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1. Call To Arms

This is a call to arms
This is my cry out to anyone who's ever felt unloved
This a call to arms
This is our chance to stand and say enough is enough

This is my desperate cry
For those who want
to know a greater love

This is a calls to arms
This is a call to start
A revolution of love

2. He Was Number One

I've got something to say here
This won't be the death of me
I know I've said this all before
But it deserves repeating

This place is full of broken hearts
And empty promises that tear us apart.

This is my call out to a generation
With no regard for abomination.

We are the cause, the sickness and the cure.
This is the truth, the hope that we've been longing for.

You are worth.
So much more.
You are beautiful
Loved and adored

These words and hate they spew
Say nothing about the real you
This is my offering
Cause to me you still mean everything
Your existence is not meaningless
You are not insignificant.
And so I’ll scream until everyone knows
That love is real.
And there is still hope.

3. Vertigo

If I were honest with you,
This is the darkest I have ever been.
I never thought that I could end up like this!
Feeling of no hope
In the depths of all the darkest pits
Separated I find me alone
This is where I walk away.
I'm disappointed in the man I've grown to be.
This where I walk away
I cannot settle for less than everything
I never thought that I would find myself this way
I'm falling faster, falling faster
In a blink I start to slowly fade away
This who I've grown to be.
No, this can't be me
The silence is overwhelming
All I need is to be set free
And you hold the key
This is my everlasting dream This is my everything
This is my everlasting dream I will carry the flame
This is where I take a stand.
I'm done. I won't fall by my own hand.
This is where I take a stand.
No longer will I take life for granted.
I never thought that I would find myself this way
I'm falling faster, falling faster
But it's led me right to where I need to be
This who I really am.
I'm finding out
That love is all that I need
Through selflessness
I have been set free.
This is my greatest fear and I am leaving it here. [2x]

4. #sorrynotsorry

[feat. Gage Speas of To Speak Of Wolves]

Say what you want about me
You’ll never bring me down
The choice is mine.
The choice is clear
We’ll tear it to the ground
These hands were made to fight
Your eyes were meant to fear.
This is my calling
The reason That I've been put here
Cast your stone
One day you’ll learn this world is not your own
Where’s your throne?
Your fake humility will leave you alone
I’ve held my tongue now for far too long
And I can promise you tonight there will be blood.
I never dreamed that I would see the day
That I would find my fear staring face to face
Now I can believe. Now I believe
A revolution's all I need.
You talk a big game
With nothing real to back it up
This is my chance
Say that to my face, punk.

I will never be silent
This is my destiny.
We are the revolution
The next awakening.
We've past the point of no return.
Grab the torches; let the fire burn.
This is my life I've held these words for long enough.
And I will never give up. I will never stop
This is all I’ll ever know.
This is my fight:
No greater Love!

5. Silence The Ocean

I am sick and tired of everything
Though its been said before many times and many ways
Violence brings violence
And hate breeds hate.
When will we stand as one
And find another way
Stop waiting on the world to change.
I'm giving up on selfishness
And picking up the pieces of all the damage left
When will we stand and say enough is enough
When will we finally realize there is nothing greater than our love?
Without a jump, there is no fall.
But without hope we have lost it all
I see no end in sight
If all we ever do is fight
We've got to find a better way
Stop waiting for the world.
Stop waiting on the world to change
I'm giving up on selfishness
And picking up the pieces of all the damage left
So this is where the story stands
Will we stand as one or let it fall right through our hands?
This is me screaming right at you
This is the sound of silence

6. Awakening

[feat. Garret Rapp of The Color Morale]

This is the end
Of all my apathy
A life void of passion
Just a memory
These words fly
Like torches from my lips
Igniting words
Of passion through darkness
It's time to be the change
This is a wake up call
To be the hands and feet.
Now with every last breath I take I’ll scream
Make every day count for something
One life one chance
That is all you get.
One life one chance.
Life is but a breath.

You gotta keep pressing forward and moving on.
They say, “it's always darkest before dawn”.
You've got the will to fight.
Yeah, I see it in your eyes
There is a hope in me.
And this won't be your demise.
Speak the truth even if your voice shakes
Separated we fall
Together lives will change.
Replace your fear with curiosity
We are the ones who will stand
And leave a legacy
Woah-oh-oh-oh. [2x]
What are you living for
What are you dying for

7. Sola Fide

This is the pain
And I’ve felt it for days.
It’s ripping my heart in two.
Searching for another sound.
Can’t put my feet back on the ground.
Are you listening?
I never thought that I would see this happening
But even through the darkest nights
There was one shining light
To take away the pain
Desperate for answers
And the quest for something better
Was all that I could seek
Though I’d fallen through the spaces
In the darkest of places
You never let go of me.
This is the truth and I've found it in you
This wont be my final bow
Death and decay or the sting of the grave
Can’t touch me now
These are the answers to all of the questions I never found in me.
That it's by your grace that I have been saved I have been set free
And so, I will scream with everything til there's no breath left in me
Jesus your name is all that I need.
You have set.
You have set me free.

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