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1. Thorns Of Heaven

Drink the venom of crucifixion
Exalt the reign of fallacy
Chapter of doomsday covenant - shall be glorified
Evslaved crucified lord - of voodoo karmanic blood
Split upon the abyssal flock

Doomed deliverance for the prmised rebirth
Broken oath of pureness for all messiah's humiliation
Betrayed for the putrification of the sacredness corrupted
Deceived for the great father's assessment

Granted with the crown of thorns
Celebrate the blest child punishment
Erected as nailed to bleed till dry
As the blind flock awaits for the miracle

Eternity so short
To sacrifice the glory of the father
Sacrificed to free the whore of god
Promised to reach the heavens
Thrown into the darkened pit

Granted with the crown of thorns
Celebrate the blest child punishment
Erected as nailed to bleed till dry
As the blind flock awaits for the miracle

2. Murderer

Annihilating thoughts of a tormenting redemption
Pervading the bounds of my deranged mind
Unearthly voices of fallen angels
Screaming silently the blasphemous

Terrifying riddle of merciless rites
As the will of vengeance embraces me

Bloody memories surge of genocide of creation
Like nails within my flesh

Altered subconscious violently doomed
Amongst the walls of this murdering will
Echoes from a distant ravenous past
Now conceive in me the purest hate

Ancestors of mass desolation and killings
Cast its venom thru the depths of my soul
Dawning torment upon the path of extermination
Makes me kill and kill again
Everlasting visions of perishing prey
Murdering command exalted on me
Never ending destructive desire
Ill natured vengeful heart

Dawning possession upon the path of extermination
Makes me kill and kill again

3. Ethereal Words

Desolate sands of eternity
Ever descending down the precipice
Deadly dryness desert domain
Sent the silent pestilent breeze
Consume the dreams and prophecies
Of the so worshipped mortal god

Colossal monuments to the empire of madness
Enslaved masses bow to idols of gold
Decayed tombs of royal divinites
Corrupted before the sacred journey
Dreams of unearthly pleasures
Turns into nightmares of desiccation

Exented as aligned to be bloody horizon
Red lands inherit the serpentine death
Rebel legions prayers of the usurper god
The one who burns and casts the plague
Tenebrous shadows of the merciful god
Devour the soul of gods of flesh
Eternal life desiccated unearthly pleasures plagued

Lord's frustration of unearthly pleasures
And eternal life desiccated
Lord's frustration of unearthly pleasures
And eternal life desiccated

Deadly dryness desert domain
Send the silent pestilent breeze
Consume the dreams and prophecies
Of the so worshiped mortal god

4. Works Of Carnage

A predator amongst the flock
Lord of painful carnal blessings
Unleash the works of severance
Reveal the ultimate temptation
Sermons of lust and carnage
Bow to the messiah of lessons in blood
Deflower the sodomized holy seed
Rendering the obscenity of nocturnal priests

Night of the usurpation falls
As the eyes of the impaled saviour watch
Confined within the walls of gold
Children of the cross embraced as corrupted
Depraved venereal sacred wish
Domination of flesh corrupted beliefs
Sodomized buggered preacher
Prayer of the father's forgiven sins

Rites of church cavalry - blackened lustful wish
Secrecies of sacred blasphemies - beyond the golden walls
Chambers of carnage divine - to usurp and rape the purest
Sworn to the heavens - thy father shall not break the oath

5. Slaughtering Void

Twilightful reaping winds
Blowing soul's execution
Etheral massacre - sacrifice beyond
Perpetual fiery - slaughtering void
Embrace the wanderer to be reborn in pain

Ghost enslaved procession - march to blackness
Inferno fiercely calls - summoning pestilence
Decayed creatures - sworn to descend
As the fallen earth awaits

Entangled in firestorms - plagued spirits
Transcending the pain of flagellation

Abyssal journey - sons of twilight
Embraced by the scourge of creation

Worm's spectres - cast in abominations
Eternal sacrificila curse
Worm's spectres - cast in abominations
Eternal sacrificila curse

