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1. Shadowland

Dealing with evil, shaking the reaper's hand,
You sold him your soul, now he
seals your fate.
The poison in your blood soon took all control,
In the realm
of shadows, on the razor's edge you crawl.

The phantom's reflect in your
The phantom of whom you were before.
It's not too late, turn back the
And avoid this awfull fall.
The phantom's reflect in your mirror;
phantom of whom you were before.
It's not too late, time's getting short,
hard will be the road.

Black trip in hell through shadowland
without aim through shadowland

Now, what's the use in your "search for
You'll never be free addicted to the needle.
You enter this world,
the realm of the slaves,
The eternal fall, you dig your own grave.

2. Divine Art Of Lies

Reading in their crystal ball, their holy icon of lies.
And they see what you
wanna see, and they hear what you wanna hear.
Still they are making their
profit of weakness and the sadness
Of poor men who have lost all hope, all
faith and will to live.

Sneaking in-deep in mind and soul,
high's the fall

Sly-Divine art of lies
Lie-Divine art of lies

sly, they're addicted to the desperation of men,
They're making amounts of
money from cruel desolation.
Those bastards are becoming rich with modern
It's a shame to see those thieves in the 21th century.

3. Host Of The Dark

Most politicians sell their ass
Like dirty and ill whores
When money brings the power
Their own pride counts no more
If it gains some voices
They are ready to loose their face
And they would sell their own mother
To win the final race

Hidden demons face
Behind a smilling mask
Troughout the world
They spread their mark

Rulers kiss their dirty millions
While children die of starvation
They condemn it on TV
But all they want is to be seen
Caviar meal with worst dictators
Secret trades for awful wars
To sell a missile is more important
Than to help the homeless one

Poisoned soul – stonecold heart
Sly and mean - the host of the dark
The host of the dark

4. Seawolf

Now the time has come
For us to leave the shores
We'll sail onwards
Our faith pushes us on
Heeding the great call of the wild
Nothing feels like this
We hail the wind and liberty
Bound to freedom we are eternally

And we're laughing into death's face
On the wings of freedom we ride
Forever – mighty urge
We'll never change our course

There's nothing what could
Hold us back down on land
Unbound unchained
Our destiny's on high seas
And no god and no master
No evil entity
Will ever force, force us down
Bound to glory we are eternally

5. Black Heaven

Like thousand little fausts
Who sold their souls to hell
Utopic promises
In a web of lies they dwell
In our society each day
More men get lost
That's when the evil
Strikes to grow it's rows

He says that he has seen them
That he's the chosen one
To show all “non-heretics” the way
Propaganda shameless
Lies about human clonage
Can't his fellows see that he's insane?

Wipe him out – the devil's tongue
No – still he says:

“Forget thy god 'cause I, I am he
I am the one who will save your souls
They'll be drowned in flames
We will rise on judgement day”
Oh can't thay see: Black heaven calls

We are nothing more
Than shit for those fools
Until we oren our wallet
An join their crowd
Becoming reacher everyday
From constant robbery
His fellows still only
Have dreams to hold on

6. Made In Hell

Dressed in leather spikes and chains
He appears in the dark
Mighty and proud
Rebel at heart
They call him an animal
Who's going stray
He doesn't give a damn
'Cause his heart leads his way

If there's a last man to stand
He'll be the one holding the flag
He's a metal warrior
Streams of passion rule his heart

Made in hell

He's a wolf not a lamb
Screaming “I'm alive”
Can they just tell the same
Of their own life?
All their boring standards
Always blinded their eyes
And they will never know
What freedom's like

More than a fuckin' religion
Heavy metal's a way of life
He's a metal warrior
Made of steel made of pride

Made in hell

7. Night Peace

Now the last rays of daylight died
And thedark brought it's mysteries
The curtain felt on the other side
Now another life is to begin

In the peace of night
They rise from the other side
Those strange feelings
Of their ancestral might

In the peace of night
Echoes of ancient times
As all stands still they come back to life

Remember all those ferrytales
Are so close they're near to come true
Glorius warriors magic princesses
Bards and wizards
They're near to touch you

8. The Heart Of Hell

They are marching on
They are bound all three as one
Like eternal lovers
One couldn't live without the others
Religion gave birth to madness
Policy power's greed
The army massive killings
Unholy trinity

And they lead us straight into war

In the heart of hell
Corruption hate and treason follow their way
In the heart of hell
The demon made it's lair right down on earth

The roots of evil
Have increased since far too long
The voice of the devil
Is seductive to many ones
They control their minds
Frightening secrets twist the truth
Blinding their eyes
To put the lambs into rows

Evil's not below
Awating to get your soul
Evil lives right here
Breeding into the heart of men
Men's cupidity
Is honey to the lord of flies
The unholy trinity
Is strong like never in those times

9. The New Inquisition

A new kind of venom
Infiltrades our society
Lost prophets Of another age
Preaching evil in their community

Afganistan and Irak
Is some fuel to feed their fire
Malicious cruel and dark
Building up their pyre

Creeping around
Something heavy's in the air
Unleased hellbound
Evil crawls out of it's lair

Rise of the dark – The New Inquisition
Leaving wounds that will never heal
Rise of the dark – The New Inquisition
Religion poisoners history

A minority of cold bastards
Declared war to the “heretic one”
Searching for lambs among weak minds
Fed by evil scorn

Remember the Christian strike
Phantazies of an utopic urge
They're pleading a sacred book
But perverting holy words

10. Utopia

Close your eyes and fly away with me
I'll show you something you never saw
Leaving the darkness behind
Enter a peaceful world of light

Into a world without pain and sorrow
Where no darkness kills the light
Where there's no fear of tomorrow
Utopia – Welcome life

A world where our children's
Future looks bright
Where the horizon is not on fire
This world will
Never be reality
But in current days
Sometimes it's good to dream

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