Dark Lyrics


1. They Call Me Death

Your judgment is near
you got nowhere to go
I'll take you with pain
playing with your suffering
to renew your sorrow
the sores heap in your corpse
deterioration in the effect
the real cause of your torment
condemns you until nothing remains

The manifest of your sentence
emanates from your grave
feel the evil undying
behold your mortification
I can feel your cry
a cheap life, a dead man
searching for a place in deepness
like a soul chuchi's been condemns

They call me death
death - in wind or rain
death - at night and day
death - feeling pain
death - die with me

I'm your master now
we're the darkness
I'm the magic that follow you
in your body and your soul I'll be

2. Unmerciful Order

A strange force take my soul
I can see throught the wall
spirits run throught my hands
awake from my death
now I do know my real being

Evil is the hand path
my beginning is the end
my peace is anguish
real nightmare rising
death feeling, fear feeling
I'll emanate all pain

Angels of hell follow my flame
spittin' blood all over your head
everybody crawls throught the fire
nothing left to live
hell will conquer

I can't deny my fate
when the victory comes
I'll be the king, Lord of all evil
I knew the prophecy, I knew the pain

Slaves of disease, piled on, human suffer
the bird of prey eat this flesh
the rain turns into blood
all the dead become alive
all the water become fire
endless nightmare
hell has made our time

3. Crosses Toward Hell

Hear the dark symphony
when the light becomes black
under the blood's rain
Satan always calls your name
uncaread for your God
inherit the evil's control
this order always summoned you
raise the black flag
blood run out of your eyes
plague's fever and death
all disease are spreadin' out
unleashed the demon's wrath
slaves of the dying world
the worms eat away their flesh
blood blasts from the sky
crosses toward hell

Rotten guts inside the body
the mankind cry out in despair
rotten world, atrocious from hell
you get command, godless butcher
you must be alive forever

4. Agonize The Ending

The church preaches disgrace
to it's believers
illusions, morbid hopes
miserables abort miserables

Mankind eats shit of their fake gods
continous suffering of an inferior race
pride of being nothing
to contemplate lies
men who burn their flag
the hunger for the process of impunity

Armies from the darkness
march above our heads
damned are the souls born here
ripped, burned and reduced to dust like children
like a needle preforates an embryo
to be born and to die at sidewalk
agonize the ending
a nation that believes in fake laws

To survive with the high society wishes
power, hunger, corruption,
brothers reject brothers
forgotten lives
raped virgin saints
spit and rotten embryos

Parents kill their sons
opression, fear, maximum violence
blind justice, a territory that dies
little by little
there ain't enought place for so many corps

5. Summons Of Irreligious

Close your eyes, beg for the light
that never be allowed to you
it doesn't belong to your God anymore
it crosses my path now you're mine
I'm the master of the whole evil

I'll emanate suffering for your life
your glory had a price
all those who come to me
they'll have to pay it

Eternal defecation
putrefication before death
try the autopsy while you live
your blood stinks like rotten flesh
you had your chance nad lost it

6. Meaning Of Terror

From the darkness I arise and
order you to hear me
follow my command and
find your destiny
your agony is my uncare,
your sorrow my peace
make me your master and
purify your soul
I'll make you die a thousand
times so you suffer
without a break
let the fear take care of your being

My triumph is your pain
feel the power that rules your mind
I'm the Lord of your nightmares
there ain't gonna be no break
die like a cursed, ripped dog
there's no reason to hate me
I'm a flame that burns inside your head

I'm inside you
I'm the true meaning of your horror
beg for your death, show me your misery
your being will be devastated
your sacrifice will be endless
sanctified you die and burn at
the deepness

7. Infected Core

A powerfull agression against your core
crushing of your mind
desolation of your being
next to mortality
the walls listen up your cry
the confrontation with condemination

Born to meet your pain
your soul wants your death
comming from your brain
a tumor that rots in your head
the end of your sanity

And infected core who rejects the cure
open sores, vouices of despair
your control was won by madness
your hate is agony
obsession, affliction, lasting infection

Your tortured face, show your disgrace
nothing has price, all you feel is pain
your body is like mortuary
where disease rules
spittin' blood, endless sacrifice
infected gore

Your body is inert
your heart does not beat
the rats will eat your flesh
the pigs will drink your blood
there's nothing dyrter
nothing more rotten infection

8. Rises From Black

Hell's bluster in your mind
a boundless pain possesses you
eyes gouged out
worms rises from your eyes
Satan rips out your soul
Satan ruler of your soul

Abomination comes against you
your rottennes on the crosses
true suffer of death
lock inside the demon eyes
black death leads your way
spreading death thru the empire

Under the black ride forever
immortality, rises from black

Into the evil's domination
nothing remains in your corpse
you'll be a ghoul
deep inside the hell's flame
you'll be born from black

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