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1. Slaying Steel

I pound the gods hammer to crush the infidel
I am the vindicator who cracks the whip onto your back

I bring thorns and nails for your crown and for your cross
I bear the forged sword to be thrust into your heart

The scum you whispered to curse my name
Shall be told again upon your desecrated grave
Your faith: I'll exterminate your fake existence your idols decapitated

As you can only stand still, I bring a slaying ton of steel
For cowards who must be killed, I bring a slaying ton of steel

2. Sentenced Morning

In a sentenced morning, a day of holocaustic death
A fallen nation awaits for the worst of all nightmares
One mighty bomber surges to lit the clear skies
Drop the uranium bomb, prepare the initial blast

A sudden impact strikes, making the earth shake
The whole city disappears into a smoking, awful cloud
Pure, boiling, rising flames shattering concrete, glass and steel
Bodies blown through windows, shades of corpses onto walls
Overwhelming, blasting heat, shades of corpses onto walls

A deafening roar anticipates the second, shocking wave
Then, small fires emerge from the cracked, scorched ground
To in seconds blow the worst of fire storms

Exterminated nation smoke and dust entangled
The sunlight struck can't penetrate the awful cloud
Crawling out of debris, survivors shinning like lamps
Radiation flows with the breeze, right beneath the awful cloud

[Repeat 1st Verse]

3. Twisting Sights

Fallen into hallucinations of a spiritual journey
Drunk with the envenomed elixir of deep roots

Twisting sights in front of me, hollow signs terrifying me

Nocturnal light shines, unearthly eyes are watching me
My heart is frost, I walk through walls
As I fall through cracks in the ground

Now I am sinking into abysmal waters
I try to breathe but I am getting drowned

Snakes coiling around my feet, I hear the silence of the abyss

Frozen moon, burning sun
Into cosmic cataclysms my vicious soul flies

Now I am sinking lower, as I feel, my spirit burns

The dogface god I've seen devouring suicidal ghouls
Condemned, as punished at the lake of fire

Twisting sights in front of me, hollow signs terrifying me
Fallen into hallucinations of a spiritual journey

4. Minotaur

In a dawning pale age of infernal works of treachery
A demonic bull god is revered and worshipped

In the shores of a territory doomed to embrace
The fury of the mighty sea god's curse
A broken oath is sentenced, as the mighty tide is blown
Carrying spells of unnatural lust to unify god and man

Howls of a demon queen, seduced to an enslaving desire
Inhuman passion to an animal lust, bathed on sperm, scorpions and snakes

The offspring of an aberration was cast, to unify god and man
Mighty child, half man, half beast, shall be thrown into the twisting maze

Minotaur - to unify god and man

Hunger lord of the labyrinth, ferocious as merciless
Worshipped as god feared, as killer-devourer of children and women's flesh

Minotaur - to unify god and man

5. Combustion Inferno

An ominous, scorching maelstrom surges
To feed and blow the dry storm
Multiple lightning strikes viciously hitting the ground
Tornadic winds at great speeds ignite the fire front

Hot gas rises up to the clouds
Sucking the air from the entire plane
Scorching surface, devastated soil
Fornication under smoked skies

Decimation comes with hot winds
Through flowing streams of untamed flames
Tongues of fire swirling and dancing
Incineration under burning skies

Combustion infernal

Combustion infernal, everything burns, everything melts
Heat of thousand suns burns the ground to the core

[Repeat 1st Verse]

Crown fires burning up higher at the top of houses and hills
Trees and corpses reduced to dust, fornication under burning skies

6. Massacre Under The Sun

Hunting, predatory legion dominate the wide open desert
For the pillage of lions and men
We came for the victorious massacre
Spilling of blood under sunlight
To be drained through infernal sands

We lead the hordes of killing to ravage cities and temples
Overwhelmed and enslaved
Vanquished enemies thrown at fire
We are martial, timeless descendants
Our blood burns inside our veins

Fiery constellations of timeless revelations
Before existence and extinction of all nations

Summoning from solar gates
Through vengeful, bloody summonings
Spirits of the red planet remember
The covenant of sacrifice and killings
Sworn between thee and the race of men

When a beast becomes prey, when sword and flesh collide
Massacre under the sun, massacre under the sun

7. Bleeding Offers

Severe ways of penitence
Bleeding offers to divine ecstasy
Brutal craft of pure molestation

Echoing words of redemption, calling souls of bleeding earth
Whips crack onto bare backs, decapitation before crucifixion

