Dark Lyrics


1. Dirge


2. Mourning

Always  searching  for  hope  to  hold
Unbearable  this  life, barren  and  cold
Restless  souls  full  of  sorrow and fears
Smooth  rain  never  cleansed of our  tears

Left  alone  in  afterlife
With a lecherous gaze, life is watching us
You’re melting there in a  marble  maze
We’re puppets of the harsh life in this daze

This wretched darkness came down a night
Devil dragged us into insanity
Agony have us turned down, nowhere to hide
In your journey to infinity

Melodies  of  the  past  echoes  in our jail
A  crying  child  behind  you  always we hear
Agony’s getting  worse  always  near  and  near
Your eternal  void is that we only feel

3. A Momentary Touch To The Depths

I remember the moments
Hopes to be a butterfly
The changes of a fading soul
Crying for all the mankind

I remember the moments
For a second to ease, I’m silenced
Just a body becoming artificial
In the black voyage

In this tricky masquerade
Amid the pink clouds we caged
Oh my great, oh great prophet
Save us from those illusions
So may we perceive the errant
Existence of the man

Some desperate hidings
From my depressed past
Have become a deadlock
In the deepness of my mind

Wake me up graceful wind
Unbound me and sing
Deafen the man so I kneel
So shall the Equilibrium rises

4. Lumerian


5. Desires Lost

Far away from the childhood
Heaven's rain drops, between our words

Clouds fall down through my heart
Happiness goes out from my dreams

Is that you separated from us?
Desires lost in our own world

There is no way to go away

If I had the dreams
Stuck in my memories
All my pain would have gone

6. Deadly Silence

Rumbling noise of ocean
Communication broken
Sweet sound of the waves
Deafen me, take me away
To the silence I’m longing for

7. Stuck

Searching through the streets
I found nothing but foolishness
I sought for the meaningful one
Now I’m gone…

So alone he was
Among the indifferent ones
In this stifling plane, to take a breath
He prayed to the winds

‘Grant me wings to fly!’
They answered, they bellowed
So wicked, so tricky they are
Now I’m gone…

Satisfaction is fading away now,
Destruction fills all of the stage
Darkness shades all my way
Inspiration is no longer a memory
Shadows of emptiness awaits
Life is no longer the same now

Searching through the deep
Within my confused heart
I sought for the righteous one
With a soul, my how confused!

In this stifling plane , to take a breath
Within your notes, I seek your touch
Grab my hand and get me out
Cause I’m paralyzed, motionless
When you are gone

8. Flee


9. Cloud Loneliness

Darkness in the eyes
Flowing skins and a noise of silence
In the rotten world behind the closed door
There was a great expectation shit
With a golden sea...
When the chill rise
We shall rise to Cloud Loneliness
Scream with fear like a morning star desperation
As we escape to a great white home welcome us
This is the one we hope to see
This is the expected one

No more dreams to hope for
Lay down! And begin tryin' to tell
No more dreams to live for
Cry out! Inside Cloud Loneliness

10. Choke

What can I say from now on
When we’re nose dived into our own selves
I don’t know how I live with this impasse

When surrounded by this pain
They hung us in our own dreams
Not to kill us in this life,
Just to choke us

Our hearts
Have turned to stone by boundaries
What I just know is
This endless solitude
Will always choke us

What can I do without you?
When you're in my dreams
I don’t know,
I just choke in your pain

When surrounded by this stalemate
They imprison us in our own faults
Not to kill us in this life,
Just to choke us

Our hearts
Have turned to stone by boundaries
What I just know is
This vicious circle
Will always choke us

11. An Ordinary Ghost

Like one tale that is untold
The dust that sun can’t glitter
A serpent that can’t creep
Someone forsaken in the hide-and-seek

Like the dead bird in the meadow
Hungry beggar in an urban
And the desolate old house

The pain of the ghost inside me
Unleashing the hate within me
Calls me back to paradise
That I will never see

Through the invisible, ghostly eyes
To the endless skies, someone still hides
Someone silently glances

12. Departure


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