Dark Lyrics


1. Weapons Hot


2. Lich King V: Stalemate

And in time, the shell of Earth
Continues to rattle with war

Dead world under a dead sky
Nothing here worth fighting for

Five point four billion years
of unending battle and siege

Unrelenting and immortal
Triumph remains out of reach

All the horizon is filled with an eye
which watches, unblinking and red
Swollen, distended, the giant grows larger
and brushes the exosphere's edge

The two last things in the world,
so consumed with the fight, fail to notice the sun
has eclipsed all the sky with its solar flares skirling
Earth's final hour has come

War wages on

The corpse lord, the Lich King
grows weary at last of the game

Grasps the nature of stalemate
Victory cannot be claimed

The Nucleomancer
too young to be bored with the bout

Goes on, unthinking,
Not knowing his enemy's doubt

The King forms an idea while the
fireballs burst and the acid rays sing through the air
A lateral plan for a straightforward monster,
foe must remain unaware

Waiting for a fury from the solar storm
He will take wounds and seem to fall
And, once seeming defeated, will melt
off and find the true way to destroy every thing,
one and all

The sun, dying
The land, cracked
The living, long vanquished
The sky, black
The storm thunders
The fire descends
The foe, unmindful
The King will now transcend

One final volley

3. Preschool Cesspool

Time to wake up, son, time to go to school!
Here, put on your socks, let me wipe off all that drool
No you can't have chicken nuggets, mommy made some eggs
I'm sorry, that's the rule, so please stop biting my legs

Driving into school, with Kidz Bop on repeat
Have a good day son while I go feel a moment's peace
You sneeze in my mouth, I cringe and say bless you
You run off and I'm pretty sure you just gave me the flu

I used to be a man
I used to be a person, but
Now I'm just a meal ticket for a parasite
Life support system for a greedy little tyke
All my dreams and plans had to take a backseat
To a twenty pound crying, whining, shitty sack of meat

I don't know how the moon, no, and I don't know why a tree
I don't know why you ask these questions so incessantly
What'd you do today, oh you saw a cat, that's nice
I contemplated the abyss as I grieved for my life

Son, your baby sister's sternum is not a trampoline
Why is peanut butter toast stuck on my computer screen
I've read you five stories, now will you please go to sleep
Fine, I'll read you another, you selfish little creep

I used to have fun
I used to have friends, but
Now I don't have anything in my life
But the unceasing march of time
Everyone I know is a parent too
And their kids suck as much as mine

Eat your peas

Preschool cesspool [4x]

No one at that school makes the children wash their hands
Then they go home, spread disease across the land
Filthy microbes have infested all my cells
I got what I deserved in a self-made hell

I used to be fine
I used to be healthy, but
Now I'm just a shell, just a walking garbage pile
Here's your fish sticks, laundry's done dear, meanwhile
Can't take a second for myself to putrefy, but
Maybe, if I'm very very lucky, I could die
In this

Preschool cesspool [4x]

4. Cut The Shit

Metal’s got a lot of problems, here’s one
people who enforce the dress code
Because you’re the self-appointed poser police
Stop with that shit

Judging people for not being trve enough
Like you were born with your ebay high-tops
Bragging about how you called someone out
Don’t be a dick

We don’t need you guarding the gate
It’s not us against them, so just cut the shit
Stop worrying about posers
Stop worrying about posers

Oh, are you evil? I’m so impressed
Your band’s satanic? Well I’m really scared
I heard your lyrics brought down the church
Oh, did they not?

What rebels, you and the rest of the flock
may want to open up a thesaurus because
The darkness of evil of evil of darkness, hey,
It’s all been done

Blasphemy is trite, get a new thing
Un-invert your T’s and cut the shit
Stop worrying about posers
Stop worrying about posers

Metal’s supposed to be fun

Every hobby’s got that guy who thinks that it’s his job to keep everybody in line
And the dummy that thinks he’s being edgy by saying what someone else said back in ‘89

One more thing
Your political lyrics really made me think
Washington is full of liars? You just blew my mind!
You watched LOOSE CHANGE on youtube once and
now you’re a pro

Conspiracy theories and armchair denouncements
But you’re the guy that’s got it all figured out
Well it’s too bad you’re in a metal band, because
Nothing will change

If you care, you’re in the wrong field
“Read a book?” How ‘bout you write a riff and just cut the shit

