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1. Leonelda

Aproach the light, allow yourself
To reflect upon is thruth.
In the crossroads you will find
And adventure comes with time.

You will see that when you live in this world,
You'll find the legend of the loneliness.
But no matter who or where you are,
The future ..... is now!

Always waiting in the village,
You always hope to do the right thing today.
All the guardians of humanity
Will fight until the end.

Follow me and we will find the peace.
In our lives we have all been long searching.
I will wait to see the dragons fight ,
To fly and rule the world.

And endles heart tells me,
gives me eternity.
Teach me how to live,
How to pray I will stay.

I can barely just remenber now
All the freedom that we once had.
And my memories will never drown, my burning ,
Eternal desire!

I'll find my way to Leonelda!
And every choice I'll make will have fair outcome.
I feel my life is spiraling further down,
I want to wash away the pain.

Hold on, the path and don't let go.
You will know when you have found your goal .
Close your eyes and look inside,
In truth you will find youself

[Repeat Chorus]

In history you'll find the minstrels legend of the ancients.
In the future you will find eternal kingdom Leonelda!

Follow me and we will find the peace.
In our lives we have all been long searching.
I will wait to see the dragons fight ,
To fly and rule the world.

[Repeat Chorus]


2. Sands Of Time

Time goes by, it will never return.
And at the end, it begins again.
Ah holy master,
Tell me the answer.
Fill all my body with the power and light.

Show me the truth,
send me through to the right way.
Please tell me why
I have to die again.

Traveling through dimensions and lives.
And all the mysteries seem so real to me.
And in my dreams you're always there.
In some other times,
And in some other lives

Show me the truth,
send me through to the right way.
When I grow old,
I'll have my life left away.

Please tell me why
I have to die again.

3. To Hell Or To Heaven

Warriors aproaching
They are nearing, ready for war.
Steadily marching as they're singing songs of glory.
The Moors and Christians, they are clashing, figthing, stashing,
Just to reach other in a bloody war.

Heaven has been long forgotten
Listen to me,
The avengin angel will torment all of your bloody crimes
Now it's too late for you to return

A violent storm is breiving (whitin me) the devil inside
(showing me the darkest side) I have another choice to see the light.
I don't want to torture even tough my blood is burning.
My soul is ponders it's choice, to hell or to heaven.

From the western skies comes the ones that kill whitout remorse,
And in the fields the flowers are dying.
We beg for mercy and we pray to see another day white,
in the cold our voices are criyng.

Hell has long been forgotten,
Listen to me.
The demon of the loneliness is coming back.
One day he'll possess every one
[Chours same except "my soul will know its choice"]

the lords of darkness one day will unite the forces of the devil.
Humanity will force us all to decide ( between lies and truth ).
Hell is blue and bloody, fires forever burning.
The flames will raise to mask serenity. (love and peace)

There are so many faces.
Most whitout sin, fire within,
Desperate souls filled with bloody pain.
There are so many victims.
With silent cries
believing lies of a false god forever they are slaved!

Demons attack,
The angels strike back the holy stone lies idle,
Blody winged like corpses,
Evil ash are fallen.
The castles are burning down,
They lost the crown and one day the wil know
The horror of this horrendous battle.

Earth has been long forgotten.
Save yourself.
Humanity has fallen into vanity.
Fighting for the power that we yearn.

[Chours same except "my soul now know its choice"]

I'm on to hell or to heaven.
To hell or to heaven!

4. Story

Moving step by step,
Our obstacles are slowly crossed.
Lyke bards we'll journey throught on our own roads.
We'll follow our destiny.
In time we'll confront deep misfortunnes and true misunderstandings.

We are the wariors in our battle.
We fight with hope as our weapon.
Deserters who will not believe in tomorrow
and the dead will leave us with sorrow

On and on, we're facing our destiny with forces on edge.***
Holding high the flags of pride,
We're marching to break the walls of mortality.
We shall lead!

