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1. Ghost Of The Ancient Siberian Wolfcult

F'taghn collecting Itself from the ashes of men and women, melting and sharing their heritage of the past.
It rose from the grey mists that deluged the barren planes of the coldlands, It chose as Its silent homestead.
From pure alien origin It once had been, feared and hunted profusely by a race now removed from Its close vicinity,
from this land's solemn existence, by a gentle stroke of Its hand.
It was mastering the arts of this planet's materialisation.
It alone was with many, who were but small parts of It self.
F'taghn was the blessed name It carried, dating back from beyond the vortex
of dimensions, from the grounds of the Elder lords.
On the top of the frozen hill It appeared in all Its might,
clouded by the particles It had risen from, summoning the ghosts from Its gasseous
body. Accompanied by the chanting choirs of tormented ancient souls, the misty shapes that dwelled the ground,
crystallised. F'taghn, Beast of a thousand souls, ancient dweller of the Siberian
landscapes, feared by the lonely men sleeping restlessly in Its domain.
Its four eyes watched the four horizons of the earth, scanning for a prey to be fetched by the materialised
ghostly wolfclan. It remembered how he once recited the forbidden
sentences, being bonded by the mortal human flesh, and glanced upon the spiralled vortex in the dry desert sands.
He knew then that his destiny lay on a different level than that of his fellow human men and women.
And the moment the purple lightning struck his eyes and burned his flesh he knew he was of the alien F'taghn, reaper of
souls, scout of the Ancient Ones. It remembered how she once played with the Dhogh-Nubilum Gem and fragmentated
into the sand she sat in, sailed on Sahara winds towards the open spheres of the vortex of creation,
disappearing into the sentient thing called F'taghn Yog, dogmatist of wolfclans, harvester of human souls in barren wastes.
She was renewed and beyond all grasp.
It remembered how It joined with the souls It lured into Its ritual bonding.
The owners of human memories embedded in Its vapour flesh. And now they dwelled Siberia as wolves of light and darkness,
optic illusions just as deadly as bullets from a gun, obeying Its mind.

2. Night Of The Falling Stars

When the first evening star appeared in the sky. The night suddenly transformed.
In the red brightness of the moon, the everlasting silence of the forlornlands is broken by melancholic cries
out of the dark. Awakening after sleeping for years to prove the power of the god they serve.
Impressed by the beauty of their surroundings. They listened to the voice from above. The sound of wrecking pain
swathed in a malevolent darkness. Eyes glow red like the heart of a burning fire. With the quickness of lightning
screaming killers dancing on the wind. Their shadows wave over in and out over the
starlight. To bring out the souls for those who belong in darkness. Using telepathic abilities to bring the living
dead in the world of grief and effacement. The doors opened for all who enter to be a witness of the secrets
of horror inside. Every creature the darkness touches disappears. Feeling the presence of dark energy
flowing through their veins. Being aware of the unlimited powers they possess.
To create a new world for those who believe in vengeance. Leaving nothing behind not even a memory.
Only when the time is near they will return

3. Mission Of Domination


4. Remembering The Ancient Wars

As long as life's fire has been burning - entangled in the elements of whatever shape, sentient or non-sentient,
inhabiting whatever dimension - its shady counterpart death has lured the living into despair, bringing them disease,
disaster... war! And as long as life can be found, battles will be fought.
If not on earth, then perhaps in the sky above the clouds, beyond the stars, beyond our universe,
in heaven or in hell. And whoever take part in the slaughter:
ancient gods, alien races, human beings, or even the smallest of creatures, they will fight guided by the past:
a past painted red with bloodshed. Some things will never go away, as if being burned into the frail skin of remembrance.
And they will haunt your mind as often as they can.
All of those sacred memories have distinct tastes and pains and they remind you of the times of a past now in slumber: times of victory.
And these thoughts and collectively inherited visions form the remembrance of war.
In the back of my aching raw throat I taste the dried blood that had slowly seeped out of the gaping
wounds of all those pagan children that bravely
died in war fighting for their empire... and mine. Although they died in great pain, their skills
and honour still live on. In the far corners of my head I can find the penetrating screams that were
violently cast into the weeping icecold winterwinds that randomly ran through these fields of Death
and Armageddon and froze the faces of our dying warriors, and bathed the piles of skulls in beds
of blinding snow. But neither cold nor heat could stop us from our mission of domination. In my chest
there is the excruciating pain inflicted by the spears and swords of the weakened and defeated
enemy forces. Oh how they had cast themselves into the open arms of Death, into a battle destined
to be lost. But those fools need not to be pitied for their deaths, but for their lives.
And now, at this day and age, I still hold the flag of our regained empire firmly in my hands.
And it will wave for all eternity.

