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1. The Christmas Song

In this world of snow and cold I'll hide
in this world of ice I've built with pride
of all things that I'd most like to receive
there's just one thing I really want this Christmas Eve
I believe, I believe it's you

I know youre out there waiting in the cold
all shimmering and blue and warm to hold
but if I try and really do believe
I'll get just what I'm waiting for this Christmas Eve
I believe, I believe it's you

Nothing can compare
nothing can come close to you
nothing can compare
nothing else will ever do

buried in the snow I'll wait for you
and keep on wishing 'till my dreams come true
I feel your touch, it melts the world away
and we'll be together in the light of Christmas Day
far away, far away with you.

2. Let Me Break You

What on earth went wrong
just tell me what went wrong
can't understand just how you feel

I know the end is near
but I no longer fear
that what we had was so unreal

why can't you feel it?
you had to know
how could you steal it?
let me break you

you made it all so mad
love or control gone bad
it seems to me you don't play fair
I've come to know your kind
through innocence then blind
believed in something that was never there...

3. Splinter (Live)


4. Nightmare (Live-Acoustic/Remix)

5. Shatter (Live-Acoustic)

6. Claire's Horrors (Live-Acoustic/Remix)

7. Atmosphere (Live)

Pale and Dark and Tortured Blue,
behind a veil you find serenity.
I guess that's something we share,
violently fading into nothing to find peace,
or escape it.

Curious, majestic black strands cover you entirely,
yet I may there.
Always being tested,
an eternal game that must leave your soul in shreds,
as it does mine.
You have my sympathy,

but forget about everything just for tonight
for this moment in life,
this moment in time
could be your first,
or your last.
You abandoned hope long ago,
you abandoned love,
or it abandoned you,

but now is the time for beauty,
violent beauty so pure it's scary,
the past is over,
this is something new,
altogether alien, exotic, and welcome,
erasing what came before,
with a blink of her amazing eyes...

8. A Letter To God (Live)

9. Sacrifice (Live)

10. Sally's Song

I sense there's something in the wind
that feels like tragedy's at hand,
and though I'd like to stand by you,
can't shake this feeling that I know
the worst is just around the bend.

And does she notice
my feeling for her?
And can she see
how much she means to me?
I think it's not to be.

What will become of my dear friend?
Where will his actions lead us then?
Although I'd like to join the crowd
in their enthusiastic cloud,
try as I may it doesn't last.

And will we ever
end up together?
No, I think not.
It's never to become
for I am not the one...

11. Demon

Through darkened streets and blackened gloom
the candles dim in your bedroom
rain reflecting shadows in the night

the moon is full and through the mist
I hear your voice I feel your kiss
the line grows thin between what's wrong and right.

Burning flesh, pale as the stars
no one knows just who you are
drive the knife in deeper to my soul

velvet touch your mouth on mine
drunk on lust like drunk on wine
the world will end we'll hear the thunder roll.

Don't even say it
don't even look away
haunted by
haunted by
black winged angel come to me
release my soul from this misery.

In the candle light you'll see
just what all this means to me
the line grows thin between what's wrong and right.

12. Untitled

Twilight... the leaves fall,
The ground... is oh so cold.
Sing about God,
sing on his death!
Sing about love
and sing about sex.
Your great mystery's a lie,
hypocrisy's the rule. Sing on.
The. Death... of God!

Of darkness and light,
of heaven and hell,
Of sinful delights.
Beneath our feet lie shattered wings,
Our screams bring the awakening of God...

So say goodbye to torture and lies,
And if there's a God pray he opens his eyes.
His angels aren't the master race,
We'll tell him when we're face to face with God.

13. Spider And The Fly (Acoustic Tangle Web Mix)

14. Ice

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