Cut the shit
Cut the shit

5. Our Time To Riot

Disenfranchised and disillusioned, no hope in sight
Spending eight hours every day on someone else’s fight
Tyrannized by circumstance, oppressed and exploited by fate
Pinned down
By ghosts

And straining beneath the weight
Powerless and utterly sickened with myriad ills
Suffer in silence, file taxes and swallow your pills
Don’t resist the illusion, succumb to the rut
Yeah, that’s your weekday prison

But now’s our time to bleed the rage
In this tiny, darkened space
We all need, once in a while
To spit out all that pent-up bile
Your frustration, leave it here
By-product of your puppeteer
They don’t own you now
This is our time to riot

Those in command looking down from the upper tier
Gaze upon your struggle with an unsympathetic sneer
Somehow, the narrative is that the people chose
These thugs
These ghouls

The architects of our woes
Working class a pigpen kept by billionaire scum
Waddle on up to the trough, angry and numb
Two party system is an unconvincing sleight of hand
But they don’t know we know it
No, they don’t know we’re ready
The pit was our rehearsal

And now’s our time to start the war
Stop marching to the abattoir
Forefathers did not intend
What we now scarcely comprehend
They think you’re a worker drone
That serves them on their fucking throne
But they can’t stop us now
This is our time to riot

Stomp a plutocrat beneath your feet
At long last, the cattle seize the axe
See the oligarchs reduced to meat
Dead by their constituents’ attacks

Now’s our time, retaliate
To those who would decide your fate
Corporations, lobbyists
Did not foresee the obvious
Disaffected populace
A self-fulfilling consequence
It’s time
It’s time
Our time


6. Crossover Songs Are Too Damn Short

I don't have a problem with pizza or beer
or tons of mutated cannibal creeps
No, I don't have a problem with any of that,
but crossover songs are too damn short

I don't have a problem telling people to mosh,
hell, I've done it myself once or twice
No, I can't throw stones at any of that,
but crossover songs are too damn short

What is the issue, where is the fire,
Are you dying to open the keg?
Is it that you just can't wait to stop playing?
Is your songwriter cooking an egg?

Crossover songs are too damn short

Your songs are good
Your riffs are strong
But they're only
Two minutes long

Your album's great
But here's the facts
It's half an hour
With nineteen tracks

a second verse
would sure be nice
or write a bridge
use one riff twice
don't slow it down
go the same pace
but you don't have to finish your song first, this isn't a race

7. Take The Paycheck

Once upon a time in the eighties, metal bands
Worked hard to turn out albums that were good
Nowadays, most aren’t worth a damn
But it’s fine, no one cares, it’s understood

Forty minutes of you phoning it in
While the label claims “a true return to form!”
But you didn’t try, and you won’t again
Doesn’t matter, it’ll sell like a storm

We can’t blame you, take the paycheck
And milk your fame for all that it’s worth
Just mad we have to put in effort
We hope to get where you are so we don’t have to work

Elder statesmen of metal, lying in repose
Where is the speed, where are the riffs?
Doesn’t say in your contract that you can’t coast
On prior success from when you gave a shit

Tap a little more self-respect into the ashtray
As you fall asleep at the fretboard
No motivation, you get paid anyway
You punched out as soon as you hit record

Who cares, right? Who needs a legacy?
We envy your position in life
Can’t wait until we’re well-established
And nothing can dislodge us from those dizzying heights

You once
Were gods of speed and death
Your riffs
Would hammer and aggress
Full of song after song
But then
Something went wrong
You lost
Your zeal for the job
But still
Make junk for the mob
Can’t wait
Till we’ve earned those rights
To not
Have to try sounds nice

Would you help us out and tell us how it’s done?
Just tell us, how did you become so blessed?
Getting rich for horseshit sure sounds fun
So when can we stop doing our best?

What is the magic number?
Is five solid albums enough?
Relax and take it easy
And start churning out some halfhearted fluff
Like you?

8. Civilization

A fetid swamp, mired in space
Gulf of stone turns in place
In time, filth stands and feels
Casts off insect ideals

Nations’ wars slowly cease
Unified and at peace
An old man plants a tree
A church devoted to we

9. Offense

The dawn
Of an age of change
An emerging of human truth
Press back
Against fear and hate with
A slowly awakening youth
To walk
In the light of day
No shame, to live and let live
That’s all
We ever wanted, but
That’s too much ground for you to give?

