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1. Merciless Rage

I now have seen all the horrors of mankind, and I let my
emotions feed on them, absorb their gloomy powers,
extracting the essence of the pureness and beauty of these actions.
They stimulated me in exploring virginal regions of my most
hidden layers of awareness. And now I caress these bleak
images of fading life and fearing screams of anguish, illuminating
my newborn creativity.

Thus, see here! There is no doubt that
violence is monarch of the planet and love is a mere addition to
the divinity of carnal play. And a combination of both powers
will result in a pleasuring spree of merciless rage, resulting in the climax of death.

And with the newborn eye within my paranoid mind,
I glance upon the limitless number of possibilities of individual
with an equally limitless number of variations. And once I've chosen
my path, the imaginary turns intoo organic. With the gift from the
reaper I sporadicly evolve into this state of unstoppable death,
grinning at the faces of my victims laying bleeding in the filthridden earth.
And I invent yet another ingenious way to conquer the creators
ultimate gift to humanity: the illusion of life."From the dust of Terra we
were made, and to Her we must return."And then my absent mind comes back again.

Thus, see here! There is no doubt that violence is monarch of
the planet and love is a mere addition to the divinity of carnal play.
And a combination of both powers will result in a pleasuring spree of
merciless rage, resulting in the climax of death.

No living soul would
dare to cross the paths in the moments of my sentient revocation of
"mankind's greatest unknown mystery", since I would be leaving only a
spectre of their existence to dwell the terrestrial continents

2. Towards The Timecentre

A secret life, independant and forgotten, hiding in the outskirts
of a humanoid society, covered by the leaves of the human
mind's autumnal remnants. She lived colliding with the relativity of our time.
She had seen the lives of the violated begin with their deaths,
and She observed them all, while they travelled on towards
the wombs of those to be scorned, on towards their ends.
It had lived for all eternity and had seen it all, reversed:
extinction of mankind for Her was nothing more than the
beginning of our lives, reflected in Her thousand eye: the struggles
of the puppet race on the ball of dust, floating counterclockwise
around a ball of light light, they tearfully named Sun.
She remembered how She laughed at them, While She travelled forth,
towards the beginning of their time.

In the aeons that had passed She had
seen the universe implode, and start its travel back towards this
nothingness it awaited. Balls of dust and light travelled on towards
the empty centre. Awaiting to be transformed into waves of unknown
energy. When She was younger, still an Ancient Queen,
She leapt from star to star to discover the eternal secrets.
But Her exploration went no further than this earth, where
She rested and observed the manipulative breed.
And although She was reserved in time and thus invisible to
them, they began to feel Her presence and started
worshipping the "thing". She remembered how She laughed
at them, when She discovered their small capacity to understand any truth.

How entertaining they had been, fighting, laughing, crying.
But their race was soon extinct evolving into primitivity.
And at this point it was only a matter of Her time, to
see this system fall into the claws of maelstrom of the great implosion.
And soon it will disappear, and She knew with all Her divine
brains that it was also Her time to die and disappear.
And everywhere time has ceased existance.

3. The Soul Above All Others

Deducting waves of existance, of being, of life itself, obtained
by a simple spell of brightness covering the dark contours
of Her iris'. Her charm engulfing me as flies around a continious
lightning bolt, luring me into a fatal temptation. Leaving me
lifeless in an anesthetic trace of vulvic scent,
Her most precious magic potion, amorously pungent.
But as we linked Her draining curse metamorphed into
a mutual exchange; Her energy as inspiration covering my fingers.
She had caught a slight draft of underestimation,
when She approached me under the intention of perforating
holes in my aura.I have the soul above all others, which
lessens my vulnerability. So when She performed Her task on me
I fed upon Her radiance. Proclaimed the whore of Satan,
this radiance was pure blackness, perversion of the wildest shape,
pulling me towards this black hole in Her mind. Now knowing
my lifeforce pierces Her luscious organic structure I have
closed a chapter of spiritual desolation and I will nurture every
strain of Her life I stole that night in the hope our souls
will join once more. In whatever spacial frame.
Only this can be true vampirism.

4. Creator

Like hidden shadows in the blackness of the
galaxy, her eyes looked over the carbon-desert,
enlighted by the orange-red glow of the turbulent pools of magma,
flowing widly through the liquid centre. But neither the deafening
sounds of colliding plateaus of stone, nor the penetrable
and sickening heat from the yellowish stream of the
molten materials, boiling up from the deepest bottoms of the
unstable ground she floated above, could touch nor trigger
her fragile senses. Her hands hung in the air and bolts of electricity
mazed her aura in mysterious and frightening white.
But there was no one there to fear her, and no one
there to love. It would take another million of the lifetimes
she had lead alone in the intensely silent darkness of the emptiness
of time before. The emptiness she knew by every inch,
while she travelled through the stargate, onwards to the palace
of her magic spawn.

