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1. The Ox

Everybody calls him "The Ox"
He's a man of fifty thousands strong
You won't ever find such a rider
For miles and miles around
An example for the nation

Six and a half feet of muscle and sheer determination
They say he once rode a bull of twelve hundreds pounds
And had the beast tamed and sent down for the count
I saw him bring down a calf in less than two minutes
When he runs for president he'll sure get my vote
When you can break in a bull
You can sure enough break in the world

2. Return Of The Huns

The sun is about to rise in the east
Countless legions are stamping their feet
Thousands of Huns, massed at the border
Ready to pay homage to their forefathers
For death, glory and the end of the world
They will march on the West and will lay down their terms
Heads will be chopped off, kings be overthroned
Blood will flow like water, flesh be scythed to the bone
I've been fancying such devastation
A good old carnage in the old fashion
Quartering and rapes without distinction
Like back in the days when we were fed to lions
Huns got their revenge, I would do just the same
If it was me sewing their jeans for thirty yuans a week

3. Anthem Of Pretended Glory

This is our last song
We'll remember all of you
Each and everyone of you

4. Villains

In this day and age
Landmarks are wearing away
Villains look exactly just like you
How to recognize your friend from foe?
The bad guys are supposed to be mean
To have bad breath, rotten teeth and be ugly as sin
But they are moving near unchallenged, shifty as sharks
Ready to make off with your savings, peace of mind and wife
Mine just left me for one of these bandits
My mortgage will follow her at pretty short notice
What does my banker have that I don't
Besides a good appearance and a couple of millions?

5. Centre


6. Our Cemetery Is Full Of Strangers

We don't like strangers much around here
Neither do we stand nor tolerate any prowlers near
There have been five untoward accidents last year
Strangers just like you in the dark were mistaken for thieves
We have been working hard with our own bare hands
To built a virtuous town out of this dusty land
The bold pioneers here know how to defend their possessions
What God fails to protect is watched by Smith & Wesson
Life has told us to worship our guns
At least as equally as our Lord and Christ

7. Muscle

Girls they call me Hulk the Handsome
If they've time to pronounce my name before they come
I am Stupendous Man, I am the God of fuck.
Do you plan to loose a pound or two?
Do you want to get rid of adipose tissue?
Please spend the night in my fuckpad
It's hotter here than downtown Baghdad
You'll loose more weight in twenty minutes
Than with the local fitness season ticket
I've been working on every muscle
It's been a lifelong and faithful battle
My body has been carved into a fucking machine
I've sculpted every inch of it after Henry Rollins
First Gymnasium, now Solarium, yum-yum !
I need to book my cancer before sanatorium.

8. Dukes Of Nothing

My forefathers first set foot on this ground
In 1851 without a cent in their hand
They sailed for many weeks from the old continent
From places which ain't even worth remembering
They were the third wave of our mighty pioneers
Those who conquered the west with neither rest nor fear They ran into redskins and into rattlesnakes
And they wasted all vermin that was blocking the way.
My father he was a man of courage and pride
He fought for liberty in two different wars,
Came back from pointless countries with beautiful scars
He killed for freedom, democracy and low-priced gallons
He passed on to us endless credit and wireless connection.
Do we really have to start it all over again?

9. Turpitudes

Is there anyone out there, who can help me out with a couple dollars
I badly need a drink, I'm losing track of Jesus Christ.
I can't let him out of my sight
Need to sit at his right hand until I die
Share his famous bottomless wine,
Which slakes all thirsts, so will it slake mine?
I hardly see you in this fuzziness
Are you still there, my pal Jesus?
Or is that you, my old Bacchus?
I need to stick with my Holy Fellow
Take the same cab than him back home
Cause he may well walk on water
But no way he can on this much beer
I think I can feel his warmness inside again
But in fact I just have once more wet my pants
I can't let him out of my sight
Need to sit at his right hand until I die
Share his vintage bottomless wine,
Which quenches all souls, so will it quench mine?
Help me out I can't stand up
Please reach out for my hand, my Savior?
I'm sorry I used up all my forgiveness vouchers.

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