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1. From The Abyss We Are Return

Sons of abyss! With lust for blood
We have returned from the black fire
Sorrow and disease follow us
Hate brakes out from the destructive abyss

The unrestrained hate brakes to the surface
We light stake from the holy…holy crucifix

Lord of chaos! By the deformed
Corpses profane horned blessing
We ruin the filthy earth with unrestrained
Destructive desire

Against the light-praising God’s lambs
We struggle a bloody triumph
From the abyss we have returned
To start this fucking battle

The Dead’s God, in hell rebellious
In chains master of the demons
Be beside us
Give bless to the battle to defile
The name of the virgin whore
And to spread over us
The cunt’s fluid of the lesbian fuckin’ nuns

2. Catacombs Of Terror

Deformed face from the terror…
In captivity of fear and on the verge of insanity
Between the cold walls of the terror-empire
In my dark tunnels guides me the voice of fire
You feel how death inhales
Your rotting… rotting soul

From the grotesque damp stone walls
Inhuman voices are leaking across
Before your eyes you can see
The endless anger of the katharsis

You wake up between the flames
But you can’t feel heat around you
This is just the beginning of the journey
Everything became dust behind you…

3. The Curse Of Impaler

Standing under the spell of the fullmoon
Your soul is blessed with eternal life
And you feel the ancient spirit
Passing through your soul!

Like a son of nightmarish dream of the abyss
You are the eternal slave of temptation and blood
You feel the unrestrained infernal power
In your damned heart you carry all the sins of humanity

Neither the cross can cause damage in your evil soul
Son of moonlight, prince of wolves
Pride of bloodfreezing Transylvania
Be always the enemy…the enemy of light!

4. Shadows Of Time Over The Bálványos Ruins

Our obscure pagan… pagan past’s
In ruins dying bloodfreezing castle
Deathlike silenced land of living deads
An evil empire is shining in the mountains

Transylvania’s forest gem
Scene of ancient…ancient rituals

It’s glittering so individual
Proud and orphan
Lamenting our pagan victory

Transylvania’s forest gem
Scene of ancient… ancient rituals

Our past is already… already in ruins
Hard silence of oblivion has descended on it
In the mist is circling the prayer of the ancestors
The shadows of past are praying in the fog

Transylvania’s forest gem
Scene of ancient… ancient rituals

5. Siculicidium 1764

Székely nép! Itt hullott õseid vére
Melyet zsarnok önkény bosszús karja ére

Midõn õseink büszkeségét védték
Szörnyûképp olták ki sok ártatlan életét

De bár elvesztek õk ádáz fegyver által
Emlékük nem vész el örökké fennmarad
Mert hû kegyeletbe ha megtartod õseid
Így él majd el emlékük idõtlen ideig.

6. The Cult Of Turul Pride

The past haunts me which boils my blood
Our forefathers proud dream has been left into oblivion…
That to never praise any divinity
Follow the cult of Turul pride

They allowed to legacy to keep the flame of heathenism
And to not choose any god’s yoke
Where disappeared our pride
Follow the cult of Turul pride

Devastation to all false religion!
It’s shameful that we lead into oblivion our roots
Pain is washing our late proudness…
Follow the cult of Turul pride!

7. Nihilistic, Decadent Earthly Lifeform

Empty cold life, painful howl
Cutted veins, visions before death
Aversion from light and every human creature
Attraction to the free chosen death

[Ref. x2:]
Nihilistic, decadent earthly lifeform

Chaos and destruction, death and salvation…
Nihilistic, decadent earthly lifeform.
The reversed creation’s fucking curse
From darkness faded flame of hate

[Ref. x2]

From wrath hated cold earth…
Everything is covered by a deep funeral fog
The seeds of darkness are cornering from the ground
Black lava is erupted from the heart of the deep.

8. With Scorn For Human Race

Depressing loathing, destructive desire
Suicidal instincts, hate from inside strangles, strangles me.
Slow death is the deformed fate of humanity
This filthy earth smells cadaverous

I am filled with disgust towards humanity
It’s no place for pity, this race evokes scorn.
Slow death is the deformed fate of humanity
This filthy earth smells, smells cadaverous

It can be heard the last breath of earth
It can be feel the mass loss of humanity
Here neither death is redemption
Slow torment, never-ending destruction.

9. Wolves Pray In The Cursed December

Grim woods depht’s echoes
From the wolves pray
Boils my blood with unmerciful hate
War scream flies in the freezing winds
I feel the temptation to draw me in the abyss

The pale light of the moon lights my way
Graveless silence…i hear the forest’s breath
Ravens macabre dance cover the frozen landscapes
The landscape of cursed December

I’m one with the fog, i hear the hanged’s hymns
Sicul rebel heart… it’s colder than ice…
Snow covered mountains keep this empire’s treasure
The moon spreads it’s funeral light
Over the Hargita.

All lyrics by Labyrinth of Abyss
Written between 2000-2003.

Thanks to siculicidium for sending these lyrics.

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