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1. Bloodcraft

Bloodcraft is the bloodshed
It preys on pagan fears
Blackened fate is what awaits
Nevermind your wasted fate

Bloodcraft is the fury
Of waters raging in silence
The prime of chaos beyond
On the red horizon it stands

Bloodcraft is the carnage
Of all those who were sworn
To free mankind from perversion
And spread the scum of the divine

Bloodcraft out of the heavens
Sends the flagellating rain
The descending star is the sign
That all you fools are gonna die...

Bloodcraft is the bloodshed of pagan nations

Bloodcraft is the pain and death of the idol's servants

Bloodcraft of painful roots
The early days of sacrifice
Stone steel and flesh
The smell of blood divine
Blood sprays towards fire
Sing to thy god a painful chant


2. Natural Genocide

Storming process of violation
Open the abyss to wastelands

Nocturnal cycle of degradation
Deluvian nature awakened

Silent ominous waves pound
Vultures prepare their arrival

Killing ground shakes
Crumbling mountains explode like bombs
Raging sea swallows the land
Dragging Earth's fate into the void

Volcanoes enraged
Skies decayed
Molten rocks descend
Smoldering nations in pain

Monstrous tide
Divine genocide
Torrential flood

Natural Genocide

3. Vicious Wrath

Wrath of primeval madness
Forged from vicious roots
Timeless existence plagued soul
I vindicate the renegade ones

Full moon serpent spirit
Emerging in days of vindication
Ravager fatherless inexorable
Ill nature aberration of creation

Primitive derangement

Forged from self holocaust
Timeless vicious hatred

By nihilistic fire I was burnt

Specters of primitive summoning
Forged from self damnation
Straight vicious wrath
Straight vicious wrath

My twisted image mirrored in red
Break the reflections into shards
Within the serpent's gaze
I see the coming of a painful dawn

4. Refusal

I stand for refusal, the vilest enemy
As decimate all, till it turns into dust
Dominate, the warfare
I am the one who resists in this endless conflict
Hate me, despise me
For I reveal the horrors you fear
Nameless scum of the earth
You die every time you speak my name

Defiant domain, sworn assassin
Waiting for you at the front line
Adversary of what you breed
I spit in the face of the idol you praise

Enshrined by fierceness unleashed
Haunted by a destructive wish
Ravenous son of the jungle
I came to bring you pain

5. H.O.G. (House Of God)

A hollow altar
Hides on truth
Rotten like carrion
Silent it remains

Nothing is divine when a defiled child cries
Nothing is kind on the mind of the mighty whore
Nothing is heard when a dead fetus is born
Nothing like god to save it all from its sins

Rank scent, early death, vultures stalk
In the house of god
Undead, holy embryo, small skeletons and dust
In the house of god
Holocaust of innocence, lustful delight
In the house of god

6. Father's Perversion

Oh father, tyrant of all
Crowned in highness, pervert mundane
Oh father of angelic tales
Violate the child you love

Oh father of whipped sons
Punish them in days of redemption

Defiled sworn of the corrupted father
He must kill the unwanted son
Brutal passion of love divine
He must kill the unwanted son

Father's perversion

Oh lord of broken promises
Traumatize them, feed thy lust
Oh lord of whores and betrayers
Give light to a new Sodom
Oh lord of miracles and misery
Prophesy thy heavenly lies

7. Suicidal Savagery

Savage merciless assassination
In a pagan ruined territory

Children of god's annihilation
Women's profane decapitation
Heart of the abysmal world
Opened wide, inferno untamed

Savage cruel destination
To disciples of a suicidal oath
Order of infernal inheritance
Sworn sons to a painful death
Suicidal religious glory
Must destroy all non divine

Origin of the most infernal
Origin of the most hateful to be cast across the planet
Origin of the most vengeful to be spread until it dies

Bombshell shatters all villages
Women and children embrace
Pulverized in a collective grave
Dried blood beneath the sand

Loyal servants of killing
Promised to conquer the heavens
For the glory of the messiah's hunger
Earthly lives must be consumed

8. Doomed


9. United In Deception

In the beginning of centuries
Hatred of the nations collided
And the killing for gods unleashed

In a world abused and raped
Temples of waste were raised
Demented leaders worshipped

Conflicts, demands, tyranny

Within the procedure of existence
Cowardly men surrender and bow
Relying on the lies about purification
Saviours and prophecies all created

Conflicts, demands, new god

Endurance of the earth so fragile
Massacre and wars across the globe
Crosses burnt, yet worshipped
Mankind united in deception

In the beginning of centuries
Hatred of the nations collided

10. Decimated

Puppets of an old broken existence
Gathered to cry and exalt the almighty

Worshipping as they seek the golden key
To enter the heavens to be free of all sins

Symbols reversed inner conflict

Multitude stalking the cycle is broken
A religious bomber came to pray

Walls of temples fall
Upon masses who bow

Altars of shame now burnt

Symbols of scum held high
Penitent cries as the pale horse rides

A sudden explosion decimates the crowd

Decimated procession useless devotion walking aligned into the wind

11. Summon


12. Sweet Revenge

[Originally by Motörhead]

Hello victims!

I can almost taste it,
It's the need to see you die,
You thought you had it made,
Well here's your final shock surprise,
How do you like it,
My unfaithful friend?
How do you like it?
How do you like my Sweet Revenge?

Turn the key in the door,
No one close to hear you scream,
You'll never imagine the pain,
Even in you're foulest dreams,
How do you like that
Invitation friend?
How do you like that?
That's what I call my Sweet Revenge

So sweet to see you,
Writhe and crawl and scream for life,
But I can't listen now,
I'm too busy with the knife,
I don't hear you laughing,
My dismembered friend,
I don't hear you laughing,
You don't like my Sweet Revenge

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