Dark Lyrics


1. Perpetuation

Enslaved prey purified by flames
as shadows of beasts and creatures descend
twisting serpents spectres rise
out of burnt offerings ablaze
infernal merciless praise
for the hunger gods bestial demands
morbid high priest redeemed
reciting the rites of astral accursed
mutilation of flesh desolated
kindred works unleashed
impaled skinned corpses erected
monoliths to bloodthirsty divinity

Sacrificial spilling of blood
as it flows along the solar stone
primitive practices - cruel faith
ceremonial dagger of stones strikes
torn hearts out of immolated children
for wisdom and abundance
pouring rain has fell
inflicting down thunder and strenght
ancestral primordial
for souls of perpetual fire
doomed flesh of broken spirits
taste the fierce flames of purification

Piled victims skulls
onto the racks of the temple of the sun
pyramids glisten endarkened
dried out immense stains of blood

Mutilation purify it's spirit
to become one at the skies

2. Dawn of Flagellation

Awaken on thru deserts wasted
as emplaged eternity has passed
blowing winds of scorching twilight
spiritual scourge on me is divine
worm soul blasphemous dissent
extensions of primitive maledictions
treachery of holy scriptures
I became spawned again

Serpents redeemed - mundane rebirth
embraced by thorns - decayed angels fall


Dawn of the grand flagellation - desolated chaos divine
centuries of holocaust - annihilation of nations I have seen
relentless execration - immortal pain for victory
scourged banned land - immense phanteons in flames

Serpents redeemed - mundane rebirth
embraced by thorns - decayed angels fall

[repeat chorus]

Infestation profane of signs of salvation
revelations of luciferian seal
every grace became wounded
as every wound starts to bleed
unsacred liquid of infernal works
thru fire and pain my shadow evoked
abyssal dimensions aligned
unearthly revengeful legions remains

3. Ageless Venomous

Blackened divinity - venomous ancestor
summoned thru flames and pain
serpent entity - of omens of blood
spew thy scourge upon men
abyssal possessions - choronzonic damnation
chaotic spiritual madness
sentinel beast - father or fallen ones
I'm the one embraced by thee

Mesmerized darkned spirit
my hands only dripping red
as it rains upon signs
where fiends descend and taste its blood
multitude of enslaved souls
drifting painful eternally
bloody seal blasphemous oath
hatred works of inferno begotten

Pestilential spells into redemption I cast
as its blade struggles my flesh
ravenous venomous eternal hate
surrounding scavengers specters redeemed
come onto me - carry my sorcery
descend embrace my pain
endless twilight feeds my madness
darkness bestowed at the strike of my sword

4. Evil Gods Havoc

Amongst mountains and sacred fields
of the havoc of the evil gods
a ferocious forged empire guards
mystical altars and monopoliths
heralds of primitive evil powers
prayers of chaos and hate
rituals of perpetual darkened servitude
conquering of gods supremacy
ceremonial flesh desecration
spirits of fire unleashed

Descendants of enemies hatred blood
ancestral armies clash
vindication of the tyrant enthroned
impaler of nations conquered
ethereal monarch of victorious chaos
of festivals of blazing purification
enchanting of pure vengeful spells
ageless souls of vengeance rejoiced
upon massacred civilizations
remains the divine earth


Genocide empowers the tyrant
enduring chaotic strenght
conquering legions of the ancient pillages
march on thru eternity

[repeat chorus]

5. Eyes of Eternal Scourge

Coiled beast - devoured in wait
dweller of the pits of the earth
banished from grace - king of nightmares realm
effigy of perpetuation
extensions of vicious natural joy
spawn of primordial seeds
redeemed of preys see me coilin
mortal twisting of doom
crawling rattle deadly sting
innocent flesh slain
see me coilin plagued venom bearer
as pervades your dreams
raised before the dawn of light
as I vomit between your eyes
foretold of morning stars
thru path of damnation I crawl


Blackened existance - emplagued fertility
underworld creature
thru the falling of shadows of all dawns
I shall rise

Temples of pain and bloody redemption
divine creation envenomed
worshipped by the whore of Jehova's god
I'm the beginning and the end
hateful guardian of the treasures of the earth
tombs I desecrate
surrounding shadows eternal rebirth
before existence of men
from abyssal seas to deserts undwelled
bellow sands of death
ominous eyes creature unbound
visions of eternal scourge
all things all disgust
as I carry it's ancestral curse
erected bold I stand
if I die I shall be born again

[repeat chorus]

6. Saviour's Blood

Tormented saviour
I'm the one who betrays the words
of the holy bible of scum
prophet of fallacy whipped god
defeat and failure for carnal lust
sanctify thy son sacrificed
damned priest messiah of scrolls
reveals it's holocaust
as ravaged chapels burn
surging seas of abominations
engulfing the flesh of the living dead
mundane souls entangled

Forged swords of chaos and death
held high mighty revenge
there flows the saviors blood
temples of lust and Jehova's worshipping
pestilence flows out of the altars
and broken signs
envenomed worms decaying pest
emerging out of the Jesus eyes
cast immolation on thru the skies
emplagued faith
consumed succumbed religion
works of the cross
lost thru the void

Dawn of annihilation of blazing victory begotten
unblessed flagellation scourged nations march
divine light blackened below the falling of the shadows

7. Serpents Spectres


8. Ravenous Hordes

Ravenous hordes ride the sorrowful dawn
purge thru pillage inferno unleashed
blasting steel barbarian spawn
riding to avenge out of the hills
storms of spears breaks the dusk
ravens on high - flesh and steel are one

Rivers infested - blood-bathed soil
sanguinary winds - cruelty blown
dacapitated pieces of foes
heads stacked - slaughetered as burnt
daughters of men ravaged as enslaved
promised land crumbled to dust

Bestial covenant of sword na oppressor
vanquished empire falls into ruins
enraged servants or tyrant realm
genocide of all lands

9. Diableros


10. Sepulchral Oath

Scorching sun has sunk below
into mortal sands
wind carried ressurection spells
dawn of cursed chants
ritual mortis funeral cult
animal-headed demons evoked
father of terror testifies
with unseen eyes desolated
mummified fallen gods of damnation
impalement of damned entity
awaken to defile-horrors and secrecies

Inner earth chambers dwelled
where divine turns accursed
beyond buried gateways
legions of death revealed
raised monoliths ablazing altars
mountains crowded by graves
crawling for a glorious rebirth
overlords trangressed
condemned to suffocation and thirst
unearthly painful
denied before the portals of amentis
never to rise again


Decomposed - fallen god feed with rottenness
embraced by plague - never to see the divine light
painful journey - ride the nigth of flood and storm
sepulchral oath - denied offerings rot in vain
failed prays - sworn to jackal demigods curse

[repeat chorus]

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