5. Forbidden Ancient Continent

6. In Praise Of Cthulhu

Hail to the R'lyeh dominance sleeping beneath the Pacific waves of salt.
Master of the Great Old Ones resting patiently for the days of global territorial reclamation,
fulfilling the legacies of all the world's forbidden manuscripts. One day he will come as the
Armageddon Angel leaving in his wake the sunken ancient continent and the black city's towers pointing
towards his birthplace Vhoorl; the Cthulhi spawn flying out with the monsoon winds spreading their terror
over the lands of man, slaughtering all which lacks the divine blood. Telepathically I link into the
cryogenic glacial substance beneath the planets floating salt and descend into the being's hostile dreamland,
the Chorazin outskirts, where I am considered an interim temporal occupant with exceptional privileges
and unmatched skills. Beings except me as their master obeying their creator, but descended from another
branch of gods; admiring me with a sharpened edge of jealousy. Cults follow my path, while others burst down in litany.
I am their alien messiah, hated and adored. Ashen gravel whirls around under my feet,
as I fly myself towards the liquid pantheon, centered in the forbidden sector of the extensive Cthulhu id.
A transparent shape, pulsating at the rhythm of the synapse, rises in the land where dawn and dusk are one.
My followers have stopped along the way, afraid of the destruction that awaits them in this region.
But my soul has reached the temple and my hands have touched the membrane of the
sphere. And I step in. The Chorazinworld now savagely distorted, by the treacly substance that eddied
around my skin, but never touched it. I know where I am, though it's all unknown to me.
I know now what to do, and I render the awakening. In praise of Cthulu, the gatekeeper is here!
And I cut the astral cord, embedded in the awakening God, and rose above the surface of the dark Pacific
Ocean. R'lyeh has returned!

7. Atmospheres Of Elder Times


8. Ways Of The Wind

I have stood silent, waiting for the summoned winds to slowly take away my shape and carry me to the far ends of the earth. My eroded remnants binding in an alternate world, overlapping the one that humans call their own, though untraceable. The winds of By'gahl took me to his kingdom in the East. On the back of his gigantic blackened wings I passed the rural pagan lands and the mountains of
the dark Carpathian empire. During my time there I learned the tales of the
Vampyres and the hidden roads to the haunting one called Tepes, still cloaking these lands in fear.
And I met the spirits of all warriors, long forgotten, when I crossed the
extensive battlefields hidden beyond an infinity of years.
Willingly, the dead shared with me their vicious terrors and lusting fantasies.
I absorbed their being, feeding my soul with their force. I had become what I'd been taught. The winds of
Bheloth took me to the Southern domain. On the back of the tentacled horse,
this liquid demon-king took me away. He taught me the tales of the Order of Power,
to which he had devoted his life, and proclaimed me all his might and wisdom.
And I absorbed every detail of the knowledge into my mind.
The monstrous horse rode the stars shining on the southern hemisphere and I saw the beige
deserts in which the Ancient Ones lay silent, never to be found by human kind.
But I could see them as clear as diamonds, reflecting a surreal moonlight into my eyes.
And in a future nearby I would crush the Ultimate Gate awaking the statuegods.
Clutching to the greasy fur of the hideous predator Gha'hap, I travelled to the
frontiers of the West. Riding off when the sun was in the southern signs, he was the one teaching me
the secret arts of the divine, and sciences of the macabre. From high above I gazed over the lands
and waters of the western continent. I tasted the atmospheres of elder times,
when the sun Ah Kinchil was more than a star for those races on the mountaintops, and when its bridal moon was still
considered sacred, the goddess named Ix C'up. But melancholy drenched my heart in these times,
now buried, echoed through my head. The winds of Bthya'qual took me to the North, where I tasted
the powers of violence and bloodshed. In the hypnotizing falls of the northern lights I heard
the horn blown by the gods, to welcome our trespassing in the "lands of Odin".
My guide uncovered its gnarled grey teeth in my direction, its empty greenish eyes
staring at my face, and I felt the rush of a second disintegration.
And on yet another astral plane I reassembled and travelled with the Norsemen over the great
wide open sea, to conquer lands across. On the back of Bthya'qual I rode the Northlands and beyond.
I have scaled the four sides of the globe and learned all there is to
know. I know the fears and loves of the humanoid creation. And I know the same of the divine.
But still there are things beyond my reach...

9. Goddess Rising


10. The Fall

Sensual creature flying in the night Thirst for revenge keeps you in might.
Whispering voices calling your name Sakkara, Sakkara make me insane.
Come to me I am your dream. The perfect combination of power and passion.
Seduce me in the evil hour. There is no denying you always be mine.
At the end of this road, find your dream. Tear you apart while you screaming.
Come to me I am your dream. The perfect combination of power and passion.
The eyes searching for thy kingdom. Glowing mysterious to watch his sight.
This is my command; Give me your blood and I'll give you mine! Lead me to your domain.
Let me feel the horrid pain. Smell the blood of immortal enemies. Feel the power kept inside.
Ruling the darkside makes me stronger. Still the hunger in my mind.
I'll taste your blood with pleasure. I rule the darkside forever! Come to me I am your dream.
The perfect combination of power and passion. Trapped inside his own domain her smiling face driving him insane.
His body falling down in the unknown depths of hell

11. Piranha

[Exodus cover]

Slicing Jaws A Way Of Life
Brought Up To Waste Mankind
Loki's Pets His Little Children
Deadly Every Time

Trapped In Swamps By Gates Of Hell

Don't Ever: Let Them Out
For If You Do And They Escape
You'll Fight A Bloody Bout

Piranha Kill In A Pack - You'll Run
Piranha Start To Attack - You'll Done
If You Think You Can Beat - Deadly School
If You Think You Can Live - You're A Fool

Gates Of Hell Are Old And Cracked
They Tumble And They Fall
Out Rush A Bloody Wall Of Death
To Kill Anything At All
Their Sole Mission Is T0 Kill
Strip Your Bones And Flesh
Rip Out Your Eyes Tear Off Your Face
An Agonizing Death

Piranha Kill In A Pack - You'll Run
Piranha Start To Attack - You're Done
If You Think You Can Beat - Deadly School
If You Think You Can Live - You're A Fool

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