Dark Lyrics


1. Exordium

The Earth is round – it’s known and it is written.
You’re shooting straight - it kills you from behind.
Desires aim for things that are forbidden.
The way to get them obfuscates our minds.

But who will take the blame for daring? (Who Will?)
And who will take the blame for our crimes?
‘cause “getting what you want” is a path misleading.
Sometimes we take, sometimes we pay the prize/price.

2. The Day Of The White God

Last night it came to my dreams.
From the foreshore emerges a creature.
Half a human the other half - grim
ill omen that will blacken the future.

Reaching for our gold…
Reaching out for our souls….
Did the Sun bring the Gun to men?
To torch his path of a ravenous creature breeding desolation!

Behold the Day of the White God!
When the men stand against their right to be wrong.
Behold the Day of the White God!
When we sense a weakness, then we become
so keen to war.
Keen to war!!!

Temples so high are scraping the skies.
A skull foundation for this bloodthirsty empire…
Every conquered land is about to be looted.
Taking what we have gained will leave only fires!

It’s paid with our blood.
It’s paid with the anguish of our souls.
We’ve seen a man sacrificing a man
to a statue of ravenous creature breeding desolation.


We are all right to kill each other.
Taking lives in different manners is a formable solution.
We have plan and execution.
Hacking, raping, torturing, burning, crossing points of no return
We’ve done thousands once again’s.
Hail to the nature of man!!!

3. Demagogue


Watch me feeding the dogs with my impudent tongue!
Supercilious smile will adorn the arrogant tone.

Through the cold gestures and jests
to the cold end of debate.
Every argument thrown onto me
will be grabbed as a shield, twisted and turned into blade.

You are watching the rise of demagogue.
Like a demigod laughing at you.
I am zealous in every feud.

In victory – vengeance!
Spite in case of defeat!
You’ll be pulled out of balance, but still
let to stand on your feet.

The bone of contention is served!
Bait in the trap of impasse.
In its essence the snare is a leash.
Hand that is throwing the bone grabs the loose end and leads!

You are watching the rise of demagogue.

I am here to divide you in a half.
I sow the wind and shall reap
the growling storm of war
between the separated fractions
fighting over all these words I’ve said.
A unity achieved through discord.

Yes, I’m a demigod messing with you!
But still zealous in every feud!
I’m a demigod laughing at you.
I am zealous in every feud.

It’s a crime…
I’ve been losing your time,
but at least you know
what the artful deception is…

4. Automaton

Grind the bones into dust and debris.
Deceivers direct all the gears and the ratchets.
And they! They want to make us believe
That when the smoke of our pyres goes down they will bury the hatchet.

And it's bliss amidst the mist.
All thoughts are seized!
All morals are suffering from a disease.
A dreadful infection.

Isolated I am spreading the lies, relieving all of your pain.
Ticking inside of you and searching for a solution.
Fixing the glitches which may set you free.
Your soul is a wire in the grip of my pliers.

Flay the skin from your chest and you’ll see
Desires as cold automatic reflexes.

Contracting, forcing us to tick—tremors of the greed.
Enthralling, monotonous click—sedating the perceptions.


The less we know—the less we care.
And our carelessness rests in the hands of a flayer so vicious.
Stuffing and mounting our skins with a cruel lifelike effect
To conceal the murder!

Murder of dreams!

We are part of exhibit—taxidermy entities.
Vast diorama with sutured incisions.
Stitches hold our efforts to evolve.
Waiting for the total recall.


5. First Light

At first lights—like a drunken dauber trying to sober over
Depictions of the horrors that nobody wants to see.
Tear my art and see my heart is bleeding as it beats!

Lack of understanding often bursts in anger!

The screams from the midnight nightmares rejoice and cheer!
They hiss with painful candor that nobody wants to hear.
They are sniffing through the cracks of the wall
That holds them from attack.

I’m safe and sound within the trap.

Lost in a vast and a merciless wilderness.
I'm no longer sane
And in vain I am struggling for…

Hot thoughts like a molten boulder pouring into the mold.
They cast a disgraceful figure that nobody wants to be.
Tear away the crust and stab inlay right in my back.

Ultimately I'll withstand the whip of slander.

Last glance at the barren cold expanse
Devoured by fears.
The feeble stalks of hope wilt
Waiting for the rain to heal.

Lost in a vast and a merciless wilderness
I'm no longer sane
And in vain I am struggling for breath.
The loss of sanctum!
The loss of sanctum!
The loss of sanctum!
The loss of sanctum!

All lights are fading away with laughter
Extending the shadows of my own decay.
Don’t have to bother.
I’m still the drafter
And I will find my way.

I see the claws that scar the walls—that painful scratching.
The dogs are gnawing through the door of my escape.
And thus with a bitter growls and fading smile in the night
Mr. Nobody is watching
As I revive and get away.


Losing your mind needs a cognitive processing.
Let me out!

6. Photon

Incorporeal darkness overcasts me again.
Sick, enraged, and deranged I am roving
in my own pathogen.

Sometimes I see this restless light -
fulminating, burning inside.
And as the shadows dance around,
I ignore the fact that I am blind.

Dull vibrations of Ether…
Neither lost, neither found.
I am tone in the silence of vacuum.
Muted and drowned.

Sometimes I hear this restive sound -
Resonate with all my regrets.
And as the music flows around,
I ignore the fact that I am deaf.


My weightless body betrays me.
All that’s left is the grime.
I am launched in a random direction
still untouched by the time.

Sometimes I feel the senseless life –
Overgrowing, thriving, widespread.
And as the spirits float around,
I ignore the fact that I am dead.


As it seems all we need - different clusters of matter.
Different form, different mass and nearly the same empty atoms.

Shatter the core and further below!
Bring the annihilation!
That what will left feed to the soul!
Otherwise - depravation!

Insanity inside of me is reason why I’m drifting all alone
and all that now is hidden will be shown!

7. Devolution

The more I watch the more I think,
the more I’m close to this conclusion.
That human brain became a victim of devolution.

Poor souls displayed in empty eyes!
Welcome to commercial paradise.
Colony of greedy parasites.

New ideals obsess the minds
hibernating beneath the billboard’s shadows.
New idols read new bibles
making blinded flock to follow.

I know you see there is no truth behind those lies.
But it doesn’t matter for you better feed your eyes.

The more I see the more I fear
The more my hatred threatens to consume me.
I’m walking the social path of sociopath.

Situation is getting out of hand
Soul will suffer flesh until the end…

8. Painful Dividend

They came with words of motivation!
I felt like a VIP on the front row of the show.
Exclusive seat—a heartbeat away from the machinations
All the salacious details I want to know!

Show me!
No delay!
Indulge me!
I am ready to go further!
No delay!
Involve me!

Seductive thoughts of self-importance
Outshine the cold and rankling shadow of dismay…
And like a war-head counting seconds to the detonation
I trust my mission to avoid the despair.


In this madness!

I tried to scratch my nose, and felt that the noose is tightening.
The sensors penetrate deep in my veins.
In every corner there was a camera recording
my epic struggle with the belt restraint.

A painful dividend, you see, for a crush test dummy on a string
is that, in fact the impact will come to set it free!

The collision is at sight!
I’ve got to win this fight!

Foreordained dead end, my friend!
A compilation of deleted scenes with a cruel content.
The show is a subject to cancellation!

Slow motion play back in HD

A painful dividend, you see, for a crush test dummy on a string
is that, in fact the impact will come to set it free!

I forgot the brakes!
It’s over!
Feel the flow of data out of me!

Thanks to lieveilbg for sending these lyrics.

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