soul, will kill you

Consecrated ground will not host their bones
People fear the holy priests
No one will help them on the gallows hill
And again way too young to die

Words of William Stoughton:
"You! Giles Corey
You will be pressed
To death, by stone!
Bridget Bishop
- guilty, to death!
Martha Corey:
Satan's daughter.
you will die, too!"

10. Winter Farewell

The snow covers Bavaria
Giving a mystic aura
To the cemetery I enter
Headstones rise through the snow
Like soulkeepers in the fog
Seem to prevail your rest below

Farewell, farewell dear old man
I cannot believe this was the end
I like to believe you're roaming around
Close to her first steps, watching her proud

I don't know if there's god above
But I know you entered the great hall
Having an eye on all our beloved ones
I'm sad she'll never meet you
In her blood is a part of you
The scythe of time felt much too soon

11. The Hour 0

Black crows picking up the flesh
From dead bodies lying all around
No descent burial place here
Their mortuary drape is the fog

Flesh is sacred, cannibals roam
The instinct to survive
Caves are the new homes
Technology's far behind

Choirs of the damned echo in the dark
Like Armageddon's lullaby
Souls of black sent a mark
And doomed the world to die
The red button's down,
Now it happened finally
This insane world is laid waste
Destruction is complete
Survivors creep through ruins
Gazing at chaos, complaints and death
Rulers achieved the prophecy
Foretold since thousand of years
No more colors darkness reigns in the sky
The judgement day of a race doomed to die
First came a fireflash
Then ashes obscured the sky
Fires burned the whole cities down
And the ground reveals a no man's land
The hour zero
First came a fireflash
Then ashes obscured the sky
Fires burned the whole cities down
And the ground reveals a no man's land
The hour zero
United clans organize
The post holocaust
To come through the fight
The dawn of mankind

No more colors...

First came a fireflash...

Thousands of years
Now have passed
Unbelievable technology,
Power and glory
Rule the game
Driving some bastard rulers insane

Man will never
Escape his fate
Nuclear war begins again

The order
Screamed with hate:
"Push the red button down - now"

The red button's down
Now it happened again
Another world laid waste
Destruction is complete

The greed for glory
Deep in the heart of men
It was forever and evil will be
Damned is the legacy

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