Dark Lyrics


1. Disclosure

This is where I turn into
God love me I know that he

Feel the cold stare
One who would dare
Decomposed leaf
It came to grief

I shove the bricks of life,
Down my throat
I hope this time I'll choke
At last, it awoke

No light through blackened eyes
I still breathe
Drowning in filth and lies
Hungry jaws to feed

As he whispered secrets
Into ears of the deaf
Truth were lectured
By the tongues of the mute

Feel the cold eye stare from the
Dark wood noise from the heart of

I throw myself up
I peel off my skin
In piles of faith
Revelation within

2. Black Stains

Black stains on broken glass
On the last day of November
Immerse beauty by the trail
Of the last scene I remember

A cry for help
A pair of drained eyes
Nowhere to turn
Unable to rise

A scenic verse
Of an old Rhyme
The sinful crime

Time passes no longer by
No rest found in concrete soil
Image burned to my eyes
Black stains and skin to boil

Smoke forming a pillow dark
For the child to rest in silence
Black skin on bruised hand
Infant emerged of violence

A flower in full bloom
Cut by a fragment of glass
In a heartbeat of truth

3. Last Word

In her bed
Dressed in snow white
In her head
The last word said

By her side
Shadows creeping
In her heart
Last word weeping

4. Aeolus Shadow

I fear my own shadow
In the city smoke
Like a wave’s undertow
The silence awoke

The city lights are blending
My eyes and my soul
Differs not day from night
Entering black hole

As the wind sweeps the city-sky
Aeolus casts his shadow
Metropolis at his feet
As noise explodes to silence

As total chaos is unleashed
The storm eats the city heart
Pandemonium is released
Damnation of true art

No escaping the truth
The gardens all dead
No more light to inhale
The beast have been fed

I feel my own shadow
Creeping up on me
Like a wave’s undertow
I am not to be

5. The Great Beast

God, I hate it!
Please, take it away

I can’t take it!
Hear what I say

Wolf behind me!
Kill it, kill it

I’m behind him!
Kill me, kill me

Walking down nameless streets
Sweat dripping from unused sheets
I will wake when you drown
I will follow you down

I watch the sunrise fail
Overhead the sky turn pale
I will sleep when you’re high
Someone sucked your life dry

Strip it down to the core
It won’t hurt me anymore
Cold water all around
If it bites, make a sound

Wolf scraping on your door
Hide from its gruesome roar
Wake up in water cold
This love won’t grow old

Fight for a glimpse of light
Sleep this eternal night
Someone sucked your life dry
I will laugh when you cry

Save me from this great beast
Give me your hand at least
Kill it, I can’t take it!
Kill me, I’ve been bit...

6. Indecisive

So little or no
Knowledge of this
Inject into the heart
Fatal first kiss

So much, all too much
Feelings of guilt
Stare into your own eyes
Walls being built

Stay calm, don’t run
Put your gun down
In the hand of your love
Your tears will drown

Left inside it all
Leave it up to her
Breach the wailing wall
I won’t die unsure

Dissect your dead god
And repair it
Sharpen the chosen fork
And make it fit

7. Close Your Heart

Touch her skin
And watch it bleed
Taste the words
Injurious seed

Naked walls
Cold, piercing light
Left to rot
This starlit night

Harmful lies
Tied round her neck
In the eyes
All life has drowned

Little feeble one
Close your heart
You have shown faith again
Close your heart

Look away this time
Close your heart
Shut your feelings down
Close your heart

A new start won’t bring her back
Touch her heart and it turns black

8. Deformed Beauty


9. Eye Of The Storm

From Metropolis to Necropolis
By the storm of Pandemonium
In the light of the darkest season
In long for a glimpse of reason

Déjà vu of loss, visions of hate
Abstract damage, it’s all too late
Surreal images, before my eyes
Parabola curve, in death’s size

I, I’ve seen the eye of the storm
The head of the worm, pressure increasing
Might, might’s in the eye of the storm
In a fearsome form through life it’s piercing

Raping and killing the life that we’re leading
But I’m not too sorry it came to this
Demons and angels all dressed in storm clothes
I’m not too sorry it came to this

It’s the eye of the storm

The blurry picture
I’m dead and dying
Where is the line?
The earth is crying

Love, hate, life, death,
Who draws the line?
Dream, real, feel, think,
Turn blood into wine

The eye of the storm
Time is running
Out of my mind
And into nothing

In the eye of God
I see it now,
The eye of it all,
I am, I am

Eye of the storm!

Einar Solberg ‒ Synth, Vocals
Tor Oddmund Suhrke ‒ Guitars, Vocals
Øystein Landsverk ‒ Guitars, Backing vocals
Halvor Strand ‒ Bass
Tor Stian Borhaug ‒ Drums

Thanks to cristi_lazar for sending these lyrics.

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