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1. Ma'aseh Bereshit

Through strongest of faiths and most malignant will
profane stigma formeth on skin.
Flesh unto light, light unto flesh.
The end of all life will come through me.
Beyond the skin, beyond the flesh,
through the temple runeth the bliss of death.
But a carrion, a prideless worm,
yet through its blood salvation shall be born.
Within the heart of each man that desireth death
ringeth a psalm for His way upon Earth.
Let all flesh hear: salvation in all nations.
Black light of redemption shall shine upon the ashes!
Like burning brimstone from heavens up high holy
poison dropeth from torn wrists.
Supreme inversion of substance purpose,
lashed and tormented to His image and likeness.

For our will shall be a razor and our tongue a sharp sword.

Ma'aseh bereshit!
The sin divine most grave!
The true name of Yahweh, spoken a thousand times.
Venomous blood staineth the life's tree roots and
crawling through spheres poisoneth its fruit!

2. Altered States Of Divinity

My flesh and my heart have fainted away,
and I became a blaze, a reflection of the void.
Locked within the maze of serpent scales,
his light shall gently scorch the earth.

The tongues we speak are of the dead
and what dwells in us is not humane.
Oh, divine flame, leading existence
towards endless enthropy... Chaos!

Let the Lord be in our hearts and on our lips,
within the luscious saliva we spit into open mouths.
May the words of the gospel wipe away the stars
and may their years be counted... to nothing. Nothing!

Canite Deo! Canite regi nostro. (Let's sing to God! Let's sing to our king.)
Quia rex terræ Deus, canite. (Because God is king of the earth, let's sing.)
Quia ipse Deus, Deus noster. (Because he is God himself, our God.)
Dominus salvabit me. (The Lord shall save me.)

Canite Deo! Canite regi nostro.
Quia rex terræ Deus, canite.
(Quia ipse Deus, Deus noster.)
Dominus salvabit me.

Infect through me! Ruin through me!
Burn my lungs with the praise, tear my mouth with the name!
Bleed me! And shall my blood drain the world to ashes,
with each single drop dissolving the bonds of creation.

It looks all new seen through undead eyes,
with earthborn flesh pulsating with its light.

May the words of the gospel wipe away our kin
and may their years be counted to nothing. Nothing!
All you, earthborn! All you, sons of men!
Through your bloodveins shall flow the praise!

Canite Deo! Canite regi nostro.
Quia rex terræ Deus, canite.
Quia ipse Deus, Deus noster.
Dominus salvabit me.

Canite Deo! Canite regi nostro.
Quia rex terræ Deus, canite.
(Quia ipse) Deus, Deus noster.
Dominus salvabit me.

3. Through The Eyes Of The Blind

Shall your loving hands strangle each other's throat
in praise of chaos, blossoming pukeridden flowers of doubt.
Let the hatred take over all what was said and thought
to erase logic and reason and turn the consciousness down.

Cut your skin and it shall bleed ambrosia,
for to him that knocketh it shall be opened.
Break your bones to find manna inside,
for every one that asketh receiveth.
Tear your eyes out and behold the Vision,
for he that seeketh findeth.

A thousand shapes, a thousand names,
a thousand shadows cast by a thousand flames.
Through the ears of the deaf, through the eyes of the blind,
through the mouth of the mute we shall sing these psalms!

We bring you these gifts, o Serpent,
through the ears of the deaf, through the eyes of the blind
and through the mouth of the mute,
through all of what the seed of death has already been planted in.

4. Beyond The Veil

The laughter of angels is in the continuous litany of
the agonized newborn, perished in humiliation, torture and abuse.

For they all shine with glimpses of salvation to come.

The never-ending humane thirst for iniquity is being
quenched with words and images of dignity of its own kind raped.

For they all shine with glimpses of salvation to come.

5. Prism

[A quote from the movie "Stigmata":]
Who are you?
Il messaggero non è importante.

Bless this teeth, bless these nails!
Raping and tearing the hopes of man.
Bless this mouth, bless this tongue,
Poisoning the world with seed you've sown.

A putrid worm in every crust, an empty word, an aimless path,
The broken bonds, the traces lost, rotten seeds of corruptor,
The Lord our God!

Rejoice, ye faithful!
For all is in vain, a new sun is shining, the prism hath failed!
Warped are the patterns and converged is the light
That shall burn my eyes with miracles to be seen.

And shall this light turn thine children to ash!
Make my flesh a crystal, shining with its rays.
Infection shall grow with each and every word, until life continues,
To replace it with void...

6. Nihilation

I carve these psalms deep into my flesh.
I sing the song of nihilation.
Send forth thy light, send forth thy truth.
Infected deathseed...
I will not fear what own flesh can do against me.

In Deo laudabo verbum, in Domino praedicabo sermonem.
Multum lava me ab iniquitate mea.
Et a peccato meo munda me.

Scar by scar, wound by wound, sanctify, stigmatize,
enshrine twisted flesh into sigils five.
Open the seals and set the Devil free!

In black delight I open my skin,
spilling pestilent unlight.
The deathseed shines so bright
and the shadow of reason is scattered.

Through burning seals in warm pulp of life
the wretched will of YHVH is broken.
An angel would fall to perceive its glance,
how can a man rise to touch the divine?
Infected deathseed, genesis nihilated,
existence perished, the Word erased...

7. Kerigma

Baptized in streams of rotting blood
I reject all life that was given unto me.
I close the gates, every one of the Ten,
breaking the keys, infecting the potential.
Divine presence, extinguish the world,
lock the time and fold the space.

The odour of decay is like a scent of lavender.
The all-consuming flames are as warmth of womb.


Let no particle prevail, no single bond,
all shall return to Nothingness divine.

A new age is dawning, and it shall come to pass,
as all that was and is to come.
Blow the trumpets of desolation,
for he that is dead is free from sin.


For all who bathe in bloodstained deceit,
for all who betray the urge to last,
the matter shall again loosen unto a single point:
a candle to be blown out by the breath of Satan.

The quote at the end of the song is actually from the movie Equilibrium, although some parts are cut, here is the full scene:

Sir... without the logic of process, is it not just mayhem -- what we have worked so hard to eradicate?
You must understand, Preston, that while you -- and even I -- may not always agree with it, it is not the message that is important, it is our obedience to it. Father's will. Call it faith. You have it, I assume?

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