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1. Owned By A Stingray Barb

Let's call the attention to the front of the room, because a story book ending is not called for. So let us chase sincerity with a good old friend of mine, he keeps his doors open all the time: JD be a dear and lift the gates up and let the wild boars in tonight. Its not disturbing, more than just a little deserving. More than anything you must help me put a little compromise in your dictation. This is all off the record, right? Open your mouth, close your eyes. I can see the flies come from inside. I can see the flies in your eyes.

2. She's My Bloody Pie

Rely on your good luck, Intuition, and regret every word said because taking ain't easy. Streaks across the night sky have burnt in to my head. The lightbulb burned out when I left that bitch for dead. You've said enough, I don't believe a word you've said. Save your breath. Trust. Trustless. She's my, she's my bloody pie. Trust. I hope you never wake.

3. Escape From Brinstar


4. Me And Tom Brokaw Are Like "This

Yeah, take my hand now darling, The snake's venom isn't strong enough to kill you, yet. Thats's what I call seduction. That's just what we call seduction. Quick, grab your things; the doctor's busy. Please God don't turn around now. I, and I think we left one fragment behind. Let's hope they dont catch on. I think we've made a huge mistake. Wait, let's turn back, I'm not in my coma just yet, but you could put me in one, I can still see the nurse and her electric shock still has my, my attention. Her electric shock and mine think as one. One, its time for your medicine, a straight shot to the brain. This room is full of hot shots now. I need at least one more dose. This room is full of hot shots now.

5. Maddens For Noobz

Before you came my ability to breathe without thinking about destination idiotville. Your lack of knowledge on subjects you speak make me want to rip my ears off and shit on your face. I don't know your name, but its all the same. Still, you keep talking, and I keep tearing myself apart inside debating on what knife you'd like. Original king of the slobs. It's just the right place wrong time, yow. Madden's for n00bz. Attempt to keep your mouth shut in a ziplock bag, Please dunk your head into this piranha tank, With doubts of fear or regret, let's see just what you can do when your face has nothing left. Headline, from that night read something like this: "it appears that our victim has died, from extreme usage of vapid garbage, and there is nothing left". Siezed. Don't say it. Don't say it. Don't say it ever again. Or I'll kill you, I'll kill you. I'll kill you fucking dead.

6. It's Professional When That Happens

It's time to let the bastard in, and shut down his parallel. Is this a comedy or tragedy? One too many destinations for my laughter to cause an uproar, hold that tongue sir, because the whole cemetery has mine. Come one, come all, enter at your own risk. Don't feed the lions please, they lick their lips enough as it is. Enough now. Trust is a theory of parasites. Inside the mouth is the safest place to never go. Bullets for lovers are like knives for cutters, just remember little ones, it's down the street, not across the road.
Bullets, like knives, for cuts. This feeds on me.

7. Kraid Ain't Got Shit On Me


8. Get Awesome

Send the sheep to the slaughter. 1000 reasons if you survive it this time. Don't step too close to the fence (you know what happened last time.) You might electrify your nervous system. Yeah, and now, it's time to shut the lights. Full frontal nudity. Pull out the knives, for parental advised profanity. Don't make me tell you again. It's time to get awesome. Second rate suicide. Get awesome, its time to die, baby. You can lick the wolves teeth clean, it's not your choice to live or die, but you can choose to be buried alive. Your face is looking thin, maybe that's your HIV, but baby, you never looked so fresh to me.

9. Those Were Real Witch Bones

Tell me, tell me who, do you think you are? The parasites that live on my skin? More the birth control that just didn't win. In this game of heartache, I am all played out. And I thought we were looking for some put out, maybe I was wrong. Come on lets go, and paint this town dead. It's been too long, so call out all you headsman. Maybe I was wrong, Oh babe, you're so visibly morbid. Let's get alone and have those tragedies sorted. Maybe I was you. Now you, you don't like what you see. We are the ones, we are the ones. Try falling out of love with me. Now, you, you like car's back seat. We are the ones, we are the ones, I am the one. You know, in more ways than one, you have become something that I don't want. (You are nothing. Shit faces infected transvestite). If apathy has never been so en vogue, then I am cocaine in 1986, and I'm the silicone in your fake tits (you are nothing), and I'm the "you" in all your blogs, the end all be all of everything you've lost (you have lost).

10. Joe Dirt

Born into a test tube marked dull with "torture" down on one side. Now, as my mother sprays, I see her blood turn to jello. Our collection of conquests grows, spraying rooms one by one Spray can in hand soak all. Spray can in hand soak it all. Mother, mother, come quick, come quick. It's quite the sight, come quick. Mother, get the camera, you must see this. And I don't want to be here when I am 39, with this dining room set, or this 14 year old Queen sized waterbed. This home entertainment system full of way too many ceramic kittens.
They, they've finally eaten off the remainder of my face. Spray can in hand, soak it all now. Mother, mother, the spray is just too thick. It's quite the sight, you're all I have. Mother, enjoy the show now, the spray still drips. Yeah, it still drips.

11. Destroy Mother Brain


12. Cock Eating Bullet

Please don't look now, one fucked up dream, broadcast across the sea of the scenes, and you know this, smirking lightly. As tears run down your face, you forgot you (don't forget) need to scream rape. Duct tape never hurts when it's used in excess on your wrists. As the tears run down your face, you forgot you (you forgot, you forgot) need to scream rape. Duct tape never hurts when it's used in excess on your lips. Come on. Oh no, my god, we're here again, driving in circles down the wrong road (down the wrong road). If this was my, if this was my test (my test), then I have failed again, I have failed again, then I will leave the scene, but leave the mess. (leave the mess) One fucked up dream about to be. I could only be Mr. Right for the night. Intense, puking out lies of mistreated action, reaction,

Thanks to logan.r.bowers for sending these lyrics.

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