Dark Lyrics


1. Celebration

I want you
To hear the cry
Throughout the night
We know what it means
The new is old
And red is white
The law they preach
Ain't what it seems
I want you
To hear the noise
We'll take the world
And gonna shout and scream

Of your life

2. Easy Rocker

He was standin' at the big load-in
When all the trucks and buses rolled up
Dirty jeans and a leather jacket
Full of patches of all those heavy bands
He wasn't very hard to talk to
And looked like he had nowhere to go

Easy easy rocker
Always on the run
Easy easy rocker
Together we'll be strong

Now the stage is a white burnin'fire
And the planet is ready to explode
The music is new and the music is hot
And we all came here for the magic ride
The scream of eternal life
Runs through every ice-cold soul tonight

Now the seats and the streets and the bars
Are runnin'empty
But the sounds and the songs and the lights
Still splash your brain
I can see in your eyes what you need
And I just call you...

3. Smelly Nelly

You know crazy nelly
She's crossed eyed and dumb
She's dirty and she's smelly
But she's got a lovely bum
Her hair is bloody grotty
Her breath stinks like the pest
Her skin is dry and spotty
But her arse is just the best
She's gettin'easy money
And welfare from the state

Ooh!smelly nelly...you're so divine
Ooh!smelly nelly...baby be mine

Her body's fat and flabby
Her rotten teeth just stink
Her clothes are torn and shabby
But her lips are nice and pink
Her nickers are encrusted
With shit and bugs and lice
This face is bruised and busted
But her arse is paradise
She's gettin'easy money
And welfare from the state

4. Mr. Sixty Nine

Mr. sixty nine has suddenly come to rest
He died on the job that he did best
Oh you lucky angels
Heaven will be fine
Havin'lots of fun with Mr.sixty nine

Take care...he's hot
Take care...he's cool
Beware...little angels
Beware...here he comes

Mr.sixty nine sweet sixty nine
Mr.sixty nine Mr.sixty nine

It's a bad joke the way in which he died
He did choke on a lady's sanitary pad
Oh you lucky angels heaven will be fine
Havin'lots offun with Mr.sixty nine

5. She's Got Everything

I can see by your eyes what you need
I'll be out of your life
I may get depressed cause I tried so hard
To be somethin'special for you
Words of love that are still in my ears
Days when I kissed your tears
Long crazy nights spilling into days
Times when I lost my fears

She's got everything I need
And it's drivin' me insane
She's got everything I need
Makes me smile and makes me weep

Love needs a heart and I need to find
If I was treatin'you right
Angels and sailors rich girls and us
Are searchin'for true love tonight

6. Burning Bones

In a restaurant
Drinkin' beaujolais wine
You're with your favourite girl
And you're passin'the time
Well you look through the papers
Holocaust in the roxy
Five hours later
You're lovin'your lady

I can see
Burnin'bones of war
I can see
Ashes on the floor

There stands a soldier
In a barbed-wire land
The fear of death in his eyes
And a bottle in his hand
But now the wine he's drinkin'
It's got the taste of blood
No more plastic war movies
To show him what it's like

7. Rock City

You give me money
You give me lovin'
Sweet satisfaction
Of the first degree
You never need me
When I'm away
'Cause there's somebody
For you to play

So close your eyes
And stay with me
In rock city
And ease your worried mind
In rock city...

I love the lies
It tells your story
Your dirty pictures
Of the last six years
Your life is backstage
Where the joint is rockin'
And there you're the sweetest queen
Of all the girls so shockin'

Well you give me all your money
And you give me all your love
The sweetest satisfaction
Yes it's all in first degree
But whenever I'm away
You always find somebody else
Dirty pictures tell the lies
You've lived the last six years
Backstage...you're rockin'
Backstage...you're shockin'

8. Winning Man

I've been waitin'for so long
Gettin'had and treated wrong
Sleepless nights and dirty lies
Makes no difference if you live or die

But it's over now

I'm a winning man
'Cause babe
I live my life the way I choose
Satisified not much to loose
If you don't feel you'll never know
Just what I've been goin'thru'for so long

9. Mad Racket

Mother's got a lover half as old as she
Father's got a gamblin'house in capri
Sister sue's a junkie dope and L.S.D.
Sells her arse to the arabs while others
Get it free
So I'm the black sheep
The only hang up I've got
Is an old guitar
And a cat named lisalott

Mad racket...you've got it
Mad racket...you've got it

Women's undergarments are simon's bag
He's a transvestite he's a fag
Auntie ann is a schizo crazy as they come
She thinks she is a chicken stickin'feathers
In her bum
So I'm the black sheep
The only hang up I've got
Is an old guitar
And a cat named lisalott

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