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1. Тризна


2. Долі Шляхи

When the nightsky is illuminated
With a blazing of lightnings;
Or when it in clear serenity
And moon and stars are bleeding their light -
Ye take a look at the Perun's Path
Peer at that way with narrowly stare
But not at the skies - look into the black well...

Winding pathways there are to the horizon far -
Everyone has own unique track;
Fate weaving them for us since we were born -
And one of that pathways is yours.

... Destiny tracks scratches in the vast fields
And by the mountain chains;
Through the grotto caves they leading straight
And along the shores they traces;
They are crossing the rivers and thickets swamps
By the fords or by the bridges;
Forever lost in stormwinds they are...
They perishes - in the dark woods disappearing

Thou art cannot stop, thou cannot turn off
From the Pathway that given by Fate:
Cannot pass over the obstacling clog;
No reason to hide when you're scared

Thou hath stepped on that Path to pass it whole, -
No matter how hard it would be! - Go onwards!
Despite any affliction - never take a look back!
Never stop your steps, on and forwards!

The grass, withered and trampled,
Shalt silky creep down by the ground...
Thou shalt go long way, until you die,
By the Destiny track through the Forest of life.

Pathways are winding and interlacing -
For the Fate thread weaver is blind;
Everyone have to pass whole his own Path
Straight to the distant Firmament verge of life...

3. Вітер З Гір (Весна Йде)

The first furious thunder peals
Are piercing the fresh air -
Such as always it was, in the spring on Our Land
Thunderstorms are washing the last snow away...

The wardrums of Spring are beating -
This rataplan sounds with rains and thunders.
That drums are messengers of the first grass,
Cold mists are coming with them side by side.

On the rivers, the mud blurred ice melting down,
It is carried away with a streams -
No reason to resist - Spring is coming;
Inevitable is ices death - it's being broken and crushed...

On the trees branches somewhere there are
Blackening leaves that left from the autumn...
Nothing will remain - Spring will sweep all away
With hailstorms. And burn all decrepit.

It's smoke shalt exalt to the height,
Where blue skies are streaked with clouds:
Wind rushing down from Carpathian mountains
Shalt momentary tear the smoke in pieces...

Wind from the mountains brings the Spring on,
Sowing it's snowdrops in steppes over Dnipro,
For he's still remember this sorrowful land
That he chained in winter with frost.

Wind brings the Spring to the Ukraine
From Carpathian mountains to the glorious Don river!
In summer it shalt blossom in Thcigiryn woods,
And in autumn return back home...
By rains...

4. З-За Обрію

... Thus, it was: from behind the horizon
The war boats of Knjaz, appeared out;
Hundreds of Warriors - the invincible Army
Sailed forth to campaign from Kyiv to Byzantium...

Their swords, Perun's banners - bright they were flashing
And Dnipro rapids calmed down before them!
Svyatoslav's boats flew with speed of the wind
For they were brought by the Winds - Stribog's Grandsons!
Christian bastards were surrender without battle,
When they beheld the Shield with a Sunwheel...
The time is passed - with foulness they conquered us:
Disaster covered Rus right after Knjaz died...

Raping and drowning in blood - they baptized us;
They turned the Free Folk of Rus into slaves.
Yet, new masters rules the Land of our Forefathers;
Our Sacral Places breathing churches stench now...

Why we didn't know? Why didn't crush them down?
Didn't ruin Constantinopolis, didn't burn to the ground?!
Oh, if we had know it - we shouldn't have wait for:
We should have make them pay whole;
Rus would not be disgraced!
Hey, Svyatoslav! Where is thy grave?!
Where is that Force? Yet, death mowed Rus down!
Arise, Mighty Knjaz! Thy Army awaiting!
Lead us forth, Knjaz! We stepping the field,
War Campaign has begun!

Let crosses fall down, cause we'll crush the lies!
With the Rage of Perun destroy poison of Christ!
We'll eradicate venomous sting of YHVH
With the Ancient Runes, from the flesh of Our Kin!
And let the Glory of the True Heroes
Ringing again over Our Sacred Land;
Let the Folk of Rus, Folk of Honour and Freedom
Remind Ancestral Faith with crystal clear heart!...

5. Пам'ять У Крові

A memory foaming with streams in the veins
Or flowing like river, or splashing from sources -
It whispering, screaming or ringing with thunders;
Sparkling with blaze or raging in Winds
Memories through the Space; through the
Time that by aeons
Flying to the Void - it's our chain with Forefathers
It's Our Kin's Relations bond between us and Them.
A Memory In Blood! - Like a towering mountains.

Grey fog is creeping among mountains:
That fog is memories of centuries past...
Mounds of Archaic Faith,
Overgrown by shrubs and moss
Are covered by years to their crest.

Let wrinkles engrave the runes in face,
Let hair be whitened with pale ices:
Honour and Blood - are above all!
Spirit of Heroes that shall break the fetters
It brings the Glory upon wings of steel.