Sharp razors driven through
Till the bone infiltrate
Sacred daggers of a mad priest
Slash the throat, molesting

Sacrificial painful cult glorify the sadochrist
The crown of thorns is just a prize
To the holy ghost who's sodomized

[Repeat 1st Verse]

Brutal sentence will condemn and purify the unholy soul
Several times stabbed in the back, as blood sprays into the chalice

Ripping flesh torn apart, a divine day beholds condemnation
Decapitation right through the neck
Crucifixion nailed in the back

[Repeat Chorus]

8. Refuse / Resist

[Sepultura cover]

Chaos A.D.
Tanks On The Streets
Confronting Police
Bleeding The Plebs
Raging Crowd
Burning Cars
Bloodshed Starts
Who'll Be Alive?!

Chaos A.D.
Army In Siege
Total Alarm
I'm Sick Of This
Inside The State
War Is Created
No Man's Land
What Is This Shit?!


Chaos A.D.
Disorder Unleashed
Starting To Burn
Starting To Lynch
Silence Means Death
Stand On Your Feet
Inner Fear
Your Worst Enemy


9. Origin Of Terror

Natural born son of fury and hate - violently disciplined
To serve and praise the plague of earth
And spread the cancer of horror and fear

Mentally enslaved to a bloody order
Of ancient, bloody scriptures
Redeemed as blind by pure hostility
Of terrifying commandments

Rider of storming sands, origin of the bomb
Shadow of the explosion, to die is to be born

Inherited, immortal hate, murder the impostor god
Vicious hand of terror, set this house on fire

Rider of storming sands, through ruins and debris
Where salvation does not exist, must kill and resist

Inherited, blasphemous faith burns temples and crosses
Vicious will of terror make all saviors burn

Natural born son of fury and hate - violently disciplined
To serve and praise the plague of earth
And spread the cancer of horror and fear
Mentally enslaved to a bloody order
Of ancient, bloody scriptures

10. Contradictions Of Decay

There's no true gain
When there's no war and pain
There's no victorious infiltration
Without bloodspill and pillage

There's no sworn savior in in shades of death and sacrilege
There's no land of paradise where lambs of god are sodomized

Salvation is deception, contradictions of decay
Exterminate, procreate, execution of those who pray

Humiliation of deception, contradictions of decay
All martyrs died in vain, contradictions of decay

Burning heresies will burn holy prophecies
Disease and pestilence will infest the promised land

The scum divine of a perverted mother sister
Hollow, holy ground of skeleton's profane
Hollow, holy ground of hidden victims of perversion

[Repeat 1st Verse]

11. Sons Of Pest

Vile scent of corrosive pest
Through a pestilent, toxic, corrosive march
Contagious, mortal, procession survival through trails of waste

Open, verminous scars on rotten flesh surface
Saturated, infested wounds, blind worms devouring
Undead bodies, emplagued, zombie mothers give birth
As the zombie march procedes, sons of pest regenerate

Mongers of corrosive order let the deformed procreate
Infection flows with dust through pestilent, toxic blows...
Let the deformed procreate

Breed of infested sons, natural born infected, breath of cancer flows
Decayed bodies fall, other ones resist, walk of the diseased

[Repeat 1st Verse]

Open, verminous scars on rotten flesh surface

Saturated, infested wounds, blind worms devouring

Undead bodies, emplagued, as the zombie march proceeds

12. Black Wind


13. Whore Of The Unlight

Whore of the unlight, drift into the blackest night
Seduce the sons of god
Whore of the unlight, mother of doomed spirits
Give birth to aberrations
Mundane, vile huntress, slaughter infants cursed
Castrate religious preys
Angel of transgression, evoked through sinful dreams
Jackals and serpents follow

Whore of the unlight, become the fall of shadows
Of nocturnal, infamous nature
Whore of the unlight, descend into venereal dreams
The sinless become sinful
Prostitute of Babylon, expulsed from paradise
Drink the blood of prophets

Mundane, agonizing breed of ethereal, sickened scum
Praise the merciless mother of sodomized aberrations
Vile procreation of soulless, abysmal scum
Praise the mother raised from dust and mud
The one who kills all bastard sons
Praise the mother-killer of bastard sons

[Repeat 1st Verse]
[Repeat 3rd Verse]

Alex Camargo : Bass / Vocals
Moyses Kolesne : Guitars
Max Kolesne : Drums

2008 Century Media Records

Thanks to sh_wildchild for sending these lyrics.

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