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1. Symphony Of Another Dimension - Part I


2. Helgvar - An Ancestral Story

Fire, I don´t feel the flames of hell
I don´t feel the pain
Black, the colour of ancestral skies
The symbol of memory erased
From the beginning to the end
To nightfall, to nightfall
Across the darkness, to nightfall
...Free yourself in the sky
From the hell to the sky...
To nightfall, to nightfall

I am a Berserk and the story of Helgvar war
Is engraved in my spirit
I can´t remember the past
I´m searching the revenge lord of my thoughts

Cream, the darkness is knocking your door
I´m ready to fight
Rage, the adrenalin of my mind
The power of the sword in my hands
Dreams in the night of a dragon that´s dying
While I´m pouring the rain in a chalice of of pain
Lost in the time when the grave is the way
I´ll decide of my fate of my life
I feel the wind in my hands, on my skin
My soul is dying, I´m dying...

3. The Manuscript

Oh... But where am I?
This isn´t my world
This dungeon, this sword
They are too real to be an illusion
I can hear the symphony of the earth
Its breath, its eyes scans me
Maybe, the key of it all, the answer
To my questions, is locked in that
Ancient manuscript.. ah ah ah

4. Iceland Sword

Everything loses its light
In the rage of time
Blood and steel sign in the sky
Another chapter of life
Pray your god, I´ll pray my mind
Loosing the way of light
And my arms break the gates
For another triumph
Down the legendary skies
I will fight for freedom
The lord of wisdom couldn´t decide of my life
In a kingdom without throne
When the power will be blood
For the glory I must fight
With the Iceland sword

In a secret time... Iceland sword
I will fight the light... For my life
With a secret pray... Iceland sword
I´ll destroy my fate... For my life

Everytime I loose control
I scream against the sky
In the cradle of the war
I awake the seeds of rage
From the red to black of the night
I meet the reality
Of the absurd, of the cry
Of the Iceland shine
Nothing will break my desire
Come with me wherever I find
My lost crown, my forgotten sword
In the air smell of fear
Take the rain, tears from the sky
Meet the fate, burn your soul
Wherever I go, there will be
Another cage, another kingdom in flames

5. Crystallized Shadows


6. Edge Of The Abyss

I´ll try to survive in this night
Storm cold symphony of bloody rain
I´ll believe, I´ll take my name
On the manuscript, in the battlecry
Nothing all I know, the sorrow take away from my mind
Into another cage
In the madness, without reason scream and cry
Evil sorcerers, fatal attraction of two mind...
Fight and survive
Kingdom of fire, of desire burn in my hands
Kingdom of fire, bright and dire burn in flames
In the silence of the black wood I will disappear
While sorrow will write its tale
Near the edge of abyss I´ll erase my religion
I´ll destroy my Iceland sword
my... frozen soul

7. Helgvar Suite Op. I


8. Eternal Freedom

I´ll see the end of time
Over and over in your eyes tonight
When all my memories
And dreams are pictures of my life

Games of fantasy
An eternal freedom
Hidden inside of me
Live in my eyes
I´ll search the power
In this ivory sky
Like a prisoner of time
I´m the lord of my life
In a point of no return
In this apocalypse

We are all victims of the same details
The labyrinth in your eyes
Has broken the connection with time
Remember all that bright emotions
You saw in my eyes everytime you look too far
When I feel that end is near
I destroy my reality
So my self-control becomes for me
A kind of hypnosis
There isn´t any certainty
In a circle of unreality
Images behind my dreams
Connections for a new eternity...
When secrets will be free
By all kinds of tyranny
I will draw an image of me
Free from every hypocrisy
There isn´t certainty
Only another piece of me
Like a scream against the wind
Tonight another reality...

9. Ancestral Labyrinth


10. Jester's Awakening

[1) Again the rain]

Another end for another day before reality
Will lie the truths of time
When silence will tell your name
Through the freezing wind of time...
But it rains again
I´m steeping out of a closed door, another reality
I´ve found another piece of mind
The ghosts of silence will close my eyes
While I play a melody
It´s a fuge... on the ivory keys
Give me a damned kiss, fairy without sin
Play with my emotions
Drive me through perversions
I´m looking at the rain
Jester´s awakening
Beyond the end of the day
Mirrors and labyrinths
I´m looking at the rain
Jester´s awakening
I´m writing the fate
I crawl in the mud
Frames of reality
This is a lost reflection
Mirror of my emotions

[2) Waltz of shadows]

The wizard of time begin the waltz of shadows
I steal his key and open the door
So day and night collide and then born a new day
Symphonies begin a waltz in the sky

[3) Garden of illusions]

Break the silence with a smile and draw your passion in my eyes
When the sunrise will be far away
Listen to the rain that wash their Eden
Look at the rainbow through my eyes
I will be the secret in your life
Break the mirror, erase your shadows so the past will not return
If you want you can feel the night breeze
Coming out of the garden of illusions
Welcome to the reality
If you want you can hear my symphony
I lost in the time
I will return to break the silence...
... To live a new day
So this will be my life
Inside your eyes to break the silence...
... To live a new day

11. Symphony Of Another Dimension - Part II


12. Return To Reality


Underground symphony, 2004
Total playing time 40:57

Marco Mangiapia - Vocals
Claudio Acampora - Guitar
Armando Scala - Guitar
Stefano Quitadamo - Bass
Walter Montone - Drums
Raffaele Acampa - Keyboards

Thanks to amboageoro for sending these lyrics.

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