Dark Lyrics


1. I.C.N.W.A.S.

Give me time and I’ll make change to these lives once thrown away
These walls that stand are hindering
From the calling that I seek
To brave poor hearts and aid the weak
This passion burns within my soul
And with the heart of El Shaddi
These dreams dreamt of yesterday
Are challenges we face today

Some say that its to radical
This plan to change the world
But time is fleeting quickly
What else would you have us do

The time has come to rise up
This revival starts right now
Speaking life into every fracture
Before this world falls to the ground

We know we must bring life to what is dead
‘Cause without faith all hope is lost
Intertwined like the roots of a tree
Love brings silence to uncertainty

The darkness of this madness surrounds us everyday
Ripping at our only weakness
Making it so hard to stay faithful to what we know is the everlasting truth
The only thing that keeps me conscious is this virtue

Suffering gives way to perseverance
Character gives way to hope
Hope does not disappoint us
This is our purpose

How much more will we suffer
While still we sit and dream
When each day that passes
We miss the chance to change

2. Ellipsis

I pick up a stone and cast my cares into this ocean
The setting sun and endlessness show my devotion
To these open ends and new beginnings
I'll never forget where I've been and where I hope to go...

Miles away from what I call home
The snow has fallen and the air is cold
The sun is shining a familiar glow
It looks like its time for me so
Let go of all the things I’ve lost
Forgiveness is my strength
Exemption is my Cause
Revival is my Gain

When the spring comes I will start brand new
Remembering all the pain that I've been through
I wouldn't be who I am today, if not for the faith inside of me
I owe it all to the forgiveness of a King

It's the Forgiveness of a King
Who's precious blood was shed
And like the rain in the spring
His blood brings life again

3. Ties Between Us

The story of who we've become
Is settled by each setting sun
We turn the page, we must move on
Remembering who we were when we were young

I'm starting to see that this is harder then I thought it'd be

Goodbye my friends, I wish you the best
I write these words in happiness
To all we had and held so dear
Stand tall and strong against all fear

I'm packing bags, saying my goodbyes
At a loss for words, I start to cry
These last four years, flew by too fast
If I had them back, I wouldn't let them pass

Clinging to all that I've obtained
Holding true to the truth in my hand

The distance in between
Grows each passing day
These ties between us won't fade
We won't let them slip away
Our separate paths will lead us on
But our faith is not astray
These ties between us won't fade
We won't let them slip away
I'll shed some tears in hope that
Our paths will cross again someday

4. This Tragedy

Sleepless nights losing fights with myself, over you
I cling tight to this sight I see, of beauty

Watch the trees burn down
Like you burned me from the top to the ground
Watch the leaves die away
Like our love did on that day
And you left the ashes to fade
I will rise up again one day

I regret every step I walked by your side
Your lack of strength kept me awake every night you spent with him

The saddest part of this tragedy is not knowing who waits for me

5. Through The Storm

When I’ve spent my days
Walking towards the light
It seems that everything
Takes away my sight
This darkness drags me down
The more i try to fight
‘Cause I wont turn away
From the One that gave me life

I cant remember the last time I felt alive
I’m empty, I’m broken, I’m losing what was inside
I try to keep living the life that I know is right,
Somehow I find myself questioning my own life

My God, My God
I know You haven’t left me here
To struggle through the storm
Without Your guiding hand
My God, My God
My breathe just keeps escaping me
My hands are bruised and torn
From the refuse of this storm

You cant take all I have that matters to this world
And throw it to the flames for all it’s worth
You still serve a god of wealth and dirt
But I serve Adoni

Behold, the Son of God shall reign again
And tear the heart from the lord of sin
(But) where is your god that you’ve enthroned
When you face the sin that you’ve condoned

Here, as I stand to watch my world fall
I still see the beauty behind this all
The oceans will rise, as the ashes will fall
From hopes of this world that once stood so tall
I once lived this life with no meaning at all
But here, now I’ve found this life I can call
Forgiven, unbroken, redeemed from within
Oh, Angel of Darkness, this storm will not lead to my end