We are the chosen - we are the sentinels.
We clutch our hearts with our honor.
We've become witness,
We have now fallen into a plague of cruelty.

I can find my own life in reality,
I'll never be lonely.
May I find security
(I'll find inmortality)

I can find my own life in reality,
I'll never be lonely.
May I find security
(I'll find inmortality)

A muntiny of slaves emerging from the shadows
Know that we must fight.
With our swords and our shields,
We'll figth until the dawn.
We'll carry on!.

The skeptics shall be astounded when they hear the strongest chanting,
They'll be howling !
Like a vulcano crupting and rocking the earth.
The village will bleed.
We pay for the voices of horsemen becouse deep inside
Of your minds we'll sort the lost and the hunger,
Misery and pestilence and death!

Ohh the story will change - a new sun will rise.
We're gainig freedom.
Free until the end.
Our flag will be waving strong from the mountains to the seas.
We'll rise from the obscuriy,
Ready to fight a bloody war of equality.

I feel the four winds blowing on my shoulders,
Whispering to me (sail om they soul.)
I hear tha fallen angels singing to me (lay down thy soul.)

I know that what I seek is out there.
I've seen it in my dreams.
There rests the book of holy secrets,
One day I shall fly.

And as I rest tonight,
I'm dreaming of sword in hand in flight.
I feel temptations arm to give in and avoid any harm.
The prize is there for me,
The messeger of the restored liberty.
Awake with vengefull eyes at dawn ,
My minds war is won.

Friends from the dark all take revenge,
Creating forces of revelion.
The brotherhood could never understand
That the truth all lies inside their minds.

The storm is brewing .
Pretends to rape or souls.
Drowns our hearts and desires,
But the songs rebel and gives us power
that holds forever in our hearts.
Wars start in every land which we could not win.
The earth was green for our tears.
Its eternity is all we wish for on earth forevermore!

We all want to live,
Don't want to die.
To keep moving on,
But in order to live we still suffer on.
The end of our days we keep looking forward and onward to live.
We all want to see beyond misery the harsh poverty.
The workers will be the warrior seed.
Their conscience will lead us into salvation,
The truth will stay strong.

Moving step by step we're leaving a marked path.
We cross and our lives will forever follow....
Our story will go on!

5. Moon Seasons

In the cold of the crystal moon,
Where angels learn to fly,
My kingdom stands alone.
Cursed with eternal night.

Believe in my and you will see
The begining and the end of life.
Time to be!

I will fly upon the moon and stars.
Time has come to be free and fight!

The quest is on.
The path is long.
And still we go throught the lonely night.
We travel forth the ground
Below is sweating the tears of the world beyond!

I will bring the light back to the kingdom of night!
The wind blows upon the winter snows.
And it comes back to me.

The wind blows upon the winter snows.
And it comes back to me.

The angels lead my way.
With luck I will not stay.
In the labyrinth of nevermore
Will be the end of all.

In the cold of the crystal moon my kingdom is now in light.
Heavenly sights sorround.
But I'm baptized in night.

[Pre Chorus, then Chorus]

6. Last Chapter

Rebellion against the fears that hunts us all.
Riding trought the forest as we heard our freedom call.
Raising our fists to heaven swearing it could not be.
And unconfirmed destiny dying without right.

We are looking throught the future.
Aiming to reach the light.
He dresses into frail and fragile armor
That with a whisper will fade to dust.
His reflections are inside a river of sadness
And with due time it will be lost.

Living in obscurity of all his fears.
Ripping the silence of his dreams.
A scream breaks out.
Another prayer.
Wishing to come back to shiny days.

Search in himself and there's nothing to find.
Trying to scape,
But there is no way out.
Only the night will now show him the way.
As his life gets lost in a fairy tale.

And I can't stand or bear to watch.
All his life has turned tu dust.
Staring back at his memories
That won't let him find his way

You have reach the point of no return
and there's no way to come back.
You have reach the point of no return
And now there's no return.

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