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1. Claire's Horrors

Spirits seem to drift up through a darkened sky
drifting through dead branches in the night
while in the moonlight we
go down upon our knees
entwined together only we can see their beauty

Beneath the stars a bell begins to toll
for reasons which we really shouldn't know
so take a walk with me down to the cemetery
wrap me in darkness, Claire make love to me

I am thunder
I am rain
I am pleasure
I am pain

Only in darkness can there be light
tell me angel have you prayed tonight?

In the dark I know you all so well
beauty from Heaven wrapped 'round souls from Hell
so take a drink from me
my sacrifice to thee
damned fallen angels,
always blessed with me.

2. Sacrifice

...and here we go again
we've taken it to the end
with every waking moment
we face this silent torment

I'd sacrifice,
sacrifice myself to you-
right here tonight
because you know that I love you-

Darkness is all I want to see
I could never put in to words
what it is you mean to me
The candle is burning low
at the window to my soul
the reaper is at my door now
he's come to take me home...

I'd sacrifice,
sacrifice myself to you-
right here tonight
because you know that I love you

3. Your Best Nightmare

Long after midnight, on a night like this
I'd sit by my blacklight and dream of your kiss
pulsating music filled my room and my head
and I dreamed what it'd be like to have you in my bed

I'm your best nightmare

And then it happened, you were in my arms
your lips on my throat- your hands on my, on my...
two bodies together the intimate sin
the pain and the pleasure could do mortals in
how could you know what I'm thinking of
to me lust can be as beautiful as love
here tonight, your pure heart and soul
untainted passion should have no control

She asked me if I...
I told her the truth
I said "I'm sorry it takes me longer than you"
she smiled and blushed and continued to grind
and promised to make me go out of my mind

returning her promise she came to a halt
licking my lips I tasted her salt
then she sat up and gasped and clutched at her breast
I thought she was coming- I'd never have guessed that
as she grew pale, as white as a flower
she collapsed to the floor and was dead in an hour.

I'm your best nightmare

4. Revenge

Deep in this blackened void,
the space that used to be my soul
no ray of light no hope has shown
there in the darkened cold.

In time memories and pain
will fade and disappear they must,
but not until this mortal being
has turned to scattered dust

You cannot judge what you don't understand
take the blade from the child's hand
all the petty lies and the jealous whores
matter little and leave me bored

Repent, Remorse, Revenge

why don't you just crucify me,
nail me to a cross
and bite and scratch and make me scream
if that will get you off

You say a fall from grace would suit me well,
well you can crawl straight back to Hell,
fear not to lie, it will seem a sharper hit
nor to blaspheme it will pass for wit

Repent, Remorse, Revenge.

5. Spider And The Fly

Empty hearts I can hear them talking
I close my eyes and I keep on stalking
my love
my love

no one's aware of the hunger I feel
it's something you or time cannot heal
I need someone to help me rise above

Eternal bliss is something I can show you
spread your arms and let my wings enfold you
my love

In the darkness shades of crimson rapture
the world is ours alone to capture
my love

Come over here and let me tell you something
nothing ever comes of nothing
we pay a price for all our choices made

come along now and take my hand
I'll lead you to a promised land
the morning after may never be the same,
it may never come again...

6. This Paradise

I could take your breath away,
I could make this feel so right
out of the blackest shadows
into your burning light

your touch would enthrall my heart,
my touch could release your soul
lying warm and dark in your arms,
come close to me now and take control
riding through endless nights,
bury the nameless dead
the stars will rain down in the night
cast out of Heaven by jealous angels of death

together we'll rule our world
together we'll rule theirs too
lightning and thunder collide
at the edge of the world for me and you

In this Paradise you'll find just what your looking for,
beauty right before you eyes,
how could you ask for more?
Here behind these eyes,
here inside my soul
hear the screams of a crucifixion ring through the dark,
ring through the cold
reach up and pull me down
into your hallowed ground
I'll lead you into temptation,
buried in passion I'll lead you down...

7. The Black Cat

Oh Little girl
don't go away
just come to bed
and there we'll stay,

oh little girl, lie close to me
just close your eyes
what do you see?

Black Cat
entrance me,
devour me

The storm outside is raging still
there's no escape,
the one that kills

oh little girl,
the time has come
we think and move
exist as one

Black Cat
entrance me,
devour me.

8. Nightmare

[Same lyrics as Your Best Nightmare]

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