6. Honest Mistake

I swear that you've got the wrong one
I swear that it wasn't me
It'd be cruel if I tried to run from
All the things that I've said and done

Well, the truth is I'm a liar
I couldn't stand to face the facts
It's hard to be oh so honest
When words like daggers pierce your back

I’m havin’ trouble tryin’ to put all the pieces back in place
My mind is threatened by the thought that my life’s a disgrace
I’m flawed at best

Please hear me out
We're not that different
We're both honest men
Who've lied now and again
I've made mistakes
Who hasn't these days?
Please give me a chance
It was an honest mistake by dishonest man

Now that I’m caught inside this trap
I know I can’t run
My schemes have all run dry and
My time to change has come
This is the battle in myself, I finally see
There’s no going back to who I used to be

I’m flawed at best
I’m a dishonest man
Who’s lost his way
Time and time again
I’ll break away
With forgiveness of my sins

7. The Murderer

We're all victims of ourselves
Blinded by the lies we sell
Caught up in the webs of fame
Our efforts to please are made in vain

Show me how you weave your way
Through the vastness of our time
The faces painted melt away
In the moment which we find...

...Every bridge that we burn
We burn in selfish gain
Still persisting not to learn
From every wound that we attain
The death created on our own
Risen from our misery
Tears apart the very bones
That keep us from insanity
I'm dying each day

The murderer lives inside
Take off your disguise

As tragic as this pain may seem
There are still answers to obtain
The choice we have to live or die
Is greater than the tears we cry

The murderer lives inside us all

Like the blood that's in our veins
We choose to run red with rage
But the blood spills from our veins
When we choose to live this way


8. Breaking Away

This has gone on long enough
I’ve tried so hard to be someone you could love
I’m sick of hiding all the pain
The days keep passing by and I just waste away

I’m sick of feeling my way through the dark
But now I am breaking away from it all

I feel it coming
I feel it in the wind
This is the beginning
But it will bring the end

I won’t live my life behind this cold disguise
Just to keep the hell in you inside
You could never see who I’m supposed to be
Looking at your broken view of me

I spent so long earning what you call love
I tried so hard, but never was good enough
Now I finally see, that I’ll never be
The perfect creation you wished I would be

Is this what you call love
I’ve finally had enough
This hell is what you’ve made into my home

You think you’re holy enough to call my sin
Well, this is the beginning...

My world is surrounded by lies you create
This nightmare wont hold me
I’m breaking away

9. On Your Way To Me

It’s the saddest thought to know we were all for not
We tried so hard, we’d come so far
And I don’t know if we are meant to be
But time will come and time will pass
And I will still be here waiting for you
Still be here calling for you

Can you hear me
I still need you
Please come find me
I’m lost without you
I need to hear you
So please just tell me
You’re on your way to find me
You’re on your way to me

My eyes, they have no more tears to cry
And I am lost inside
And I don’t know if we are meant to be
But time will come and time will pass
And I will still be here waiting for you
Still be here calling for you

10. Great City Of Ashes

Oh, Great City you will fall
Into a flame that sees no end
You have mocked these words before
Warning you of this

On the day you meet your end
You will look to the sky
But you will find no out reached hand
To pull you out of this

You spit in the face of our best efforts
To show you the way to your salvation

Oh city lost in flames
You’re fate’s impending still
Will you make the choice to leave
This world that you once knew
Our hearts will break for you
When the truth is refused
And replaced with worthless ways
That your heart holds to

Devastation will have no mercy on the damned
This world will burn and no eyes will see
A more violent end to this humanity
Your world will fall beneath you
Opening the gates to hell

Turn your eyes to the One who breathes new life
I have found, that to live, we must give our lives

But may I not cast judgement off the high-rise of arrogance
My place is not to cast judgement on anyone
For I am no better than my fellow man
I have been called to speak truth in this world of lies
For I have found salvation through the grace of Christ

This world will fall but I will stand strong amongst the wreckage

Tolerated or not, I will carry my cross
Brothers carry your cross, eternity is near

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