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1. Ammunition Matters

I live in Lincoln, Nebraska, born 1974 In a holy land of devotion, freedom and labour. God orders, we obey. I was born redneck, catholic, and simpleton, With a pea in the skull and with voices in my head With my manly fellows of the militia troops We have been indefatigably rehearsing in the woods Shooting at foxes, chickens, swans or moose Whatever is alive, walks, swims or flies It's damn easy to track down the enemy We're nothing but surrounded by un-american activities This place is crawling with faggots, wogs and communists And the more time goes by the more heretics you meet Bottom's up – now's the time to celebrate Grab your shotguns, rifles and blades, After improving our talent on the fauna It's time to shoot the vermin out of Nebraska

2. Queen Of The Meadow

Nobody had bet a buck on her but she had my full support. The first day I saw her I begged her to the Lord. She was always so cute in her winter dress No other girl is half pretty as my sweet Beth I never talked to her I only dare to look I can't even think of touching her so I go to the hookers Every buck I spend there I'm just thinking of her Think of the way she is playing with her hair She ran for miss Minnesota cause she knows what she wants While I would pay a king's ransom for just a single dance

3. The Graveyard Party

Goodie it is already friday night It's time for our weekly party at St John‘s graveyard The hearts are warm and the 10-pack is ready Always bring along some drinks when you join a party The crowd will be far too quiet it's a chance we come by My mates and I know how to light up the night After happy hour we desacrate some graves We have business to do with your great-grandmothers Are you Beatles or are you Gorgoroth ?

4. Hummers Vs Pedestrians

I am the employee of the week at General Motors Norfolk I deserve cruising down the street without giving a fuck But how the hell can I drive at a decent speed With all these jerks outside fucking blocking the streets

Let's give the road back to who it truly belongs Explosion engines, high speed and oil combustion Cyclists -- get off the way Pedestrians -- make my day

5. Holy Fire

Burn the shit out of L.A. Burn Hollywood, burn it all

6. Army Of Lovers

Call me "Mr Reverend" if you please Then please gently get down on your knees Trust me with your life trust me with your fate Redemption comes from nowhere but from what I could say My mouth speaks nothing but the truth My hands have been blessed in the Holy source If you once fail to do what i order Your salvation may well be messed forever Please allow me to introduce my sex I am a man of wealth and taste.

7. War & Wine

Nothing fits better than a bottle of wine and a Winchester Whatever you kill, after a few glasses you can double the thrill Nothing fits better than an old bourbon and a breechloader Whoever you shoot, the drunker you are the more stirring the loot is Dear comrades, let's drink ourselves to death My loyal mates, let's knock it back quick and let's rip heads off Pour me some more Life is totally different when you're already dead.

8. The Cowboy Song

I wish I had a beard Then I would buy a Stetson Then I'd get dark glasses Then I'd just hang around And i'd look so cool

9. Crusaders

My brothers and sisters please pay allegiance To the Holy trinity and His zealous servants. We are the holders of the Holy keys And of some bank accounts across the country. Our know-how ain't any late hype bullshit It's been improved through hundreds of years. We're been hiring project managers, Thousands of experts, street teams and lawyers. Our branches in each town are sold out every week. Our national turnover outrageously improves every year. So please let me hear your prayers loud and clear While you're having your soul saved i'll get myself a beer.

Blaise ‒ Bass
Raph ‒ Drums
Margo ‒ Guitars
Jak ‒ Guitars
Reno ‒ Vocals

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