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1. Reverse Effect

Tears in night
Face of lies
Cry of the universe is faith
The Beauty that's digging your warm grave.

I see the Heaven candles giving light
But every heavy drop comes crushing me
Burning deep
Turn back the time, I've chosen misery
Didn't see the hollow mask of purity.

Its hands are washed in blood
And terror faced by dying souls
The Christianity
Was cradle of most frightful worms.

I'm cursed to become
One with the dust
Cause my last hope
Is dying.

When you're afraid to live
When you can't believe
You hide
Power of mind.

So come alive
Shatter the night
Reveal the lies they told
And claim the unseen face of the truth
For all.

The ancient gods are only wooden masks
I see the worms that dig the way inside
To the core
Strange evil masks who watch your fight Come take this mirror, I can' stand the sight.

Follow me down to the end of the road
Take one more step and open the door.

The chains turn to rust and the key has been lost
There's no turning back, my reflection's REVERSED.

2. Images


3. A Waste Of Time

There are too many questions
And not too many answers
If you'll try to find the essence
You'll find everywhere silence.

I am asking who we are
Why we're living why, the day is after night
Who created us, who's the father
Of the Earth of sky and red fire.

Those searches to insaine
Simbol of human nature
Those searches are in vain
Are simbols of our lifes.

Who conquers the time?
It's all a lie
It's a special lie

My eyes, will see, the lies"

Running for eternity
I am listening to the voices from the past
Who are praying for relief
From this endless pain of hoping and crying.

Those searches to insaine
Simbol of human nature
Those searches are in vain
Are simbols of our lifes.

4. Piece Of Us

Hopes, remorses
Like yours and mine
I found this meanings
Living my life.

I doubted the good man when I was down
And I felt so afraid that I could never win
Crying and waiting.
I asked for the star to obey to my will
And I tryied to escape from the moments of hate
Running and hiding.

Love and hate, trust and betrail
Fire and water, corage and fear
Demons and angels, the sun and the moon
This is my life" , or maybe is not.

Hope was my lonely friend, I trusted
In you again with my blinded eyes.
Hate you will strike again, haunting
In my mind, beating up my will.
All the hate in me, is bitting now my heart
And my restlless soul.
And I'll return defeat, to hide
Shadows land where I lived before.

The time is to hate
To seek memorize
To kill what you feel.

Hopes, remorses
Like yours and mine
I found this meanings
Living my life.

5. Inside The Storm

The wind of pain is blowing
The seeds of death are growing
Near, my soul.
The leaves of joy are falling
Around my head they're going
Down, with me.
Inside the storm I'm fighting
The teeth of fear are biting
Hard, from me.
Black thunder sun is lighting
It's sword of war is thrusting
Deep, inside.

The soul of mine is bleeding
The fear of faith is creeping In, my life.
The crowds of thorns are shreding
My forehead that is spreading In, the dust.
Inside the storm I'm standing
The waves of flood are drowning
Me, in slumber.
My world of dreams is crushing
Under the weight of smashing
Tears, of sorrow.

The sins of your soul, are devils within you
The leaves of your heart, are falling down.
There is no escape, no way to defend yourself
The battle is here, inside you.


6. Looking Behind The Mirror...

I see my soul behind the mirror glass
My mind is gone so far away
Dreaming at those souls behind the clouds
Asking if I'll reach this stairway.

There was a time when I was looking
For the meanings of my life
Through fantasies and willings leaving all behind
To run and hide.

Trying to get with every single moment
Pleasures and to set
My wishes all above I never thought
Someone gets hurt.

Ignoring the time, you'll win this fight,
Escape from this chaos, return into light.

You, shall find
Peace, inside.

And if I'll try to change this sorrow"
But how,
And if I'll try to see the sky"
But why.

Now time has come and I am looking
At the shadows of my life
With all disgrace and anger I close my eyes
From all those times.

I realise that things are not
The way they seems all the time
The mirror is crushed I turn my face to the sky
To see the light.

Lord, show my way, how to escape from this
Forest of grief, how to return to the times with no sins
Oh, I wish I die and reborn from thousand tears droped
On holly ground, and to be.

7. Tempest Within

I see your hands behind
The chains of your life
I feel your burning tears
Your endless cry
Your darkened fears.

I touch your eyes behind
The clouds of your night
I feel your frozen breath
Your desperate need
To stay alive.

Your dreams are blood for me
Your hopes help me feed
You burn, alive.
You cannot die, you've cursed to bleed.

Your mind is drowning
In a sea of despair
You cry, you die.
You vanish slowly in the air.

Your words I can never trust
Are your ghosts from within the past
They'll be haunting you
They'll be watching you.

Your fear you want to hide
You belive, I can never find
Is thy destiny
Of your heathen soul.

Oh, my lonely friend
What they've done to you
What you're gonna do?
Are you going to be
The forgiven one
For eternity.

Will thy be a day
For a better way
For the things you pray?
Will you have the chance
To reveal
The faith to burn the demons
Of your life.

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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