If I’ve given offense
I won’t beg your pardon, I’m sure you’re fine
If you’ve taken offense
That’s your problem, so how about you beg mine

The tide
Is shifting now
As numbers grow too great to fight
Of public opinion
Wrong side of history lies to the right
The scum
And the misled fools
Shall no longer hold us at bay
The choice
As we march forward
Is get crushed or get out of our way

I am not an offense
And if you take issue, I don’t give a damn
I’m offended that you
Think I should be embarrassed of whom I love or what I am

Don’t stop
Don’t stop resisting

No more
No going back

Rise up
Rise and be counted

Take it
Take the offense

You take offense
That we’re not staying hidden like mice
At great expense
The proud are seen and pay the price
I take offense
To suicides, beatings and rantings of priests
So let’s commence
Cause you can’t live among us in peace

We will take the offense
Those we oppose will be left behind
We know a better world beckons
And we won’t be held back by the willfully blind so

Don’t stop
Don’t stop resisting

No more
No going back

Rise up
Rise and be counted

Take it
Take the offense

10. Lich King VI: The Omniclasm

Now into space the Lich King transcends
He is formless, a spectre, a void
Looming and dwarfing the crimson sun
Time quickens and earth is destroyed

Celestial bodies are fodder for razing
Planets, gas giants are ripe
Crowding around him, he grows ever larger
Begins the great galactic wipe

And Canis Majoris is cleaved in twain and the
Sparks form a three hundred million mile trail of floss
The Horsehead Nebula consumed in a fireball
Stretching three and a half lightyears across

Metaphysical blade shears a massive black hole
Its accretion disc scatters as dust
Lunging and swinging, the targets grow tiny
Milky Way flickers, impaled on a thrust


Whole galaxies stir with a turn of his hand
Novas like fireflies swirl in the air
His tremendous size exceeds the universe now
Suddenly, only black everywhere

Fourth dimension unfurls to his hollow eyes
All time and all space revealed, he sees
Abstract concepts, immutable truths
He’ll kill these too, he thinks, and is pleased

And astronomy, poetry, love, mathematics
Fall prey to a screaming slash
Chemistry, metallurgy and more are
Undone in a blinding flash

Civics, aesthetics, philosophy, logic
Are crushed in a psionic vise
Reason is dying, an unspeakable
End result of his dead paradise

This is his Omniclasm

Back in the ash cloud that once was Earth
The Nucleomancer remains
Comprehends the King’s plan at last
Bellows and rises in flame

Furious blaze explodes in size
And the King notes the emerald speck
Howling up through the airless gloom
Blossoming green from total black

Usurper begins to coalesce
Threads of physics all unwind
“All hail the king,” the stars cry, dying
A final battle at the end of time

And morningstar meets it, gargantuan flares
Sent thundering from non-corporeal steel
Each strike blocked is answered, in a
Cosmic, cacophonous catherine wheel

The King sees his way to destroy everything
A last concept lies behind his foe
He swings, enemy thinks it a miss
And readies the killing blow


The King begins to cackle
At the climax of the bout
His aim was true, he’d run it through
Reality itself winks out

11. Eternal Nightmare

[originally by Vio-Lence]

Reality slipping and your mind is caving in
Submitting to the web that you constantly spin
It's over the edge with the straightjacket on
It's dragging you down to the world you belong

The hell in your mind that you will always see
A nightmare of terror, planted eternally
Dead space in your head, there can be no escape
Reality you see, an image, just a fake

Insomnia drives, drives you out of your head
Don't lose consciousness while lying in bed
Looking in from the outside and tightening your grip
Death sickening laughter that's beginning to rip

Your eyelids fall and they take you again
Eternal nightmare and your horror begins
Your head is filled with nothing but fear
It has you locked down, comatoses is here

I've drank the blood - that dead souls have cried
I cursed the devil - then watched him die
I'm the one - that the sinners seek
Well I'm your master now, don't you see

Now to you I come a calling
Reaching for your mind I'm drawing
Thoughts of freedom, see them crawling
Eternal nightmare, I'm clawing

So next time that you fall asleep
And let your thought start running deep
Remember you're the ones I choose
Eternal nightmare, I never lose

You come a calling
My laughter's mauling
Eternally I rule your mind

Your thoughts confliicting
Your mind is sickening
And they're the ones I love to feed on the most of all

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