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1. Be Mine In Tears

Nevermore in yours
Start to believe
Everything is out of reach
Nevermore I'd lie
Right to your face
Will this be our last embrace my dear

Behead me
Be mine in tears
That is what I want to see
I crawl here
You were my blade
Puke your last embrace on me

No matter what you do
No Matter what I say
Disappear get out of my face
No matter what you say
It's over and too late
With my life I'm gonna pay bitch

2. The Letter

You don't know what it means
All these lies and everything
And I feel like never felt before
There you lay, innocent
Swollen eyes and body spent
Was it worth?
Was it worth the pain?

Can't deny
That I need you
You don't understand what I say
Understand what I say
Believe me now
Sweet enemy
I just want to say I love you
Want to say I love you

We are one, we're the same
Beg to see you smile again
Hold your breath
Just lay beside me here
I'm the guilt you're the lust
Turning everything to dust
Was it worth?
Was it worth the pain?

3. Lips

You are the one who understands
You are the one who takes my breath

Be the licking of my wounds
I'm bloodless when you leave me alone
I stand here like a hopeless fool
And never ever I will be

The one for you
Who resists

My shameless doom
My agony
Come press your wild, wild wicked lips on me
A tearful no
A bitter yes
You give me something that I really miss
(So come on)

You are the one who does not care
You are not here but everywhere

Be the end of my desire
You're bloody filthy are a liar
You won't break my heart into
Not again I won't let you

Be me, for now
But I can't leave

4. I Don't Care

Again I tell a lie
This love should never die
I beg you to be mine babe
I beg you to hold on

"Alone" is just a word
a harmless senseless stupid thing
And for now
It doesn't hurt 'cause I don't care that you're not here

I guess you cannot see
For you my dear I bleed
Again you dried my tears babe
Though love is doing wrong
I'll wait for your shot
I swear I will hold on

5. Her Occasion Of Sin

If you get hurt just go and tell someone else
With every kiss you try to make me understand
All you are longing for is my loves bitter end
I might be wrong but think you're lying once again

Heal my wounds I can't bleed everything for you
I won't need you, never needed you
Heal my wounds I can't lose everything on you
I won't need you, never needed you

With everything weeping tear you think I'll be your friend
But why don't you crawl back into your lovers hands
There's nothing left for us I don't want you to stay
Don't try to chain me 'cause I'm leaving anyway

6. A Plea

One day you will forget what I do to you
One day I try to dry all tears just to beg for you

Let you know that I
Didn't make it
In such a sad way
Let you know that I die
If you won't try to
Understand what we were

One day I maybe won't remember
These years
In those I tried to scream a plea in your deaf excuse

7. Not For Love

Why you can't bring me out of this
You are a lie and you know I cannot resist
Just leave me hanging here alone
Don't blame yourself for something you ignore
You ignore

I can't do what you've done
What you said I should
I belong to myself
Not to anyone
But this day will appear
Will arise some time
And I'm not your fucked up
Stupid anything

Why you keep treating me like this
All that I want from you is just another kiss
I fell in love with your despair
Go on just do it now cause I don't care
I don't care

8. The Fear Of Being Alone

Laugh at me
For everything I'm not
Lie to me
With every tear you drop
All we do is sleep
Why we cannot end?
A sin is what we need

Will I ever arise
From your cold arms again
Will you ever be mine
And I'll beg my lies to end
Lying here with fear of being alone
Loneliness is my home
Be my bride before everything turns black

Bury me
With everything I've got
Spit on me
After I've been shot
Your lies cannot fade
It's never gonna mend
It's over but I stay

9. My Little Fear

For my sins
I would leave a tear in laughter
With a grin
I regret what I have done
What should I do
To deserve you
Should I die to raise your smile

For every lie I told you
You're killing me darling
Killing me darling
I didn't want abuse your faith

For every time I doubt you
Punish me darling punish me darling
With every lie I did the same
I turned your heart to a grave

My little fear
Once I needed to betray you
You never grief
You're a rose without a thorn
What should I do
Did I lose you?
Should I leave it all behind?

10. Side

I can't go
As long that I know
That you are somewhere
And I'm only there so
I'll find you in
Some gloomy day
Crown you in every, in every

Be on my side
And understand
That we're thrones
And we won't come to an end
Sigh in my embrace
Feel like a little god now
When we leave they will follow

We will be one
And some different day
I'll be next to you so
The grey way
Will be ours
Hold you over now
And every

11. Dead Heart Serenade

I love your eyes
I love your fingers too
And love your touch cold
Your poison tongue
Turned me into a fool
Maybe that charmed you

Is this what we are living for?

Drag me by the hand
Bury me
And my personality
Suck my blood
Swallow me
And my sexuality

It was a lie
A fear of solitude
The grin of sin told you
Distorted eyes
Depressed and paralysed
Reveal the sense of truth

I know your heart is cold enough for that shit......

Drag me by the hand
Bury me
And my personality
Drink my blood
Silence me
And my sensuality

12. No Matter Where You Shoot Me Down

I don't know where I belong
Is somebody there to catch my fall
I'm running in circles to get where I started from
It seems like there's nowhere to turn
I drown on the streets and I'll never learn
I'm counting the days while I'm saying

No matter where you shoot me down
No matter where if you do it now
Look in my eyes I stay strong
Lost all my fear so I hold on

There is no place to call home
Roaming the street with a bag of stones
Awaiting your call but I hear nothing at all
It feels like a broken bird
Got locked in this cage of a cold cold world
I'm trying to speak without saying

No matter where you shoot me down
Don't matter where If you do it now
Look in my eyes I stay strong
Lost all my fear so I hold on

Should I bleed myself while you're smiling?
Why should I lose myself in this fighting?
Would you now hurt yourself 'cause of my lying?
So come let's drown ourself and end this nightmare

13. All Is Suffering

Our end is on it's way
Soon we will be free
Too many tears is shed
Here in your embrace

Let me come in your arms again
Let's end this suffering
And all I need to say
Is suck it away suck it away

Le me come in your arms again
Let's end this suffering
And all I need to say is
Don't let me cry again

Replace your heart with pain
All we had is gone
Believe I've lost my faith
Lay down your fuckin' gun

14. Of Words And Rain

Barely you can walk
With your blood-shot eyes
Wailing through the night
Self abused by hate
Losing sight of life
Living in your lies

Rain give me the rain
Give me your filthy rain
Rain give me some pain
Give me some cold hard pain
You're the answer to my question
Can you feel my dark intention
Down in hell
Down in hell

Sinful seems my day
Set your heart on fire
I did it like a liar
Betrayed all the trust
Don't know who I am
Living in your lies

Thanks to her.lie.666, axl_kain for sending these lyrics.

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