Dark Lyrics


1. The Cult Of Steel

Their mortal shell may be dead
But their souls still live on
Through our minds and through our hearts
They're the army of immortals

Now Quorthon has entered the hall up high
And Chris leads the power of the night
Lee forever trusts in the fire
And Ronnie found the sacred heart

I hail - the cult of steel
You hail - the cult of steel
We hail - the cult of steel
The cult of steel

They branded pieces of eternity
Well known or underground
Each one has built the altar
Of the religion we're bound to

Now Jon is storming the light's bane
And Ingo is riding the sky
Clive is forever running free
And J.D. sounds the battle cry

2. Hordes Of The Night

In the distance roars the thunder
Black horizon is born
Flashes of lightning devour the sky
Who knows what will come?

Free from the start, we know who we are
We will follow the sacred path
Passion leads our hearts
We know what we want
Heavy metal is our promised land

We were born to ride with the winds
Like an eagle proud and wild
Into the storm, we strike and we fight
The hordes of the night

Show me the horns, our allegience
You proud metalhead
Spikes and leather shine like an armor
Ready for bloodshed

3. Werewolf Rebellion

In the darkness of the night
Some will live and some will die
Be the prey or be the hunter

When the evil leads the world
Some will rule and some will crawl
Be king or nothing at all

Welcome the eternal night
As a gift of second sight
Turn the darkness into light

Feel the power of the night
Feed the beast you have inside
Raise the fire in your heart

Wake up the wolf
Wake up the beast within you
Wake up the werewolf in your heart
Werewolf rebellion

Try to read between the lies
What they teach you, what they hide
Truth is right before your eyes

4. Blood Of The Heretic

The flames are licking the sky
The fires of evil
Are burning bright
That holy men do
In the name of god
A maiden is doomed

Holy war's terror, it's the same old song again
The root of evil's raging pain
The reaper laughs, a skinless smile
His claws control man's mind

Blood of the heretic
Bloodstained altar of freedom
Blood of the heretic
Spilled by the evil

The smoke is coming down
Madness of evil
Bomb terror
That religion breeds
In the prophet's name
Fanatic hate

5. Hell's Legacy

We are losing all of our dreams
And everything we hold on to
We don't fight for tomorrow
And we are dying today

Selfish loss of humanity
Heavy crosses to carry
A tornado of lost souls
Evil harvests its seed

Hell's legacy

Governments of corrupted whores
Their fellow's media twist the truth
They divert your attention
For you to know and see nothing

The lambs just focus of futility
While the whole world is drowned into hell
Open your eyes before it's too late
Wake up and fight this dreadful end

6. Funeral Pyre

Beware of the masses
And what they think is right
When their eyes are blind by the light
Safer in the darkness than in your world of lies
The wise man trusts the fool to survive

Far away from the sun
Finally I see
Master of my destiny

Far away from your chains
Finally I am free
Take your chance and follow me

A light in the darkness
A pyre in the night
The flames will burn the chains of mankind

A cure for the madness
A true guiding light
The funeral pyre of mankind

Free from your brightness, my eyes are open wide
Two realities collide
Let the flames of wisdom purify the shame
Of a world that's gone insane

7. Force To Fight

Shall I sail forever on
And never look back
How can I face those regrets
Aching in my heart

Some wounds will never heal
And time cannot help
Passing hours, days and years
Some pain will last

Warrior - forging an armor
Warrior - emotions to hide
Scars hurt the soul
But feed the force to fight

You'd better be strong
'Cause destiny calls
Rise above the ashes
And learn from the past

You build your own temple
The power of a god
No use crying all alone
It's up to you to carry on

8. Open Fire

Crawling through hell, we'l crawl back
And we'll return with the demon's head
Those who won't die will be stronger
We raise our banners with pride and honor

We hail the gods, almighty lords

Open fire - we will burn 'em down
Fire - to the ground
Fire - we will burn 'em down
Fire - to the ground
Many will die, cause evil is strong
We won't return until the mission is done

Faith in believes, force of our will
We've got faith in justice and freedom

9. Mysterium Fidei

Ten thousand holy crusaders
Are marching off to the south
They conquer new lands
They all spill blood in the name of their lord

Burning, hanging, killing, mutilate
All these sins are allowed by the church
Abjure your faith, die by the sword
Eradicate the heretic, absolution is granted

We pray to the same god
As our enemies
Mysterium fidei
A bloodlusty army
By the will of the pope
We march on
Killing and burning
In the name of the same cross

Kill 'em all, let god sort 'em out
He'll recognize his own
Murders in the name of the one and only god
Aberration is history's lot

10. The Grey Wolves

Forty thousand men
Sent aboard U-Boats
To challenge the Royal Navy

Less than ten thousand
Will return back home
From the Atlantic's claws of death

The grey wolves - tragic memory
The grey wolves - hunt through the sea
The grey wolves - iron coffins
The grey wolves - monsters of steel

Desperate struggles
Living in a grave under the sea

Boredom and illness
Bravery, brothers
In a disaster to foresee

Jens Börner — Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
Antoine Bussière — Drums
Rikki Mannhard — Bass
Alex Hilbert — Guitars (lead)

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