And the crowns of trees still drop down their leaves
Fiercely - like many centuries ago.
Ancestors visages embraced in oblivion
Are melting but still awaiting -
To high water they flowing with icefloe fragments

They are singing the same songs,
They are chanting with excited voices -
There where the same Kupala fires are
Burning like stars in immense height.
In the night, they sowing a dreams for descendants...

6. Як Сталь Співала У Пожарах...

When Steel was singing through the fires,
When Ukraine was laid in ruins -
All the Family Nations arise to defend it -
Our Land still keeping that old memories!

We stepped the field against foes, sacrificed our lives,
We revived our Ukraine from ashes and dust.
What does we see now? - Ukraine burning in fires,
But Steel is not singing it's songs anymore...

What's happened with you,
Ukrainian Folk?!
Land and Freedom of Fathers
Calling you to fight!

Hands are chained, swords are taken away;
Freedom is blind with fetters of lies;
Closed our eyes are, deaf ears are..
shepherds are leading my Folk to the abyss.

I feel pain and aversion... My Ukraine,
My Motherland is possessed by enemies...
It's crying of suffer in ruins, in flames!
Our Kin is almost buried, but Steel is not singing!

Arise, Ukraine! Now - Rise for the Battle!
Or soon no one will be able to take a weapons!
Remember how you gathered Thy might against turks;
How we crushed khazars! How Steel was singing
through the flames of fire!

Let our foes die, like a dew under sunlight!
We are the Ones to be Masters of Our Land!
Let us remind how Steel was singing through
the flames of fire!
Let's defend Our Fatherland if just to love it
is not enough now!

7. Лють Вовча (Ulfhednar)

... Through the clashing of swords
And stains blood;
Through the Flame of battle
And wounded ones moaning -
Throw off the insanity, stop fighting!
For you are dead yet, Warrior!...

Recover thy mind, hang the weapons down
With tired hand exhausted by fight;
Take a look around!!! -
Yet, Valkyries standing right behind you!

And all the field's covered by enemies corpses,
Their frightened eyes - are food for ravens.
Do you hear? - Horn singing... It's calling for you!
And then silence... Silence...

Your heart doesn't beating,
Cause no more blood rest in thy veins...
Your visage is deathly pale...
But after death life is not ended!

You passed the Bridge and Gates are opens,
Gates to the Hall of spears and shields...
Thou shalt strengthen it's walls with Thy weapons
For the Day of the Greatest of Battles.

Behold! - Mighty Warriors
Stand up from their benches...
And rising up their chalices
This - you are recognized by Ancestors.
This - One-Eyed-Old-Man calls you to His table.

They invite you to take your place
Cause you valued Honour more than your life.
Come to Them, brave White Warrior!
(Spirit is a Steel, Might is a Flame,
Wolfish is Rage!)

8. Віє Дим...

Smoke breathe... Finger the strings of trees...
Shalt echo with lonesome groan
Then calm down
Does someone know?...

Would Flame fade or not, the flame that
Yet scarcely breathing with life sparks?
Is this existence worthless or not?
Who is a keeper of that wisdom?

To where the Shadows abscond
From the heat of burning Sun?
For whom the rains weeping?
What does cliffs and steeps keeping silent about?

What does wind whispering to the weeds,
Sweeping down their silvery dew?
Where the Snow and Lightnings were born?
Many stars are in Firmament, - but is it enough?!

Thus speak the Smoke, though did someone hear?!
He answered although no one asked...
Still sang to himself with the groan of branches...
Clouds listened to Him,
Mother Earth heard that chant.

9. Гнів

[originally by Honor]

Martwym spojrzeniem ogl±dasz ten šwiat
Wielbi±c tradycje oparte na łzach
Biblie fałszywe, grozniejsze od krat
Naiwne jak wszystko co znasz

Jak± kultur± odmierzasz swój czas
Gdy šwiatłem nazwałež ciemnotę i strach
Jakim sposobem ukryłes do dzi¶
Przeszłošć religii sk±panej we krwi

Gniew,który rodzi się w nas
Gniew nieugięty przed niczym
Gniew ludzi wolnych od kłamstw
Gniew zjednoczony by niszczyć
Gniew cios miażdż±cy na proch
Gniew bezlitosny i dziki
Gniew ludzi wolnych od kłamstw
Gniew nieugięty przed niczym

W mrokach tajemnic obłudnych jak ty
W zawišci tych krain odległych i złych
Wolnošć wyboru oddałež za krzyż
Ludziom zbyt słabym by naprzód wci±ż išć
Buduj±c przez wieki podstępny swój plan
Cierpienie przyj±łež za cnotę bez wad
Na gruzach wielkošci imperiów sprzed lat
Jakim spojrzeniem ogl±dasz ten šwiat?

Eisenslav ‒ Vocals, Bass, Percussion, Drymba, Lyrics
Viterzgir ‒ Guitars, Keyboards, Sopilka, Trembita, Drums

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