Eminant decay - rebirth of scourge
Darkened as dead - eternity remains
Hordes of the covenant of the season of doom
Burn the purity to be purified again

6. Scourged Centuries

Mother earth of blackened scourges centuries
Mother of worms and inner fallacy
Enthroned obscurity of holocaust and decayment
Exterminate the sons of the so-called supremacy

Unmerciful spheres of the ancestral genocide
Reveal the signs of the inexorable alignment
Breed of pestilent abundance
Breathe the suicidal whirlwhinds of its carrying plague

Cursed inheritance to the blind servants
Dying offspring of the fallen creator
Taste of poison of its own creation
Heaven's cremation red planet's consecration

Mother earth of immense burnt plains
Mother of pain and promised lands
Listen to the rites of thy destination
From the fierceness of chaos the empire became divine
By the fierceness of chaos the empire is now becayed

7. War Ritual

8. Wolfen Tyranny

Nomad killing legions of the tenebrous wide steppes
Servants of the universal emperor
Wielder of the samurai's steel
Rides of destrcutive doctrines
Reaping and burning the conquered
No wall nor gates could stop the mongol race

Throughout valley's of death possession
Armies of ravishing troops ride
Surrounding the realms of cursed kingdoms
Breeding the havoc of the wolfen lord
Battle steeds march and scream
Ruled by the code of the fierce cavalry
Ordered to march and slay
Till the last of the foes fall

Irreligious brutal nations
Ascending hate of the empire of crucify

Decapitation soaked soil
With the blood of cointless prey

Infernal armies marching out
For the dawn of the wolfen tyranny

Conquering of the blood and soil
For the king of the empyreal madness

9. Sentinel Of The Fallen Earth

Gateways to an abysmal abhorrent transcendents
Of blazing spirits empyreal inferno
Infinite shadows of havoc impending black perpetuation
Consume the dust of my flesh as the debris of my hatred grave

Inherit storming soul of ancient nightmares
Thru the dawn of the bleeding alignment I'm free
Shining light of the principle of chaos dominion
Lead my unluminous soul of this darkened return

Fatherless unblessed - baneful beast
Sentinel of the fallen earth's domination
Summoned again thru rituals of tragedy
As became the blood which pours upon fire

Blackened sights of everlasting apocalyptic visions
Desolate souls cry - for holocaustic revelations
Perishing eternity dominates the obliterated earth
Ashes of god's creation exalt of worms inheritance

10. Shadows

11. In League With Satan

[VENOM cover]

I'm in league with satan
I was raised in hell
I walk the streets of Salem
Amongst the living dead
I need no one to tell me
What's wrong or right
I drink the blood of children
Stalk my prey at night

Look out beware
When the full moon's high n'bright
In every way I'm there
In every shadow in the night
Coz I'm evil in league with satan
Evil in league with satan

I'm in league with satan
Obey his commands
With the goat of Mendes
Sitting at his left hand
I'm in league with satan
I love the dead
No one prayed for Sodom
As the people fled

I'm in league with satan
I am the masters own
I drink the juice of women
As they lie alone
I'm in league with satan
I bear the devils mark
I kill the new born baby
Tear the infants flesh

12. Outro

13. They Call Me Death

[bonus track]

Your judgement is near
You got nowhere to go
I will take you with pain
To renew your sorrow
The sores heap in your corpse
Deterioration is the effect
The real cause of you torment
Condemns you until nothing remains

Manifest of your essence
Emanates from your graves
Feel the vil undying
Behold your mortification
I can feel your cry
Cheap life - dead man
Searching for a place in deepness
Like a soul that was condemned

They call me death

Death - in wind of rain
Death - at night and day
Death - feeling pain
Death - die with me

I your master now
We're the darkness
I'm the magic that follows you
In your mind and your soul I will be

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