And when it finally resurrected from the
ashes of its experimental and primitive predecessors, it feared
their creator hidden in the elements of the surroundings.
But when time went on and her children began to evolve
and mature their minds they seemed to forget or ignore
their collective roots, which lay a million lightyears and dimensions
from their homes. And most of them completely cleared their
minds of powers they had unknowingly inherited from the
double helix of the gods. And it was only centuries later that some
of them rediscovered their alienated origin, and began to breed
the magic they all carried hidden deeply in the id of the mind,
still unharmed. And these chosen few would give birth to a powerful
line of the dominion, destined to change the world once and
for all into what her creator had meant it to be,
when she began this task in her youthful years.

5. The Defloration Of Virgin Mary

Innocent virgin blessed by God: white skin, black hair
and red lips. When I look at you I become so hot; deep
inside myself burns this hidden desire. Virgin Mary, sacred
jewish whore, you cannot be able to imagine my lusts. Take
a look and you will believe in God nevermore. My horny
dick will become your new god. Forget the commandments
you've learned, I preach to you about love under will. So many
orgasms you could earned. Just prepare to face my sexual revelations.
I tear to pieces your white dress. You scream in fear, I cry for lust.
Your weak defence is totally useless: I break your will and
rape you hard.I bite your naked neck; I suck your bloody nipples
while you cry. In ecstasy I deflorate virgin Mary.I fuck you hard,
you weep in pain. Desecrated Mary, Gods scorn is upon you.
I ejaculate, my orgasm rages through my veins.
In the name of Satan may Mary bear us the Antichrist!

6. My Spirit In The Web Of Purity

Most precious glowing candle's fire, warmth and cold eternally
rejoined as one: now more than just an unreachable glimmering
through the veils of my soul's barred windows. You are; as I am.
And we are the same! Our minds linked and our souls embraced
the mystical twilight of thoughts, both pure and wicked.

My prophetess of doom and desaster, casting the azure zodiac
lights of Sagittarius into the infinite blackness of my eyes.
She is the archangel of my religion, with wings of blindening velvet,
embracing the moon, the cosmos; embracing me. And in return I
grant her my undying worship, my mental sacrifice, chained
to her body with the hooked claws of adoration and admiration,
my pure devotion. And into eternity we will walk.I have shown
her the palace of my mind, build from human flesh and solid steel.
She owns the second key to my dominion. My entire kingdom
I have laid into her hands; these frail hands of my beautiful
private goddess. For she owns my heart besides my inner shadow.

Defile me, Princess! I am caught in your webs of purity.
Caress me in your pale arms of soothing deathlike rest and
protection. You are the phantom goddess of my dreams,
transposed into reality.I bow to thee, I worship thee!

Together we will summon the demons of love and hate.
Spirits of times ahead and bygone will appear on our
commands. Linked from birth to death, as one we will decay,
spitting our souls into solar orbit, leaving this earth once and
for all to spend eternity between the stars where we belong.

7. Into The Labyrinth Of Lamentation

"I am a dark star rising.I was bound to another's system by a soul
I once possessed. My God was diamond and black light.
And I was his Dark Pope."

"But I am reaching my highest top, and dethroning the
diamond king. And I crown myself with his barbed crown
of blue blood and rusty steel. And now I will rule supreme.
And I will control the Army of Shadows that dwell within the
mysterious dark configuration of the lament."

"Summon me and I will show you new realms of death and love;
of pleasure and starvation; of sex and torture.
Because I have all power, I am almighty.I can bend reality to
everyone's desires."

"Give me your flesh, and I will grant you new life,
A life that exceeds far beyond the frontiers of your mind,
a life that will satisfy even your smallest wishes.
So, will this be your destiny?
Will you come with me, into the labyrinth of lamentation?"

8. The Long Forgotten Wastelands

The closer I came the sweeter the smell.I could feel powers
of the Ancient domain.I travelled for years in search of this place:
a place beyond dreams, a place with no name.
Lost between pages of an old manuscript, scattered through
ages as unholy relics. Their powers were sleeping in hands of the
fools, waiting to be woken by those who knew. Unsure what to
find in these unholy grounds, the gateway to past opened to now.
I will be Queen, for I opened the door.
I will be Legend after the Ancient Ones return.
I have taken them out of their shells into my
deserts of the long forgotten wastelands.

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