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1. Sacrifice Of Righteousness

En el pasado, cuando el hombre vivía bajo la ley
Para recibir perdón por sus pecados, ofrecían sacrificio de animales a Dios
Algunos mataban y daban gloria a otros dioses

Others murdered and worshipped demons
Offering the animal blood
Everyday, all over the world
Human sacrifices are offered to Satan

The motive is to serve him and obtain power
But now it's not necessary to kill to receive forgiveness
Blood streamed from the wounds
Down over the cross where a mutilated body

Was nailed and hung
Draining the life from a righteous
And innocent man
Named Jesus

He is Jesus Christ, His sacrifice is for all

It was sufficient to demolish the sin
That existed between God and man
Giving His own life for us out of love

Showing this way that the death
Of Jesus was the biggest and most
Important sacrifice in history of humanity

Everyday the mercies of God are new
Because of the death of Christ

And now the glory is Christ's
Who was raised from the dead
And now is seated at the right
Hand of God

2. From Pain To Hope

Sadness and pain cover the people
They cry out for freedom
Escaping from death
Looking for answers
Broken dreams, wounded hearts

They walk in agony
They are hated
For the color of their skin
Fear in their minds

Death will come soon
And sickness in their bodies
They live in our world
And want an answer
A hope to be free

They are poor and no one
Will help, from pain to hope
Jesus Christ is the way
He died for everyone
Your race doesn't matter

The people don't care
If they die or cease to exist
The future is the same without hope
Or love

3. El Misterio De La Iniquidad

Con una mente reprobada
Cometiendo hechos anormales
Intentan destruir
La anatomía de un cuerpo
Cuya cabeza los derrotó

Y los despojó vaciando
Sus arterias escurriendo
Por sus llagas y sus huesos

Un daño cerebral, una enferma e insaciable
Sed de venganza de un ángel derrotado
Cuyos impulsos homicidas trastornan y transforman
A un hombre confundido en un psicópata posesionado
Extraviado en un abismo de iniquidad
Y una permanente oscuridad

Pero Jesús puede cambiar
A esa gente engañada
Por Satán y limpiar
Su vida con su amor

El satanismo es una mentira
Te quieren matar, Jesús
Te ofrece vida eterna

4. Ríos De La Soledad

Como las aguas se van del mar
Y el río se agota y se seca
Así el hombre yace y no vuelve a levantarse
Mas los años contados vendrán
Y yo iré por el camino de donde no volveré
Mi aliento se agota, se acortan mis días
Y me está preparado el sepulcro

A pesar de no haber iniquidad en mis manos
Y de haber sido mi oración pura

Mis ojos se oscurecieron por el dolor
Ante Dios derramaré mis lágrimas

Porque el Señor es justo
Y su amor no puede ser burlado
Su mano castiga el pecado
Cuando su amor es olvidado

¿Dios qué es el hombre
Para que le des tu amor?

Si en mí existiera el mal
Pobre de mí

Si justo yo fuera
No me envaneceré

En mi ser te he de ver
En mi ser te sentiré

Aunque mi corazón desfallece
Dentro de mí
Y mi alma triste está

5. Legal

In secret she hid her shame
She placed her confidence in a lie
The very instrument she thought would set her free
Will cause her to die

Her body racked with pain
Her plea you would deny

On deaf ears her scream would fall
All along the danger raged
Within her body

As she collapses with faint breath
She begs God to forgive her
And He does

In the hospital the war is waged
As the infection claims feet
Hands and legs, skin becomes black as sin
For wisdom the doctors
Look to within as she wastes away

A few hours later her race would be finished
But all is lost as the deadly infection wins
Her children mourn the loss of a mother they will never know
Her husband mourns the loss of his wife and the child he never knew
All in the name of choice and legal immorality

6. Existencia Terminante

Buscas e intentas, no puedes más
La angustia y el odio llenan tu ser
Tu gente traiciona el amor
Muestran rencor y causan dolor
Creíste encontrar la solución a tu depresión

