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1. The Blood Of The Past

He had wandered the earth for ages, secretly feeding on blood of innocents and dying animals.
He hid in caves and forests, clinging locals in a grip of fear.
He was the Nosferatu and mighty King of bats.
"Blood is life, eternal life" he howled and the night he left his earthcovered hidingplace, his eyes glowing red against the black sky.

As he helpless fly trapped in a web, a girl lay in a forestbed of moss.
The splendid King looked in her eyes and saw her blood already flowing.
With her eyes closed the girl surrendered to this demonic man and let him feast upon her. His teeth, as razors sharp and silverwhite, thrust down her neck into the vein.
As he drained the blood the girl slipped into death and inherited the curse.

As a creature of the night he slept during the day,
and made himself an easy target when found by mortal enemies.
During the witchhunt that swept the lands a man of god brought down his life.
But the essence had survived.

2. The Awakening Of The Vampire Lord

And whan the moon showed us the midnight hour, the bells rang their cries of death.
From the tower of the black tomb the sky got stained by this bats and lighting gave us a glimp of the massive graveyard stones.
"It is time O'Lord of Wolves, prepare to rise up from Thy tomb and bless us with imperial blood".
We cried the words towards the clouds which stood still and watched us deep below.

An unhearable tremor raised in the ground and introduced the coming.
Our Master of the Undead Legion had made his way through the holy earth he was buried in. Centuries ago he got caught and paid for his bloodred lusts.
A priest of god had brought him down and put him in the earth to rest.
But the evil forces that bonded his flesh were stronger then god's cage.
And with the blood of our sacrifice we released His Mighty Grace.

With a strike of thunder the earth burst open and released the one kept silent.
A mighty figure of anger and hate floating on the air of death.
He stared at us, his followers, kneeled down on the grave.
"Servants of mine. I bless thee for my resurrection" he spoke before he flew away.

3. Forthcoming Bloodstorm

With his curse, the exhumed Lord made us of his breed and destined us to dwell the streets at night.
And within the future decade our race will be supreme.
With this Royal blood, given by the King,
flowing though our veins, we increase our numbers to restart the bloodstorm.
"Hear me, breed of the Nosferatu Lord, gather and organise.
And then I give the sign, the start of war will be in the in the past"

On the hill in the black and dying forest the thousands of our race will come together and feast for the newborn age, the age of extermination.
On the bed of stones the King looked upon his crowd and smiled a grim deep face of pleasure.
"Tomorrownight, when the clocks strike twelve in the mighty Carpathian mountains,
we rise from our tombs and start off the assault.
Prepare to conquer!"

And a mighty battle will take over.
Forcing down the justified law to be replaced by the laws of elder times.
A rage of blood and flesh to feast upon by warriors of death.
And they will blessed by nature, which will fight along its sides.

Line up:
Gorgoroth - Vocals
Mous - Bass
Ister - Guitars
Lawrence - Drums
Marco - Keyboards

The "Vendetta" Trilogy was recorded and mixed by Erwin de Brouwer and Liar of Golgotha at "Dynamo" Studio Rotterdam (March/April '96)
female vocals by Cindy

Lyrics by Ister
Front cover by Jess (Jeff's Air Art)
Logo by Christophe Szpajdel

"Our Darkest Hails are going to our brothers who have never followed the black metal trend and never will follow it"

Special thanks to Cindy, Jeff, Blom, and Phillip for always being there for us.

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