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1. Intro


2. Birth From The Obscure

[Lyrics: Antonio Ortiz, music: LCD]

When being born of the dark light,
Reflect smiles of unknown,
Cries and cradle songs....
Blinded me and they calmed my lament,

I didn't understand the future for instants
The twelve infinite tortures and the pleasure
They showed me the real and the unreal....

Arrive to the stage of suffering,
And cause the pain and suffering.
I guided myself for sages,
And I destroyed false prophets

Try! That they enter to my mind,
Try! Of entering to their minds,
Try! Of understanding my origin and the death

Look for reasons
In the future and my past
Look for your consolation
And your comprehension
We met each other for instants and you
Taught me differences
We could not create another light,
Because we go for different directions
I remember your verses...
I remember my feeling toward you....
But I cannot forget of me.

The elixir and the smoke
They were so intense
As a torrential rain
And a thick fog.
The nature welcomed me in its arms
And it drove me to
My dreams and imaginations,

When concluding, in my solitude,
I travel with the light
To the divinity
Of the fourth dimension,
They showed me and
I understood many things,
As well as the pain
That we cause you.

When returning I wanted to amend
My sins and I got lost in the solitude,
And I gave myself account than,
The sun and the earth
They got away from me.....

3. Await, Wait For


4. The Truth Is Out There

[Lyrics: Antonio Ortiz, Music: LCD]

I felt you again with this pain
Again in the crossroad that you are
You ask and questions
Looking for answers
Looking for exits
To a place that I ignore
Looking for a rest
Or something to experience

You look at me an and another time
Second after second
Planning to finish or to begin
They accompany you far to those
Cries and prayers
Beings accompany you
In this labyrinth that you are

The load that you take
Doesn't understand it
The tears prevent you to see
The pain wraps up
You don't understand the blame
You look for reasons in your dark past
Answers in your dreams
More questions?
Or riddles?

Slowly you move away from me
For then begin again
Or to finish
Slowly you move away your voice
Single whispers are listened
In this room dark!

Soon we will
Be again in this I dialogue
To begin or to finish
To go to a place that we ignore...

5. The Funeral

[Lyrics: Antonio Ortiz, Music: LCD]

I felt energy to slip for my side,
More and more strong it was feeling,
Every time I was approaching more
And the pain was stronger.

The truth soon would be revealed,
That what there is further on;
Roads of thorns adorned
The road soon to the arrival.

To me contour
Thousands of souls punish
Waiting is
The revelation.

Roads of thorns adorned
The road soon to the arrival.
Soon my truth arrived.

6. Aura

[Lyrics: Antonio Ortiz, Music: LCD]

It was difficult to see the aura
For the window
New hours for your life, new time.

You wear the dawn,
You forget your past.

You left behind many things.
Now you find yourself
In a very dwelling
New hours for your life, new day

The time passes,
Is time to start a new road
The time becomes shorter for you,
But you left behind memories
That in the course of time they forget
The people dialogue among themselves,
They ask your destiny,
Very they know it within them
Very you deny it within you,
But you prefer to keep
On at your road and to survive

The ready nightfall will fall
The ready nightfall will fall and
You go after some refuge,
The stars guide you some place
That you refuse and morning
If it is feasible
You will have a new aura for you

7. Extincion Part II (Desolation)

[Lyrics: Antonio Ortiz, Music: LCD]

Why you had to be
And not the death
And not the death

8. Walker

[Lyrics: Antonio Machado Poem, Music: LCD]

Everything happens
Everything is,
But him ours is to happen,
To pass making roads,
Roads on the sea.
I never pursued the glory,
Neither to leave
In the memory
Of people my song;
I love the subtle worlds,
Weightless and gentile,
As soap pomps…

I like to see them
Put on makeup
Of sun and
It seeds to fly
Under the blue sky,
To tremble
All of a sudden and to be

I never pursued the glory.

Walker, they are your prints
The road and nothing else;
Walker, is not road, it
Is made in route to walking.
When being walked he makes
Road and when returning the
View behind leave the path
That never one steps again.

Walker is not road
But trails in the sea...
Some time ago in that place
Where today the forests
Get dressed of thorns
The voice of a poet
Was heard scream
"Walker is not road,
It is made in route to walking..."

The poet died far from the home.
It covers him the powder
Of a neighboring country.
When moving away
They were seen cry.

When the goldfinch cannot sing.
When the poet is a pilgrim,
When of anything
It serves us to pray.

Blow to blow, verse to verse.

9. One Day After Everything

[Lyrics: Antonio Ortiz, Music: LCD]

You received us
In your arms
You gave to us
Everything what
A being wanted
Unforgettable ways,
Fence where we were
Feeling your peace,
Rivers lakes and
Seas to purify
And to wash our entity,

You gave to us a darkness
To be able to hide our weeping,
To rest our body, our souls shelter
And you gave to us the light
To be able to see
The wonderful of your creation,

With your voice
You were giving us music,
Wind and cold when we had heat
With your tears you acted to your land
And this way she gave us
Of your fruit to continue in foot
With a landscape
Of clouds you were making
Happy the sky that gave us
You gave to us company with other
Beings to make our routine happy

You gave us wisdom,
You gave us everything
That wanted a being
But for our ambition,
We are destroying each other
We are destroying
The cover that gave us
And now we will have
To suffer your ire

10. Listen The Silence

[Lyrics: Antonio Ortiz, Music: LCD]

My desire is to find you
My desire is to see
The light of your inside
Seeing what you conceal
Seeing what you conceal
Behind that glance
What reflect the great
What reflect the great
Beyond of the infinities
My desire is to roam
Your seeing behind your eyes
What many achieved and
Many did not know
How to understand

Seeing what you conceal
Behind that glance
What reflect the great
Beyond of the infinities

Many blinded by false
Promises and salvation
The truth this in your hands
Search in your inside
Listen the silence
This behind the shades
They observe you
You see towards the universe
The beginning
Of your start this there
The truth is out there

11. Extincion (Intro)


12. Laudo (Epilogo)

[Lyrics: Antonio Ortiz, music: LCD]

inquiriendo el momento
Es tu hora
Ha llegado…
Es ahora tu laudo
Todo depende de ti
Donde iras…
Que caminos te hostigan
O solo laberintos o sendas tortuosas
¿Seguir sufriendo es lo que aspiras?
O un descanso inesperado
Será este tú fin o empiezo
No esperes más… más dolor
Es lo que quieres…?

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