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1. Morbid Beauty

Two centuries ago
In a Hungarian castle
Lived the countess Bathory
Beauty of blackest soul
Ceremonial’s ancient rites
Ritual’s of blood
The search of immortality
To be forever young
Sacrifice blood is life
A young girl is enchained
Lost in the dungeon’s night
Naked the beauty appears
In her fist a dagger shines
Excitement gleaming eyes as the steel
Cuts the young flesh
Bathed in still warm spilling blood
A rebirth through death
Sacrifice blood is life
Screams of pain echo in the halls
Screams of blood down the walls
Bath in warm blood to be immortal
The countess was the queen of evil

2. March Into The Arena

Now the dawn is to fall on the scenery
Hunted unbelievers are praying in fear
Given to the animals
Cause they’re going astray
Freedom’s price minority pays
Mothers hold their children
Praying the curtain to fall
March into the arena
Into world’s circus it’s bloody law
They want to tame the
Flame of freedom
March into the arena
Into world’s circus it’s bloody law
Hypnotized lambs want to see your fall
Is there really so much that
Has changed our days?
The ruler is stalking those in his way
The public opinion has
The thumbs turned down
Grand together fight for your own
Boiling the arena explodes
Men turn into animals
March into the arena…
They want to tame our flame
But we are strong together

3. Pagan Glory

Centuries ago before Christianity
Raped and stole our legacy
Forgotten mystic ages of mystery
As nature animal and men
Lived in harmony
Through the darkest forest we travel on
Where the snow it never stops to fall
Where the wolves they howl eternally
We keep on singing pagan glory
An alone women
Had knowledge in astrology
Or a wizard knowed of medicine
Christianity soon condemned
As heretics such men
And they destroyed pagan glory
Through the darkest forest we travel on
Where the snow it never stops to fall
Where the wolves they howl eternally
We keep on singing pagan glory

4. Curse Of 7 Seas

Across the seas a legend is spread
Old seawolves tell
Around empty rum jars
Of an island where the
Dead still walk
One gate to hell
Cursed forevermore
Where all the sinners
Of the seven seas
Live out their curse of blasphemy
Through burning hot haze
Piercing stone cold eyes
Witnessing the curse
Breeding its might
Sent by the church
Brave men sailed on
To face an evil they didn’t know
None turned to tell what he saw
They souls may be
Cursed forevermore
Where all the sinners….

5. Forgotten Shadows

My dear hear the wolves as
They’re howling at the moon
Children of the night sing their mystic songs
Time is right in this desecrated crypt
To explore the keys to immortality
Spiderwebs only embrace
The grey tombstones
As grave covers open every night
Through hot haze and sulphur rising above
Our forsaken mortal life
A sweet and loyal devotion to the night
It’s lords and powerful ancestral might
Oldest ritual’s since the dawn of time
We’re all mighty we’ll never die
When torches flicker we’re on the hunt
Stalking the blood we hail
My dear dies her mortal life candle’s burnt
Together we’ll rise
Welcome princess of hell sleep well
Where the all mighty dwell my love
Tomorrow when you’ll be awake
I’ll be at your side
Holding your hand in mine
Forget all mortal cruelty and lies
Freedom is on our side

6. Towards The Light

Standing here alone in the rain
Time passes and my shadow grows
I’m left alone all this pain
Forgive me father tomorrow I’ll be gone
To the world where I belong
A world somewhere far beyond
Leaving the darkness for the light
Leaving the ever lost fight
That was my life
The call of freedom
Whispers my name
As I fly towards the shining fight
Shiny razor blade in my hand
The cold steel cuts my veins
Lifeblood flows
I sleep in peaceful sleep
Opening the doors to eternity
To the world…

7. Buried Alive

Hearing the preacher
Reciting his holy prayer
Hearing my family as they cry in pain
Realizing all too scared to believe
All tough I know I’m not gone insane
Wide open eyes slowly beating heart
Lethargic state they thought I was dead
Laid me down in a grave nailed up the cover
Put me down in a hole six feet underground
I hear the bell I’m down in hell
As there a worse fate than to be buried alive
Earth to earth ashes to ashes
And dust to dust
Where the last words the preacher said for me
How the grave diggers shovel soil upon my grave
Silence creeps up around me
All seems to fade so far away
Distanced from life living yet dead
Tears pouring down my cheeks
So afraid of my death
I’m losing my mind
My lungs gasp for air
I hear the bell…

8. Holy Evil

Lost in a dungeon
Only the dark surrounds
An old mystic cave where sunlight
Never bathed the grounds
Candles are shimmering
Phantoms dance on the walls
Moving slowly over
Instruments of torture
They made you confess
Undone sins under torture
Reign of the wicked
Corruption and terror
How many innocents
Died in this place?
Death the only savior
To escape all pain
What happened between these walls
For the church it’s a shame
This chamber was the gathering
Of raw evil and pure hate
They made you confess…
Holy evil power built by lies
A plague throughout our centuries
Too many people lost their lives
Eaten raw by the priest

9. Children Of The Unlight (1996)

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