Sólo aumentó el temor
Por continuar viviendo
Solución letal, deseas morir
Escapas cobarde no quieres seguir

Cortaste tus venas, la sangre goteó
Pensaste que muriendo todo acababa

Causaste tristeza, yo aún te amaba

La única muerte que te servía
Era la mía, te daba la vida

No es necesario que mueras
Jesucristo murió por ti en la cruz
Él es la solución, Él te ama
Y te quiere ayudar
Sólo habla con Él, abre tu corazón

Mi llanto cayó sobre tu tumba
Porqué hijo mío, yo aún te amaba

7. Absolute Predominance

Everybody wants power and control in this world
Governments, countries and many men

They've tried to get it with wars and nuclear arms
It doesn't matter who dies, children, women

Innocent people that pay the price
Of the stubborn man who seeks to rule

Oh, you are all so simple
Only you, Lord, who with your great power
Created the heavens and the earth
You gave breath of life to man
You broke the heads of the monster in the waters
You separated the sea so your people
Could flee

Only you, Lord Jesus
Have control over all the universe

You punish with your sword and the serpent
You will slay the dragon

Even the mountains will melt as wax before you
Only you, my God, with your power
Subject demons and heal the sick
In the name of Christ

Besides, every knee shall bend before you and
All the men that wanted the glory will
Confess that you are sovereign, God
Over all

You will crush Satan under our feet
And you will show that you are King
Coming on a cloud of power and great glory
Those who boast in idols
Worship Him all you gods!

8. Tears Of A Leper

He was lost in the wilderness
Finding no way to a place he could stay
He was hungry and thirsty
And his soul failed him, he sat in darkness
And in the deepest gloom

Living in agony and depression
Through his tears he cried out
I prefer strangling and death
Rather than this body of mine, it's not enough to be just
I deserve to die for the sin in my life

Porque no hay lugar donde se escondan
Los que hacen maldad

Por haberte desobedecido, mi Dios
Estoy perdido en éste mundo de pecado
He caído y me estoy muriendo
Perdóname, Señor
Ayúdame porque yo solo no puedo
Quiero estar contigo otra vez

Have mercy on me my Jesus
Look upon my affliction and suffering
You lift me up from the doors of death
I remember the good times we had together Lord
But now I am bound by ties of death
And torments of perversity

9. A Cry Of Anguish

Save me, oh God, for the waters have come up
To my neck, I sink in the depth where there is
No foothold, I have come into the deep waters
The floods engulf me, those who hate me

Without reason, outnumber the hairs of my head
All my bones are out of joint

My heart has turned to wax
It has melted away within me

Darkness is all around me
Because of the errors of my ways in the past
I regret not believing in you

I always thought I was right
When my own thoughts took me away from you
There is a void in me nothing can fill
Problems, pain, loneliness invade my mind

My friends and family have forgotten me
My life isn't important to anybody
Only you Lord Jesus gave me strength to go on
You filled the void and heard my cry
Now I don't look back, I only see you
My God

10. Chains Of Darkness

They promise freedom but they themselves
Are slaves of corruption
With their mouths they praise God
They preach the name of Jesus and his love
Some want to pervert the gospel of Christ
Changing the word of God for their convenience

They are wells without water
Lies and blasphemies

These sects are born in such a manner
That they draw man away from the truth

They ask money for healing, prosperity
Prostitution of the gospel
They listen to seducting spirits
And doctrines of demons
They preach false doctrines

Disguising themselves as Christians but they are
False prophets that introduce destructive heresy

Talking like brute beasts made to be taken and destroyed
And shall utterly perish in their own corruption
For it would have been better for them not to have known Jesus

They are like a dog returning to his own vomit again

Now the time has come to discern the schemes
Of the devil because Jesus is the only way
And salvation is free

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